10' Inflatable

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10' Inflatable Description

Designed with convenience, durability and functionality in mind, XTERRA Boards are a step above the competition. With dimensions that measure 10' long, 6" thick, and 30" wide, the inflatable SUP will ensure stability and rigidity for smooth sailing. Included in the SUP Package is a high-pressure pump and gauge, heavy-duty mesh backpack for the board, repair kit, paddle and removable center fin.

10' Inflatable Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Rigid Dropstitch & Double-Sided reinforcement
  • High-pressure double-action pump & integrated pressure gauge
  • EVA-comfort Deck pad
  • Removable Center Fin & twin outer fins
  • Six D-rings & bungee cord for securing gear

Where to Buy the 10' Inflatable

Xterra Boards
10' Inflatable Reviews

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Great product. Easy to…

Submitted by: paddler452 on 2/14/2022

Great product. Easy to inflate, can stand or sit. Throwing a line in is easy!


Great product

Submitted by: paddler394756 on 9/11/2017

I got my first XTERRA Board a year ago and quickly fell in love with it. Great for storage. I can fit both boards deflated in it's pack on one shelf in my garage. Only problem was I had a guest in town who I couldn't get off the board so I quickly got a second. Using the pump include is not bad with one board but now that I have 2 I decided to spring for the electric pump. Now I can pump up both boards in less than 10 minutes.
Once on the water I found great stability and performance. I highly recommend XTERRA Boards


Just got this board this past…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2016
Just got this board this past weekend and took it out for the first time. Loved everything about it except for blowing it up. I saw someone mention buying a pump and I looked at several over the weekend but could not find one with a suitable connector. Anyone have any direct knowledge of a electric or battery pump that might work? Pros Everything about it. Very easy to get inflated and to use. Cons Having to pump manually Usage Excercise and touring

Just love my boards for their…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2016
Just love my boards for their lightness and sturdiness. I use them all the time now that I can carry one all by myself to the bay. My older boards became a two person project which meant I relied on someone to be up or home to get to go out now I'm up at the crack of dawn enjoying the sunrise in solitude. Even my dog goes for the ride Pros Light sturdy and good looking. I've gotten people amazed that it's a inflatable board Cons Not much. I do wish it came with a leash but that was easily remedied Usage I paddle I the morning for relaxation and with company during the day. We paddle for about two miles around the bay. My husband loves taking it to the beach side and ride the waves

Bought two boards--10' and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2016
Bought two boards--10' and 12'. The 10' has a value issue in that it will not pop up like directions say when inflating; it loses air. Spent 45 minutes fixing the transparent o-ring at the base of the boarding finally got the value stem to pop up. Nonetheless, the value is not reliable. Customer service is very hard to get on the phone and to return phone calls. I am really disappointed given that I have purchased a lot from this company (boards and wetsuits). Pros Lots of fun on the water with the family. Cons Value stem is not reliable. Usage exercise, yoga, and use it for open water swimming (pull it while I swim)

We really like the Xterra SUP…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2016
We really like the Xterra SUP boards and have been using them for two years. We have two 10' Xterra Premium black boards and one 12'6" Xterra red board, plus two 12' 6" hard boards from other companies. We use the inflatables for river running, because they can take the abuse from rocks and shallow areas. These are really good boards, easy to inflate, easy to deflate, and the roller bag is great (much better than the backpack bag that comes with the 12'6" board). The paddles are cheap, but I like that they are adjustable because we invite friends to come out with us and can adjust the paddle for different heights. We've had problems with the pumps, though. Both 10' pumps have failed over the past few months, and the pump attachment and air nozzles are different between the 10' boards and the 12' 6" boards, so we can't use the pump that came with the 12' board to pump up the 10' boards. It's very frustrating that these are not interchangeable and Xterra doesn’t sell replacement pumps on their website. However, I contacted Xterra by phone and by email, and they replaced the two failed pumps. Great customer service! NOTE: Xterra is now selling SOME 10’ SUP packages that come with the same pump as the 12’6” board. If you are going to mix boards, I’d highly recommend getting the ones that come with the yellow pumps that match the 12’6” boards. By the way, Xterra only sells a replacement center fin on their website (and it's not the one for the 10' SUP, it matches the 12’6" SUP and of course the fins are different between the two SUPs), so you would probably also have to call customer service to get replacements of the smaller fins. Pros Well made boards, easy to inflate/deflate, roller bag is great. Very stable when inflated to 14-15 psi. Adjustable paddles, three removable fins (we don't even install the center fin when the river is very shallow). Most packages come with the SUP leash and waterproof bag (which is not really waterproof, but it's a good bag to keep everything in). Great starter or beater board. Also very good for yoga. Great customer service; speedy delivery! Cons Pumps fail and the hose fittings are apparently not standard. Cannot order new pumps (and some other parts like 10’ center fin and small fins) directly from the Xterra website. Usage River running, traveling, exercise.

