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I purchased the Rouge- Lite 2 yrs ago as I do a lot of fishing on my hikes. It is light weight, easy to inflate, easy to strap on your gear and can fold up even smaller than a sleeping bag. I also strap the 4 pc paddle to each side of my backpack. I also use a fish holder that I strap on to create more room, easy for trolling while enjoying the scenery. I used the packraft in Killarney, late September where the fish stay lower. If it wasn't for having the packraft, I wouldn't have been able to catch the amount of fish that I did. Also, From H21 heading back down the Three Narrows to H1, I decided to raft it instead of hiking back and it was epic. I was able to save time, save my energy and was able to explore more of the waters and terrain.

The packraft is very durable, comfortable (I recently bought a seat for extra comfort for long days). if there are places that you see where you want to fish or just get in and explore around, the Rouge-Lite is the way to go by far!