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Articles by Jimmy Blakeney

Board Anatomy and Essential Gear

This video describes essential SUP gear including PFDs, paddle leashes and paddles and also looks at the basic…

Tags: Video, SUP, basics

Purpose and Install of SUP Fins

Fins come in all shapes and sizes, and what they do is they allow the board to track straighter. Without you…

Tags: Video, SUP, basics, fins, maintenance

How To Repair Dings on Stand Up Paddleboards

One thing you'll want to do is inspect your board after each use to make sure there's no dings or dents in t…

Tags: Video, SUP, repair, maintenance

Moving Around on your SUP

In this video, Jimmy Blakeney looks at a few key stances, as well as tips for staying balanced while you're wa…

Tags: Video, SUP, technique

SUP Pivot Turns

Pivot turns are a great way to turn your board and you can do them when you're stationary or moving. The thing…

Tags: Video, SUP, technique

SUP Care & Maintenance

In general, there's not a lot you need to do when it comes to the care and maintenance of your BIC stand up pa…

Tags: Video, SUP, maintenance

SUP Surfing - Bottom Turn

Surfing on an SUP is definitely one of the most unique feelings in the world, and it's often enough simply cru…

Tags: Video, SUP, surfing, technique

Bracing - SUP Technique

It doesn't matter how good your balance is, at some point, you're going to lose it; that's where bracing comes…

Tags: Video, SUP

How to Fall Off/Get Back On your SUP

This video looks at how to fall off a SUP, what to do once you're in the water, and how to properly get back o…

Tags: Video, SUP, technique

How to Carry Your SUP

Standup paddle boards tend to be pretty big and a little awkward to carry. So unlike typical surfboards, you c…

Tags: Video, SUP, carry

Staying upright on your SUP - aka Bracing

This video describes the bracing stroke for your stand up board and will help you learn to stand on your SUP w…

Tags: Video, SUP, basics

Essential Gear for Stand Up Paddling

In this video, we're going to talk about the essential gear that you need to get started, and we're also going…

Tags: Video, SUP, basics, gear
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