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Safety Tips by Tom Watson

Weekly Paddling & Safety Tips

How To Coil A Throw Rope

Safety Tip 009 - How To Coil A Throw Rope

Painter/Bow Lines

Safety Tip 008 - Painter/Bow Lines

Hand Signals for Paddlers

Safety Tip 007 - Hand Signals for Paddlers

Stirrup Strap Re-entry

Safety Tip: 006 - Stirrup Strap Re-entry

"Swim-On" Cockpit Re-Entry

Safety Tip: 005 - "Swim-On" Cockpit Re-Entry

FootBracing/Rudder Control

Safety Top 004 - Foot Bracing/Rudder Control

Protecting Your Hands

Safety Tip 003 - Protecting Your Hands

Paddle Floats - Self-Rescue/Re-Entry

Paddle Floats - Self-Rescue/Re-Entry

Life Jackets - Proper Sizing & Fitting

Life Jackets - Proper Sizing & Fitting

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