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Really pleased. Been using it for 3 months almost twice a week. Great tracking, comfortable. Finish is very good.

This is a great fishing kayak. I had a FeelFree Lure 11.5 a fine kayak, but a beast to haul and paddle in choppy conditions. The Catch has more than enough storage space and half the weight of the bigger fishing kayaks. Rod holders are great and nice storage behind the seat. Having had back problems, this seat is the best. Very comfortable with two sitting positions. One high for a bit better view good in calm waters. To paddle hard or in chop put it in the lower position and it become very easy to manage and paddle. I have used mine 75 times or more and I finish a 4-5 outing feeling good and not stiff. Plenty of room for my three poles and fishing bag plus cooler. Yes you can stand on this great stability for a 10 foot kayak. I highly recommend.

I love this as a river boat, not as a flat water boat. It takes currents well and can be corrected in tight spots almost like a whitewater boat. It doesn’t track great and is slow due to the mostly flat hull which can be additionally frustrating in wind. Most of that isn’t a problem on moving rivers, headwaters. I love this as a river boat. The weight capacity is great and the read storage well can handle everything you need for an overnight river trip. The hatch kind of sucks, but can be modified to be very useful considering the space it accesses. I’ve taken mine down Balcony Falls in VA without a problem and recommend it to those interested in exploring a river nearby.

Iv fished lots of different water with my cayman 124. Also class 2 and brief sets of class 3 rapids in mountain rivers. Made mistake of keeping plugs in on the first run. Nose dive and i am in cold water but she still floated. I pulled plugs and made my way to shore and regrouped. After that it was cool. Quite a challenge on a sit on top kayak in class 3 rapids but i have made that run many times now with no turn overs yet. Also the still pools are great for fishing Brown trout and rainbows.

This is a beautiful paddle. I spent much time trying to decide on length shape and color and decided on 230cm, smooth shoulders and black. I'm 6'0" tall and paddling a perception Sea Lion. There is a learning curve. A few hours to where I wasn't thinking about it every stroke. but that's the paddler not the paddle. The paddle is smooth and comfortable in my hands and I felt more relaxed paddling but I think my speed is no different than with a euro paddle. A shorter Akiak probably would have been ok as well, as would the shouldered version. It would have been nice to test paddle all the versions but I am very happy with my choice.

My first kayak was a Hurricane Santee 116 with a wide beam, but I knew I’d eventually outgrow it and want a boat that I could learn more advanced kayaking techniques. I spent a lot of time researching other brands, but settled on Eddyline because of their reputation, the quality and craftsmanship of their boats, and they're just beautiful kayaks.

With COVID and people wanting to get outdoors, a lot of local paddle shops had sold out of their boats. I began looking for a shop in Northern California to demo a Eddyline Skylark and an Equinox. Headwater Adventure Company in Redding, California had both so I was able to paddle them back to back on the water. Plus they were the only shop that actually had an Equinox in stock. I chose the Equinox because it has a keyhole cockpit with thigh braces and I could push the boat a lot farther when edging. I also wanted a longer boat with a bit more storage.

Having owned my Equinox now for almost a year, I love it!. It has a long waterline and amazing tracking and glide. It accelerates pretty quick and doesn't take a lot of effort to maintain speed. With the width of the beam and the hull design, it’s a very stable boat which makes it great if you’re taking photos of wildlife or using binoculars. My wife and my 13 year old daughter have both paddled it and don’t feel it to be twitchy or unstable.

As far as weight, I can load it on my Subaru Outback by myself, but I can see where it could be a bit much for some people. I think the Equinox is a great first boat for a beginner or even a more advanced paddler. I also see it as a great transition boat that you can grow into, learning various kayaking techniques, honing your skills and eventually move up to another kayak. I’m 5’ 9” and 170 lbs. The fit and seat is comfortable with enough leg room to not feel cramped on long paddles. This is a fun kayak. It makes me want to get out on the water!

This kayak has amazing stability and quality for an unbeatable price. I am 6ft tall and can easily stand in this kayak to cast a fishing line. The pedal drive system is incredibly smooth and quick as well. The hand-controlled rudder system is easy to use. There is plenty of storage space and leg room. Hoodoo also has the best customer service I have seen with an outdoor recreation brand. They are quick to respond and are very friendly. Also, they are a family-owned brand according to the owner, and you can tell they genuinely care for their customers.

I was recently introduced to the Greenland paddle way of life. My first experience was with a borrowed older generation Gearlab paddle, so the bar was already set pretty high. I fell in love with GPs right away. For Christmas, I was treated with the Cadillac of GPs...the Kalleq. Wow! This paddle cuts into the water so smoothly! I couldn't be happier.

I just love my Kalleq paddle. It goes in the water smoothly, it is silent during the stroke, it is so light... at first, i bought it for my spare paddle, but since i got it, it has been my daily paddle for all my trips.