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The Hand of God Rescue

The Hand of God is a really cool rescue technique for experienced leaders or teachers dealing with beginner or novice paddlers. Like the Bow Rescue, it requires a special relationship between the rescuer and the victim and that the rescuer be very close-by.

The Hand of God involves pulling at the side of the upside down paddler, reaching completely over top their kayak and grabbing the cockpit coaming on the far side. You'll then pull up on that far edge while pushing down with your other hand on the close edge and then roll the kayak upright with the paddler still in it. As a victim, either lie back, or lean right forward as the rescuer is rolling you upwards to lower your center of gravity and make the job easier for them.

Obviously, the Hand of God isn't your every day recovery technique but it can come in pretty handy especially for instructors or group

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