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Like the looks and features of the kayak but did not find it stable. It was very tippy. I purposely tried to see how much it would take to tip it and it did not take very much to flip. I will be putting outfitters on it..

This is a great kayak and you don’t have to be small. My 6ft plus son enjoyed using this. Great in sea or rivers, very stable, comfortable adjustable seat

Arrived very quickly. Very lightweight, but nicely stiff. A joy to paddle

I have own this boat for many years and would not be alive to write this article if it wasn't awesome I've been seven miles off the coast of Maine lake Champlain original Greenland design still the best with a heavy camping load

I have had the Moken 10 lite out 3 times on flat water. I am coming from a cheap recreational kayak, so it feels heavy, but manageable. It does feel a bit slow, but it is nice to paddle. it tracks much better than my old rec kayak. I am in love with the console between the legs for items I want to keep near by. The console isn't water tight, but my phone and small speaker are waterproof. Paddle holder is a nice thing to have and the seat is comfortable for several hours. I will be ordering some scupper plugs to keep my butt dry.

I recently bought a used Brittany. I did about 30km on two outings. Very stable and fast. Tacking is awesome. I had to install some Padz thigh inserts to get a connected fit. The rudder is ok but not that effective, so I prefer using skeg. Overall reminds me of my old Valley Aquanaut 17.

Fabulous paddle. Silent entry to water. Smoothie silent exit. Plenty of power yet easy to manage.

I have an older Loon 16 and it is an absolute gem. Apart from the stunning aesthetics of the wood rib and fiberglass pattern, the gorgeous ash rails & thwarts and the walnut front and rear decks, this boat paddles like a dream. It tracks extremely well, takes waves like a champ and is very stable. The slight rocker makes turning easy and there is plenty of freeboard and stability when loaded. I taught my son the basic canoe strokes with him at the helm this summer and he's hooked. The Loon made him a canoeist for life by his own declaration. These are heirloom boats and he'll inherit it, but in the meantime we're enjoying the heck out of it!

Bought a used Native Watercraft Ultimate 9.5 to use for quick fishing trips. I have the Ultimate FX12 and the Ultimate 14.5. The Ultimate 9.5 was marketed as a kids kayak. I weigh 168 pounds and it performed great! It tracked straight when I paddled but would veer with the current when I stopped. Going to install a rudder to help with the veering. Wasn't as comfortable standing in it as I am standing in the FX12 and the 14.5. The seat was just as comfortable as my other two. It was faster than I expected and very easy to load and unload from my truck being that it weighs 39 pounds.