I bought two of these,and we…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/13/2016
I bought two of these,and we love them ,very stable,easy to learn on,xlent material,handle very well,easy to inflate.The customer service responded quickly with a question i had via e-mail. 5 star board Pros Handles very well , made well, comfortable,and alot of fun Cons Nothing really, last few pumps might get challenging, but thats normal Usage Exercise,relaxation,fun

The Xterra board's value kits…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/15/2016
The Xterra board's value kits are a great way to get introduced to an iSUP right out of the box with nothing more to buy. The kit is complete and for $500, it's very reasonable. The board is rigid, it floats and moves through the water smoothly. Assembly is quick with the exception of the fins which takes a little practice. I ended up buying a compressor because the pump gets challenging when you cross the 10PSI marker. When I'm on the board, a lot of people ask about it because the black and red really sticks out and iSUP's are still new to most. Pros All-in-one kit, sturdy, easy to use. Accessories are not uber cheap. Gear bags and wet bags are great adds. Price was great, high value Cons Black surfaces can get hot. Hand pump gets challenging after 10PSI Usage lake touring

Overall board is fine.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/20/2016
Overall board is fine. However, after two years the board has loss it's rigidity. The first year, the board traveled through the water with ease and freedom. What I mean about freedom is that similar to a non-inflatable, the board remained strong and buoyant. Pros Great travel bag. Great paddle. Fun. Cons Lost it's rigidity. Inflating after one year took longer. Usage Exercise, cruising, and fun.

Call customer service 3/14 at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/20/2016
Call customer service 3/14 at 0900, ordered board, received by noon 3/16! Wow that was fast. Had to wait til Sat after work to test out. Great board. About 5 mins to pump up. Definitely pump to higher end PSI 15 or 16. The range on board said 12-16. At 12, a tad unstable. At 15, significant improvement in stability. Paddle works fine for entry level paddlers. The back pack is nice/comfortable, but 1 grommet was off, in bottom of box upon receiving the paddle board. Pros Easy set up/pumping Looks great Paddles well Light and easy to carry, by backpack or handle when inflated Color/design Cons The release valve works.. Could be Faster release Usage Exercise, touting

The 10' Xterra SUP is one of…

Submitted by: thesupguide on 3/13/2016
The 10' Xterra SUP is one of my favorite boards. It's rugged, durable, when fully inflated, very rigid. It's really great for beginners Pros The Xtera SUP comes with everything you need. The pump is really easy to use and it inflates without much effort at all. It's very lightweight making it easy to carry, especially when you want to SUP in those hard to reach places. Cons It takes some time to deflate - the air vent could be larger. Usage Touring - my favorite place is in the Florida mangroves. Really relaxing and wonderful scenery.

