Name: LisaTudor

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This 59 year old has had her 2006 Tsunami for 15 years, paddling in lakes and in the mudflats, oyster beds and open water of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of rural Florida. It is outfitted with a rudder. It has taken a beating over and over, easily staying upright in choppy Gulf waters, boat wakes, storms, low water with my butt dragging it down over sharp shells, outracing alligators (once, for real...he was just curious, I don't think I could have really outraced him if he was serious), playing with dolphins, whoop! The keel allows my light 5'4" frame to almost keep up with my partner in long straight runs especially in windy conditions where his keel-less boat flops all over the place. It's a great straight tracking boat, very comfortable seat. It's typical that I go out for 4-6 hours at a stretch and I rarely tire in it. Now that I'm a little older, the narrow cockpit is a bit more challenging to get in and out of. The only 2 times I've tipped have been getting out at shore. Sacrifice the beer, folks... you're going to lose it anyway! :)