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We bought ours at Costco and inflated it to 14 psi, after a couple hours of use it the side seam split while it was sitting on the sand. We returned it as so as we got home.

A really comfortable and responsive board. I knew first wave it was special💥🌊💥 What a ripper‼️

I bought a little grey critter that was filthy and stained for 100.00 bucks, cleaned it up, and restrung the deck bungees, and couldn't be happier. The one negative review I see here is that it isn't the best for a 17 mile paddle, and doesn't handle or track like a 16 ft touring kayak. And they are right. That's not what it's good at. It's short, sturdy - near indestructible, and stable. A kid won't have trouble paddling it, and an adult can still fit in it. It rides low in the water, turns and stops on a dime, and tracks as well as any other 9 foot kayak, and better than many. The seats are not padded, but a gel pad and or a 6 dollar stadium seat takes care of that. I use this one mostly on the local lakes and reservoirs, and not often on the river unless the water is gentle. I take pictures from it, fish, and just relax. I now have two more of the same mold, under different company names, that I let friends use. Never tipped one yet. For the uses I mentioned above, I highly recommend grabbing any used one that crosses your path.

I've owned a 2004 carbon fiber Necky Tahsis with the seal-line rudder system in Mango which I ordered new. The kayak 18 ft and the beam is 21.75 inches and with the carbon hull weighs 49 pounds. It's now been 18 years of paddling my Tahsis. I've paddled Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, numerous rivers including the entire rum River from Anoka to Mille Lacs. Most of the St Croix River. Sections of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. Numerous lakes. The Apostle Islands. So I believe I may have the most extensive experience with the rarely seen Tahsis, which was produced only 3 years. The boat is very fast. There are some faster hulls a lot more slower. It has low initial stability and moderate stability when paddling. It's fairly maneuverable for an 18 foot kayak due to multiple chines on the hull and the further on edge the more maneuverable it is. There is a decent amount of rocker on the hull as well which allows the kayak to perform well riding sizeable swells and contributes to the maneuverability. I don't remember the exact rocker but I'd estimate it to be 2 inches from and rear. The hatches are cavernous which makes it a great tripping kayak. I'm 6' 2" and about 190 pounds but I've weighed up to 230 and still paddled this kayak. This is boat you wear. The cockpit is 32-15. The kayak is based on the Elaho. I'll probably never sell it because the boat has so many good things going for it and other than some scratches on the bottom, mine is practically new.

Purchased the Pungo 125 new in 2022 (ouch on the price - usually buy used). My fourth Pungo (a 100 and 3 120's) -- all sold over the years. Maiden voyage: went on the lake, strong wind, choppy -- I paddled from shore, and stopped paddling, and felt totally at ease, rolling with the waves. I didn't have to get used to the kayak -- it was made for me. I felt tucked in and in control of the kayak. Since then, I've paddled the lakes and fished, and I love it. It glides like the Pungo 120, but the added width gives it me just the right feel on the water. Also, and this is big plus, the seat is comfortable without any additional padding. I hate spending money on new stuff when I can buy used, but I'm glad I splurged and got the Pungo 125. The only drawback to any Pungo I owned is they are not so good on shallow, rocky rivers with current. The chines grab the rocks in cross currents, making for a miserable trip.

Bought new in 2020. Used extensively on local lakes and shallow, rocky rivers. I love it. It floats high, drafts shallow, tracks well, and stable. In the river it bobs along, maneuvers easily around rocks and floats across the shallows without dragging bottom. In the lakes it paddles as fast as a Pungo 120 (my partner's kayak). This is a great kayak for fun. I call it Slap Happy because the bow slaps the water in waves, and it's a happy kayak.

I bought my Pachena used. It is 27 years old and in very nice shape. The color and condition of the fiberglass has held up very well. All the other fittings and hatch and seals have also aged well. Some polish and wax and wow! As others have said, it paddles really nice. It will weather cock in string winds, but the rudder deploys and works great. Seat is a bit hard on the bottom, but a thin pad cured that. Its real easy on the eyes also, what a beauty

So far, this has been a pleasure to paddle. Balance of weight is the key to a good paddle and Im 180 in stern, girlfriend 115 in the bow. I had no issues paddling on flat water, maneuvering in and peninsulas, while my girlfriend enjoyed the scenery. Id have to say it was a real pleasure seeing the performance with little weight in it. It was better than the Old Town Explorer 169.

All the wood was replaced by me. The task was a challenge but wow, this was certainly worth the cost. It puts the weight lower in the canoe, which makes it a more stable ride. Instead of being in a molded seat of plastic sitting up near gunnel line you are below gunnel.

Ive yet to have it on the river and am excited to get this out now that runoff has started. If you say its a river canoe, then this will be pleasure to use on extended river trips. This one is a treasure in itself. Ive ran the OT Explorer 169 for many years and always enjoyed the ride. Cant say this will be easier paddling but a more comfortable stable ride in the rivers. Looking forward to many adventures in the Mad River canoe, Revelation 17 Royalex


Upper Boreas-

Poor initial stability. Very tricky canoe. There are better options for tripping or fishing. Fit and finish 2.5/5. Definitely demo this before buying.

There is room to improve… Lower Boreas seems to have decent following if you want the more kayak design.