Update on board. I have used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/23/2015
Update on board. I have used this iSUP for over a year and half. It has travelled to several cities in Florida as well as being taken to the Virgin Islands. It travels very well. It was much cheaper to check it on plane then to rent one for the week. Overall, it has been a good board. Yes the deck pad is lifting a little but no big deal. I upgraded the paddle. I did have problem with pump and I did have excellent customer service. They replaced it without any hassle. Still think for the price it's a great board Pros Price, easy of travel. Cons paddle Usage touring, fun

Over-all good inflatable…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/4/2015
Over-all good inflatable board for beginner or intermediate skilled SUPer. High PSI so board is very rigid. Good for ocean, lake or river. Pros Easy to transport. Carrying case is equivalent to a large backpack. Comes with a hand pump that takes only about 150 pumps to get to a rigid 12 psi. The board has great stability so it's great for a beginner. Cons Once inflated board is about 5" thick. This gives the board great stability, but makes it harder to really carve the water. Not really many cons for this board. Usage I use my board mostly for exercise and exploring new places. I have no complaints about the board and I've had it a little over a year.

Board ok, service terrible.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/28/2015
Board ok, service terrible. Came with defective hose. No response from several emails and calls. The removable centre fin broke off on a river paddle and I cannot web order a replacement to be sent outside the US. Called the order line and am waiting to hear back from them. After my experience with the defective hose (they never helped at all) I have no confidence they will help. Pros No other board to compare to but it works overall Cons Quality is not great. The ridged layer to stand on is detaching after only a few uses. They do not have a way to ship even a replacement fin to Canada. Usage Fun and exercise

I bought the xterra 10' SUP.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2015
I bought the xterra 10' SUP. Loved the idea, versatility and compactness. I used a few times then stored for the winter. First weekend out the H3 Valve adapter that connects the hose to the valve on the board snapped off. I have sent multiple emails and made numerous phone calls leaving voicemails with my return phone number and order number for information on my warranty and/or how I can purchase replacement parts. No impact no idea, no return phone call or email for two months now. I have finally had to remove the broken piece and shop on Amazon for the plastic valve adapter. Terrible, non-existent customer service. Pros Board is great, once you are able to inflate. Cons From the bag to the pump to the paddle, very poorly made and constructed of short term use material. Nothing that will last, all made to easily break requiring another purchase. Buy locally for ease of customer service and help with parts or replacement. Usage 1 year

I had a bad valve and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/25/2015
I had a bad valve and customer service had been non-existent. If you could actually get it blown up with out losing air it's a nice ride.

Once customer service responded they handled my issue quickly! I'm not sure what the initial miscommunication was about. Pros Great for yoga, stable, and rugged for our lava rock lined lakes. Cons The last fifty pumps are difficult. I'm 110lbs and my body weight freely suspended over pump doesn't budge it. My husband has to finish inflating it. Usage Touring


Bought this SUP approximately…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2015
Bought this SUP approximately two years ago. Upon first inflation, it would not hold air. Came to discover that there was a leak at a seam, which was poorly glued. Fixed that with the repair kit that came with it. The next summer, same problem, another seam that was leaking and had to be repaired. After the 2nd repair, when I went to inflate it, the plastic hose on the pump tore because it is so thin and cheap. Have not been able to find a new SUP pump or replacement hose that has the same end attachments, so we had to buy a different SUP pump and are now having to create a new pump of our own by taking off the end attachments and gluing on the ones we need. This board has been more hassle than its worth, in my opinion. And customer service has been non-existant. Buy something from a local store so that if you have any issues, you will at least have somewhere to go and somebody to talk to to help. Pros Not much. Cons Poorly glued seams which result in leaks and requiring patching. Cheap pump that comes with it. I bought it because it was cheap, but you get what you pay for. Usage General fitness

I'm not a pro SUP-er but I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/7/2015
I'm not a pro SUP-er but I must say I am pretty impressed with the Xterra board and all the accessories that are packaged in their online promotion. We bought two boards after looking through reviews and features. While it seemed there were variances in the reviews, the price was one of the driving factors. My previous experience was limited to a couple solid-body paddle boards. While I liked the solids, I did not have a vehicle to transport it and putting it on my boat took up way too much space. I researched several different brands but kept going back to the looks and accessories. I've taken in out in smooth and choppy waters and felt pretty stable. Lots of people were surprised at the rigidity of the board. I would give it five stars if the pump were a two-stage pump and the screen printing were of a higher quality. I truly like this board and would recommend it to newbies like myself. I was able to get up and go with minimum number of falls. Pros - Accessories, the backpack/roller bag makes it easy to transport - The overall quality of the construction - Price/value - Weight - Stability - D-rings, leg tether and equipment tie-downs Cons - Initial smell - Pump is ok, really tough to get to 15PSI for persons who lack upper body strength or girth - Standing surface color seems to fade quickly. Started out as a medium red, now it's getting pink - Screen printing on straps and other surfaces peels quickly Usage - General touring and exercise on inland lakes in Michigan. Seems to handle up to 3-4ft waves/wake pretty well. Use on very mild river with a light flow.

