DIY: Retrofit SUP with Handle

This video shows how to retrofit a Stand Up Paddleboard with a patented SUP Grip handle to make it easy to carry and secure the board.

Please Note: this installation is recommended only for those with some experience in epoxy board construction and repair and using a router.

Here are the installation steps:

  1. Find balance point of board, make sure to account for the weight of the fin and leash
  2. Mark the bottom of the box and set the plunge router to the depth of the box with flange.
  3. Use a 1/2" diameter bit with a minimum of 2" depth to router the box opening (the box is 1 ¾" deep)
  4. Mark the flange outline
  5. Router the flange depth around the box
  6. sand around opening
  7. Install box with thickened slow curing resin
  8. glass over box
  9. after curing cut excess glass with a razor blade and sand smooth, add finish coat
  10. apply deck pad over handle and cut out openings with razor blade

For more information on the SUPGrip handle, visit:

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