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I have had the kayak for ca. a year and used it for one longer trip (3 days in the Okefenokee Swamp followed by 3 days on the Suwannee River). I am small (5'2"), so I needed a lightweight kayak to be able to port. The solid side handles make moving it around easier, too. The storage hatches are larger than the ones on the Lifetime kayak I had, so retrieving water bottles from the interior of the kayak was less time consuming. It handles very well and is super easy to turn and maneuver through brush and whatever else (was I glad to have a short boat going through East Fork Suwannee River in the Okefenokee!). It seems to track fairly well and be reasonably fast - I'm sure seriously longer kayaks will do better in this department, but I didn't notice anything that I thought *should* be better and I outpaddled my 6'3" friend who was on a Lifetime Angler. The upswept bow gives you a little bit of a "surfing" feeling on a well moving river, which I really like.

recently bought a sea eagle 370 ... it seems well made but it is all stamped made in China so maybe it isn't much different then other brands of inflatables. I am rather unhappy about a few things with this kayak... number one is that in the instructions it clearly states because of the type of vinyl you can NOT add any glue on accessories such as d rings etc. I didn't see that mentioned anywhere is the sea eagle advertising for this boat. There is absolutely nowhere to fasten anything to the boat except the 2 ropes on the splash covers. Very unhappy about that as I wanted to put on paddle clips and additional d rings. the other thing I am not thrilled with is the skegs. Other inflatables you can remove them and reinstall them when you are ready to go into the water. The sea eagle 370 they are formed onto the boat and are always bent off in some strange direction.. You have to use a heat gun to try to straighten them which is a total pain and they don't seem to stay straight even if folded and stored with the skeg protectors. Other then that it is easy to inflate and deflate. We haven't had a chance to use it much so time will tell.

Primary reason for buying an inflatable is ease of transport and we didn't need a trailer for rigid kayaks ... haven't decided if that was a mistake yet.

Kayak brace locking mechanism is VERY weak. After purchasing, we decided to go with another product. Overpriced for quality and engineering.

I found one for sale and grabbed it. It’s taken a beat down but live to refurbish older kayaks. It needs a few things like knew hatch covers and a knew rudder. I took it out for the first time and I’m in love already. Love it so much a did a circumference paddle around lake Tapd. If having the rudder on is even better? I can hardly wait!

I was fortunate to find my 116 laying in a ditch along the highway. I'd never had a SUP so I had nothing to compare it to except my Old Town kayak. I fell in love with it right away, it's so big and stable. I can carry all the dogs. I can carry myself, the dogs and my teen age son! We can stand up on it and dive off for fun swimming. Yes, it is heavy as a horse but I would not trade it in. I bought an inflatable recently due to the weight of this one but hated it and returned it. Instead, my boy and I welded a ramp system that hooks to my car roof and I can slide it up to the top to carry it now. Problem solved. The new problem though is I need a replacement fin and have not been able to find one.

My only complaint is that I developed cracks in the stern and flooring after a few years. Customer service was always helpful and quick to send me repair material, polyethylene discs. It requires heat transfer and is not the easiest to apply and can be tricky to apply. I should mention that this occurred even though the kayak has been stored inside during the winter.

This is my first time ordering from fishell as I have being using an old ray Kay for many years. I ordered the ray special in Walnut and it is absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to get it on the water. No detail was overlooked and I know it will be a dream in the water.

Of all the kayaks I've owned this is the one I will never get rid of. I don't understand why this kayak was discontinued. It's fast, stable, and the most comfortable to ride in.

Confluence(Dagger)has the worst website I’ve ever experienced. No photos of bottom of hull or foot brace system and owners manuals not available to shoppers. Very few Stratos 14.5L Red avaiable at the very few dealers that exist. I get the impression that Confluence really isn’t interested in selling touring kayaks. No excuse for lack of information on website or lack of stock at dealers. Now shopping other brands.

I will give one star to Q Tower sales team as I have been quite stress during past few days for being worried related to my deposit of 10,000 $ that I paid for signing the sales agreement on 24th February!

There was a promise of returning of full amount of 10000 $ Incase I change my mind before cooling off period as you can see in their adds and youtube !!

On 2th March I terminated the contract and requested my 10000 $ back ,I received an email as mention :

The developer has confirmed with the lawyer that the charge is $950 + HST for the release and $250 + HST to return the deposit. Kindly confirm!!!!

So basically if you submit your sales agreement and change your mind on the 10 days cooling off time still you will loose a big amount of your money.

I’m so glad with my decision as I can see I could loose more if I would not terminate the contract. Please watch the video in youtube that is claiming to return the full deposit.clear this and many other hidden fees before signing.