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Florida Outfitter Adapts to COVID-19

Many industries have been dramatically affected by COVID-19 and tourism is certainly a big one. While many paddling guides and outfitters have shuttered their business, some, like Everglades Area Tours, have quickly adapted to this new ecosystem in order to stay afloat (pun intended).

Everglades Area Tours trimmed down their trip offerings and made every trip a private excursion. Guests can bring their family on a fun and educational outdoor boating or kayaking experience in the Everglades where the tours are conducted in wide open spaces, in the fresh air with no person-to-person contact. Just you and your personal naturalist guide.

Located in southwest Florida, the Everglades National Park spans over 1.5 million acres made of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods and is home to hundreds of animal species. It's one giant wilderness as far as the eye can see and this is where Everglades Area Tours offers an assortment of outdoor adventures.

Nix your cabin fever…get outdoors. Breathing fresh air out on the water, safely, is uplifting! Enjoy a two-hour Dolphin, Birding Wildlife Boat Tour or a three-hour Alligators and Orchids Kayak Eco Tour. Explore an uninhabited barrier island beach on the Everglades National Park Expedition. Their signature tour, the Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour combines the best of boating, kayaking and walking tours into a single wonderful experience. Bring a camera and your own picnic lunch as you’re sure to see some amazing sights.

Their boats and gear are sanitized before each tour and they encourage the use of hand sanitizers and washing stations and make them available to all. Most important, with Everglades Area Tours your expedition will be private with zero exposure to other guests. They are operating under a strict “no-touch” policy, so please excuse them for not shaking hands.

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