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How to Partner-Carry a Canoe

Hi there, Denny Lange here, a professional guide and experienced canoeist, here today to show you how to partner carry a canoe for those not-so-long portages.

Carry by handles

 Once you and your partner are ready to start carrying the canoe, we're going to use the handles provided near the deck plates. Each of us are going to stagger each other on opposite sides of the canoe, and again, don't use your back, lift with your legs, and simply lift the canoe up. Now it's time to head down the trail.

Overhead Carry

 A second partner-carry that you can utilize, especially for longer distances, is the over the head carry. Once you and your partner are ready, you'll simply stand beside the canoe, reach over grabbing the gunnels, and rotate the boat up over your head. At this point you're ready to head down the trail.


If you start to get tired, you can actually use your shoulders and stagger each other. I'm using my left shoulder, and my partner is using his right. This allows a little bit more comfortable carry for those long trips.

See you down the trail.

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