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I bought the Catch 110 with the Hydryve 2 pedal system after selling my Hobie Pro Angler 12, which I found too heavy to cartop and eventually bought a trailer to transport. I wanted a kayak that could be carried on top of my Honda Ridgeline while we towed our travel trailer. The Catch 110 is relatively light but does flex a bit along the deck. I purchased new from REI and had to assemble the rudder system which took about 30 minutes. The Hydryve 2 is a beefed-up version of its predecessor and has held up nicely. It does not feel as crisp as the Mirage Drive on the Hobie but didn't expect that at this price point and can get the kayak up to about 5mph during some short bursts of faster pedaling. The steering system has a considerable amount of play even after playing with the steering cables. Trying to rig up a transducer requires an over-the-side system using either one from Scotty or Ram Mounts, then a place to store a small battery to power the fishfinder. Since the only supplied hatch is at the stern it was not useful for concealing wiring in the hull so all was exposed above the deck. Some have installed a 5 inch hatch near the bow for storage and possibly electronics. The kayak comes standard with four gear tracks, which appear screwed in from above so don't plan to run a downrigger off them. The stadium seat is farily comfortable, wish there was a high and low setting but the standard height works and is fairly stable for me being 165 pounds. The Ram-X material is very light and seems durable even though it scratches fair easy. Overall, for around the price I paid of $1,200 it is a good buy to get into a pedal kayak.

I've owned this kayak for nearly 20 years and have owned several other kayaks (Hobie, Native, Vibe), which have been sold but always kept the Sierra. It has been a wonderful kayak that is easy to paddle, quite stable and handled some pretty tough beachings and so durable. I did add some flush-mounted rod holders behind the cockpit and a custom aluminum flatbar at the front of the cockpit to mount a Scotty rod holder base and this has been my travel fishing kayak. I've only used it in freshwater and mostly on lakes and slow moving rivers and it tracks quite well and is fairly fast, but would not recommend taking into the ocean without a skirt since the cockpit opening is so large. The molded seat and adjustable back are good for about 2-3 hours out on the water but that's fine with me. I am 5'9" and about 165 pounds and my wife is 5'2" and 115 pounds and we both really enjoy our time paddling in this kayak. We recently got a class B van with high roof (Winnebago Travato), and with the use of two ladders we can load this kayak on the roof rack system I developed without too much trouble. We plan to keep this kayak for many more years.