Ice Rescue

In this video, Jeremy T. Grant partnered with Camden Fire and Rescue to show you what to do if you fall through ice and the process of an ice rescue.

What to do if you fall through ice

  • Going in, it's best not to do anything for five to ten seconds because anything you do is going to be kind of spazzy and uncoordinated because you're in shock.
  • Try to get your elbows up and then try to push your body, make it as straight as you can and start kicking.
  • Then maybe do a little elbow crawl but you're not pulling yourself as you're just not going to have traction.
  • Once you get on the ice, you're going to want to roll and try to spread out as much of your body weight as possible, so you don't fall in again.
  • Try to make some efforts, but then at some point if you realize you're not getting out, your best bet is to put your forearms up on the ice and hope that your sleeve will freeze to the ice itself. This way, once help does get there, you're still above ice.

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