Great lightweight board. Easy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2015
Great lightweight board. Easy to carry to and from the water. The best board I have ever owned. Easy to blow up and take with you wherever. Pros Lightweight Cons Nothing Usage Exercise

Great board! Easy to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2015
Great board! Easy to inflate,very study,glides well, comes in a very nice backpack,comes with all you need to hit the water,pump works well, last few strokes pretty hard but managable. Pros Glide well,backpack is awesome!alot of fun Cons If anything the last few pumps are tough Usage Lakes, Rivers ect...

Needed a couple of inflatable…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/9/2015
Needed a couple of inflatable boards for me and the girlfriend to take to the mtns. Xterra fit the bill. I knew the paddle would be garbage, but for the price I decided to give it a go. Oops on me for not having enough money for a better isup. Pros The board looks good, though black is the WRONG color for any board. Stable, glides well, and when pumped to 15lbs very solid. Backpack style bag is great, very roomy and seems that it will last. Cons The paddle is garbage! Sinks to the bottom, won't tighten to hold handle in position and was too short for me and my girlfriend. The valves on both boards have clear O-rings that are always coming off during inflation and deflation by the force of air or turning the connector into the valve. Customer service was called, emailed and no reply. Not until I was asked for a review on their site, then all of sudden there was contact from Xterra. I was sent two new valves (still have the same O-ring problem) and two hats for the effort. Got the feeling that this is now my problem more than theirs. Deck pad is OK at best, there are more comfortable ones out there. Usage Used to chill out at the lakes and take the occasional river run. Good luck racing this board.

Great entry level, affordable…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2015
Great entry level, affordable SUP for a beginner. Came with an entire package, board, paddle, bag, leash and pump for well under $500. Board inflates quickly and seems very sturdy at 5.5" thickness. I'm anxious to see how long it lasts being rolled and stored in the bag each time but I'm assuming this type of wear and tear would apply to any inflatable SUP on the market. Pros Affordable, thick & sturdy, complete package Cons Colors (black gets warm), pad seems to be peeling up a little bit, customer service at Xterra leaves some to be desired Usage Exercise, recreation

Pretty good inflatable SUP.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/13/2015
Pretty good inflatable SUP. Planing design is okay for a first board. It is stable, not too heavy. The black rubber does get hot, even out on the water. Easy to inflate. Good quality. Pros Easy inflation. Simple to store. Cons Lots of black that soaks up the sun. Tends to push sideways in a brisk headwind. Usage Flatwater exercise, touring.

Fin falls off in water all…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2015
Fin falls off in water all the time, paddles sinks in water and is very poor quality, very cheap accessories. Pros Board itself is awesome. Very stable, glides well, good quality. Great for touring around the lake or hitting the surf in the ocean. Cons The fin system is very unreliable, and even a good board is useless without a fin. The accessories are also very cheap, very disappointed in the paddle. Company only posts 5 star reviews. Usage Individually and with family, touring around lake and surfing in ocean.

inflatable 12ft 6 touring…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/22/2014
inflatable 12ft 6 touring board Pros easy to inflate, nice glide once in the water, looks cool, holds its shape beautifully Cons red or black are only colors...thankfully I love my red one! Usage flat water paddling and small surf

