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How to Dress for Kayak Fishing in Hot Climates

This week in Puerto Rico it has been hot. Not only has it been hot, it's been humid. I don't know how hot it's been here in Puerto Rico, but all I can say it's been hot and it's been humid.


If you want to make sure you stay safe, you don't bonk out there in the sun, it's very important you take some precautions. Good sun screen, of course, is important. Most people want to think, "Oh, it's hot and I'm going to wear some short sleeves and shorts." That's nice for a short time out on the water, but, it actually can become detrimental. With that much sun exposure on your skin, you just can really start to overheat.


So it's really better to wear nice, light-weight clothing, long sleeved shirts, long pants. But nice light stuff like Mountain Khaki has very nice, light shirts. They're quick drying, they evaporate the ... moisture on your skin evaporates very quickly. The same with the pants. There's nothing worse than being out there in long pants that get all heavy and soggy.

One of the items that really helped me a lot out here just to keep that sun off my face, my nose getting fried and just to keep you from feeling like you're getting baked is the buff. And this one is really nice because it actually is longer. It covers my neck and has the breathing holes for your mouth.


Even shoes, you know, keeping the tops of your feet covered up, because I tell you what, getting the tops of your feet burned is miserable. So, something that's breathable, nice and light but covering as much skin as possible.


Of course a wide brimmed hat, you know you see me wearing that thing all the time. But it really is a life saver when it comes to keeping the tops of your ears from being burned and the top of your face and a little bit of the the sun out of your eyes. Good sunglasses, all this stuff. 


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