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High Brace Turning

The high brace lean turn is virtually the same as the low brace lean turn, only you will be using a high brace for support, and you won't use the same reverse sweep motions. Instead, you'll plant your high brace out to the side of the kayak just behind your hip and with the climbing angle on the blade. This climbing angle will allow you to get steady support from your blade as your boat travels forward. It can also help to turn your kayak.

Start with some forward speed and then initiate your turn with a sweep stroke.
You'll then tilt your kayak in the direction of your turn and place your high brace on that same side.
You'll need to cock your wrist back to get a good climbing angle on your blade.

Notice the position of the upper hand during the high brace lean turn: the elbow is tucked in, and the hand is in what we like to call the nose-pick position, which keep your shoulders safe.

Remember that the support you get from your brace comes from its motion relative to the water. This means that as you slow down throughout the turn you'll get less support from the brace, and you'll need to level your kayak off.

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