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The Kayak Bow Draw Stroke

The Bow Draw is a great technique for making quick changes of direction when traveling forward. It involves planting your paddle up and out to the side of your foot with your blade angled so that your power face catches water. You can also tilt your boat away from your draw to help you get your boat turning.

This stroke can generate a lot of force. So you want to keep your body safe by keeping your arms in close to the body and in the power position.

This, of course, means planting your Bow Draw with your upper body rotated towards it. Your top hand should be between chin and forehead height with the elbow low and in close to the body. The lower arm should also be fairly close to the body to keep your shoulder safe.

Because your blade is catching water, your kayak is going to slow down. As your kayak slows, you'll finish the stroke by drawing it into your toes. You're then in a perfect position to take a forward stroke and keep going.

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