Bought this board at Ironman…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/6/2014
Bought this board at Ironman in Kona and dragged the board home to Idaho for some river action. It toted super easy as luggage in the solid back pack and was a piece of cake to set up and stand up! Really stable and light to carry to a river put in - much different from a beach launch. I like the tie downs to carry gear for when you take out at a different spot than you put in when running down river. Haven't gotten into much fast water yet as our river season is about over - but next year... Pros Nicely portable. Even threw in an extra piece of foot mat to pad and stand on when changing gear. Cons The included collapsible paddle is pretty weak Usage River running and whitewater

I've only been SUPing for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/1/2014
I've only been SUPing for a short time. This inflatable hits all the right notes for a beginner and will take me into being an experienced boarder. It is easy to handle, very stable and can still be fast. Iv'e had it out on a choppy day in the bay and it was great. I'm looking ofrward to getting it into the ocean and learning how to surf with it. Pros Inflatable, stable Cons Carry bag is alittle awkward. Usage exercise

Great inflatable board! Super…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2014
Great inflatable board! Super easy to inflate (my kids can and enjoy doing it). Very sturdy and I love how easy it is to carry and store in the backpack. Highly recommend it! Pros How easy it is to inflate and store. It's stability. It is easy to carry when inflated. Lightweight. Cons That I can't take it out as often as I would like. Usage I use it about 1-2 times a month for touring or exercise.

Outstanding design and…

Submitted by: jayfwms on 10/10/2014
Outstanding design and construction. It inflates to a firmness equivalent to a hard board. It is light weight. It performs as well as any board I have tried. The D rings are a great addition, and make the board usable without any additions. Pros Easy to carry and inflate. Solid performance on the water. Quality construction. Cons Comes packaged with a low-quality paddle. Usage I use for exercise and touring.

I bought an inflatable SUP…

Submitted by: jayfwms on 9/22/2014
I bought an inflatable SUP last year and returned it after three uses. I gave up on paddle boarding. Then I tried again with the XTERRA. I knew immediately that it was not so unstable and difficult to use as the first one. The XTERRA board has a flat deck. It was the arched deck on the other board that made me feel so uncomfortable. The six large D rings solve many problems I had with the other board. I'll never be great, but the XTERRA board put me into the game. I did find the paddle too flimsy to use effectively, and quickly replaced it. The board is rigid as a solid board, but easy to transport and store. I am a big guy, and feel unstable most of the time, but I hope to grow out of it as I gain more experience. Pros Flat deck, rigid, D rings, Backpack and pump Cons Paddle is flimsy and low quality. Usage Use for exercise because I really have to focus and work to balance and move.

Nice board, great backpack…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/29/2014
Nice board, great backpack and easy to set up. The paddle is heavy, short and terrible quality. My paddle snapped at the plastic extension joint and I've emailed emailed customer service a number of times with no response. I was once a big fan and recommended this package to a lot of people, but the awful customer service has me not recommending this company. Pros Easy of use. Backpack. Simple to roll up and store out of the way. Cons Paddle is horrendous Customer service is the worst Usage Touring and exercise.

Used the board for almost a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2014
Used the board for almost a year in SUP clinics on flatwater. It was great until the deck pad peeled off. Have tried repeatedly to contact Xterra regarding the problem - they finally sent me a FedEx label to send the board back. Now it's been 5 weeks and I don't know what happened to my board. :( I used to recommend the package to newbies who attended my clinics but I don't anymore. Pros Stable, easy to use, sturdy, fun! The D-rings and rigging is a great standard feature on an iSUP. Cons Truly dreadful customer service and a defective deck pad Usage Exercise, touring, yoga, fun

Love it! I'm a newby to the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2014
Love it! I'm a newby to the sport. I live in Canada near the mountains with limited local access to great (warm) waters. The option to pack it up and travel easily to a lake or other body of water (I travel to BC and Ontario cottage often) is fantastic!! Looking forward to many many many more hrs on the water! and the possibility of trying new boards! Pros Compact. Easy to travel with. Durable. Cons Usage Exercise Chillin Maybe a race down the road

