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Articles by Nigel Foster

Kayak Corrective Paddle Stroke Tips

Forward paddling, that's your powerful straight line paddling, but your kayak really wants to go in a straight…

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Paddling Ocean Waves

When you first go out on the sea in waves, you'll probably find that paddling into the waves is really comfort…

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The X Rescue

This is the most straightforward rescue, beyond simply righting the boat and pumping it dry. Approach the uptu…

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Kayak Foot Brace Positioning & Edging

Whichever kayak you use, it should fit you. And fitting it out is a matter of adjusting, first, the foot brace…

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How to Carry & Load a Kayak

When you're lifting to carry the kayak, take the toggle, but lift from the kayak. The toggle is security so th…

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Kayak Forward Stroke Tips

The forward stroke is the most important thing you do when you're paddling. It's what you do most often. First…

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Kayak Assisted Deep Water Rescue

I'm going to show you a deep water rescue, which is a way of getting someone back in their boat after they've …

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