Greenland Storm Roll

A: Set up by holding the paddle on the left side of the boat with the paddle extended forward.
Place your right hand on the loom.
Crunch your body forward as low as you can on the deck.
Throughout this roll, keep the paddle in contact with the hull. To start with, it will be touching the off side. Then it will rise up onto the side of the hull as it rotates. Finally, it will move across the foredeck as the boat rotates.

Keep your head as low to the deck as you can throughout the roll.

B: When upside down, try to keep your head close to the surface, looking forward. Help arch your back by imagining pushing your chin towards the surface. With concentration and practice you will keep close to the deck.

C: Push the back end of the paddle out of the water a little to get it onto the side of the kayak. Start sweeping outward with your right hand while sinking your chin to your chest, pushing your nose to your right knee and crunching your abs down hard.

As the paddle starts to sweep outwards, push your left hand forward, remaining in contact with the hull. The kayak hull will start to rotate as you push your head down. Do not make any attempt to get your head out of the water until the hull is well past the vertical position.

D: This roll is a low brace roll. It completes the same way as a low brace does with a Greenland paddle by drawing the paddle across the boat towards the left side. This action creates additional lift, helping complete the boat's rotation.

Keep your head in the water as long as possible. Think about dragging your nose across the deck to finish the roll.

The best style is to keep the paddle in contact with the boats deck throughout the roll, don't worry if (to begin with) you complete the roll off the deck, it's easy to get on the deck later.

A good practice exercise for this roll is the Chest Scull, as this forces you to learn the low brace finish to recover from the sculling position. The low brace finish becomes the key to many forward finishing paddle rolls.

The Pry version of this roll does not rely on the sweep to gain leverage instead you swing the paddle round until it is perpendicular to the boat and then you drive the boat to rotate with your knee and pulling down on the paddle for leverage. With this approach the paddle will sink quite deep in the water, but have faith in your low brace recovery and draw the paddle in across the deck to complete the rotation.

Additional help is available here: Breakthroughs in forward finishing rolls

Christopher Crowhurst (kayaker)   |  Boat: Tahe Marine Greenland kayak   |  Blade: Novorca

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