This is a great introduction…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2014
This is a great introduction board for those who want an inflatable SUP. The quality is great. Very easy to handle and easy to transport in it's duffle bag. Get a lot of comments about it while I'm inflating it and while paddling. Pros Easy to transport Stable Well built Good value for the money Everything (board, paddle, punp) fit in nice duffle bag that is provided with the SUP package Easy to inflate and deflate Folds easily Cons Collapsing paddle could be better Usage Relaxing, touring, exericise

I am not sure I love this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/15/2014
I am not sure I love this board, so far it will not hold air for more then a day and it does loose a lot pretty quick, I love the concept and find it is a bit harder then the other boards! Pros ease of storage, softer landing if you fall on your behind, Cons deflates to quickly, a bit heavy, having to pump it up often, a bit harder to control Usage for fun on Lake MI

Obtained this board on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/7/2014
Obtained this board on sale.... very nice! It was just what I needed to travel and continue the passion of SUP. It is light and small enough to carry on board an aircraft, sets up quickly at the water, and performs as expected. Pros The pad makes for great maneuverability. 5.5" thick is perfect to hold my weight, but still allows for good performance. Cons The patch on the bottom creates drag. Usage Exploring, exercise, and fun!

I have been using SUPs for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/3/2014
I have been using SUPs for yoga and wanted one to take on vacation. This board was my solution. Weighing in at only 28 lbs. it is very portable and packable. This board is quite stable. I was surprised at how firm it is when inflated. The deck allows for a broad area on which to perform various yoga positions, with little fear of slipping off. The bungees are well placed and allow for the perfect amount of gear to be stored when venturing off. I'm interested in Xterra's newest SUP that is longer, for trying out in more challenging water conditions. Pros It's quite stable and firm. The last few pumps to inflate take a bit more effort, allowing this SUP to be near quality of a rigid board. Cons I'd be nice to have a seat installation for using in other applications. Usage Use it for on water yoga, for core exercises, and for pleasure activities.

fantastic purchase, brought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2014
fantastic purchase, brought it from Xterra on an amazing sale...we have limited storage so an inflatable is a good option and we are so glad we did. Easy to inflate, though last few pumps take some effort depending how strong you are. Great quality, love the front and rear rings (nice and strong)and bungee. Easy to carry with the built in handle. Absolutely solid when inflated and Ive driven with it on my roofrack with no problems. they are releasing a touring version, 12'6 so we are also hoping to purchase one of those due to quality of this one Pros great price, looks good, easy to use (its an all round board so doesn't track as straight as a touring board) very nice carrying backpack Cons the paddle is quite heavy, but i will keep it for my kids to use and buy myself a more expensive one, but perfect for having fun with and not worrying about damage. for some reason they have placed a large rubber "xterra" patch under the nose of board (same as pictured on top of board) not sure why, it seems a silly placement as Im sure it must cause slight drag...not that im good enough to worry about that for now Usage paddling lakes, san fran bay (calm water) rivers, kids playing

Always wanted a SUP but…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/25/2014
Always wanted a SUP but didn't have the space or even want to hassle with trasporting. So we bougth two xterra inflatable SUP and they work great. Kids love them and cant get enough. Pros Inflatable, easy to transport and easy and fast to set up. Cons I would say the two part paddle kind of twists a little. Usage It is great on flat water and a great work out.

Just received my inflatable…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/29/2013
Just received my inflatable boards...bought two, immediately tried on flat water, good package overall. Easy to unpack, inflate and repack. Have 11 foot hard board with single fin and 4 years of SUP experience, but wanted portability of inflatable. Three fin design is not as fast, but handles well and was very stable. Read about and studied all different inflatable packages available online, this was the best package for the price. Very happy and highly recommend! Pros Great package, complete and easy to use. Carrying bag is high end and everything fits. Main fin fits easily, but I used in cold weather, so I had to warm up bracket with hair dryer first to soften up so it would slide in easier after being rolled up. Like the deck pad, good grip and comfortable. Pumps easy, and inflates rock hard. Cons Two piece paddle is okay, preferred my regular one, but will use it when traveling. Don't like the logo pad on bottom on board, it's raised and could create some drag when paddling. Usage Used on flat water, will use on surf soon and will update results.