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Super fast and tracks beautifully. Very well built and very light. I've only had it in the water once but so far I'm very impressed. Handles like a dream. I'll update after a few months.

Awesome paddle. Very solid, light and comfortable to use. Only thing I did not like is if you touch / bump the kayak (polyethylene) with the shaft it leaves marks from the ribbing.

I purchased this fishing kayak so my son and I could fish together on a private lake that we reside on all year. We have the tandem Mirage drives which are amazing. We can approach 6-7 miles an hour when we cycle together. The 17' boat is easily manuevarable and easy to switch into reverse if needed. We added the electric Torqueedo motor which is quickly and easily connected. We also added a sail but we haven't tried it yet. I would absolutely purchase this kayak again. It has assisted in landing many Largemouth and I could easily see a novice fisherman all the way up to an expert pro being satisfied with this state of the art fishing kayak.

incredible, These are amazing stable . easy to stand up and fish in. the 360 swivel seat makes casting behind the boat a breeze. i really love the versatility of getting in places only a kayak can get to but with a trolling motor. truly genius idea by pelican . everything is pre-wired and ready to go for a 35 lbs thrust trolling motor and a place to strap your batter down in the hatch . fish finder . 4 flush rod mount holders . all this able to be loaded and car topped by one person .

Excellent product, slim size yet versatile functionality.

The Eddyline has the most comfortable seat and easily maneuvers. It is well designed for fishing and handles well in all types of water....fresh, salt, rivers, open waters.

This is the second year I’ve had the Bali 10SS out on the water. I was mainly kayaking the local river. I am impressed. Handled great on high and low water. Yesterday, I took it out on a busy lake. The ripples didn’t impact the kayak at all and there were some big ones. I like all the storage areas. I have no issues with balance. On hot days I take out the scuffer plugs. Things I do not like is, it is awkward. I always need help loading and unloading. I kayak by myself but always go to public places. There’s a lot of good samaritans. Also, strapping it down to my forester. It’s difficult because there’s nowhere to link straps threw. I know to look for that feature on my next one.

This is an awesome product. My wife and I are 73 and wanted a tandem Kayak to cruise and enjoy the scenery. The Lagoon 2 is perfect for our needs. Took us less that 10 min to inflate and gear up for the day. Material is "Seal Tough" in my opinion. I wanted stability, user friendly and mobile. This is the "cat's meow"... Bill n Dianne Perkins Lafayette, CO

She's a work horse,very stable, at only 13'8" in length and 42" wide ,a great flatwater canoe.A very heavy fiberglass ,double glass bottom. This canoe is a survivor

I bought mine back in 1999 and still use it! I kayak on the Adriatic Sea all summer long and go out for hours at a time. Friends use it and fall in love with kayaking. Years ago my flooring started losing air so I simply got in touch directly with Stearns. Sorry.. .don't remember how much it cost me but it really was an easy fix. At the end of each day I rinse it off with sweet water (just hose it off) as I know the salt water can due damage. It's not the bright yellow it once was and I cut off the black straps since the clothe was showing it's age. The rope up front also has lost it's elasticity but hey... It's a 20 year old kayak! I've NEVER had any problems with the valves or either chamber and the bottom has stood up to the beachs (rocks) of the Croatian coast. I've never used any harsh detergents on it and make sure to let it dry out completely before stowing it for the winter. I keep wanting to buy a new one but this one is still in good condition.