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  • 15' 6" Length
  • 23.5" Width
  • 54 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Focus 155 Description

The Focus 155 is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Focus 155 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Focus 155 Reviews

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I'm a 5'10 210 lb rower for reference... Boat has good glide…

I'm a 5'10 210 lb rower for reference...
Boat has good glide and is def fast. I like the rounded hull that is decent on primary, great on secondary. Is not tsunami like with the rock solid first, more sea kayak feel to it. Which is what i was looking for when i got it. Boat rolls great. It also loves to lean on edge and get playful to my great surprise. Def suffers from wind cocking, at least for me, on anything heavier than 5-7mph winds. YMMV depending on weight and distribution of course. I have to use a rudder on this boat at times where if i was in my greenland, or even my tsunami 140 with hard chines, i wouldn't even notice. That being said, i got caught out in 20-30mph trailing/quarting winds with 2-3 waves and whitecaps on the way home the other day and was flying back to house. Really ate up the miles quickly. Was comparable to rowing my chatham 17, but faster. But considering the hull shape the water line is probably comparable. All hatches stay dry, love the little day hatch, no longer use a deck bag.

Gave it an 8 because even though it tracks well on calm days, with wind I really have to work if I dont use the rudder. if you are ok with rudder use then put it back to a 9. But for a boat with this long of a waterline I think that tracking could be better. On the one i have i put in the toe controls for rudder, best purchase ever.

I have used my Focus 155...

I have used my Focus 155 all summer. About 50 times this summer. Mostly calm water. Few times in white caps. Did not dump once. Thinking this winter getting a skirt for the rough days. I have a hand pump. Dumped my boat three times. Pumped water out & on my way.The glide is great. Seat is good. I was using a 12' before. This a great step up. If you want a good kayak - for the price this is it.

When WS said they were...

When WS said they were coming out with a new polyethylene kayak with properties somewhere between their Tsunami and the Tempest models I was intrigued. I have owned both a Tsunami 145 FG w/rudder and a Tempest 170 FG. I loved the awesome stability of the Tsunami, and the quick speed of the Tempest.

With the new Focus 155.... let me say this.... "they nailed it" ... right in the middle !!! This marriage has produced a wonderful "sports-car version of the Tsunami with plenty of "zip" and more stability than the Tempest. It is a true joy to paddle on the rivers of South Dakota.

My Focus 155 arrived by freight to my doorstep wrapped in multiple layers of "bubble-wrap" in mint condition. It took 2 whole minute to connect the rudder and I was ready to go. Although the Focus 155 tracks "quite nicely" without the rudder down.... I always recommend the rudder on a kayak, especially in the windy conditions we find ourselves in this state.

I am 60 years old, 6', 225lbs and my new Focus 155 w/rudder is very comfortable with plenty of storage for my needs. The little 6" day hatch in the front deck is "ingenious". It is right in front of you, is a separate plastic compartment that is molded right into the kayak, has a tight sealing rubber lid and keeps my cell phone, keys wallet, & other small electronics "powder dry".

The "Phase 3 Air-pro" seat with "back-band" has more adjustments on it that are easy to set. It is very very comfortable. I am so use to the old Tsunami seat with the "full seatback" that provides a hard seatback that slides up & down, so I ordered the $80 after-market kit from Harmony. I wish they offered it as an option when you order. The Focus 155 comes with pre-installed hip pads & very comfortable upper thigh pads.

The reason I ordered this year is because some kayak blogs said that in Spring 2015 WS was thinking of changing from a "slide-track" system on the rudder to a "smart-trak" type system. I tried the "smart-trak" on my QCC 700X and prefer the "slide-trak". Not sure if the blogs are true ... but I was ready to order anyway.

Bottom Line: For you hardcore Tsunami owners.... it's time to "upgrade" !!!

I am new to kayaking. I...

I am new to kayaking. I did a sea kayak tour a year ago. And after some research I bought a Focus 155. I bought it because I am a larger kayaker. I was worried about stability more than anything. At first this kayak dumped me a lot. But after taking a class and a fair amount of practice. I am learning how to stabilize this kayak. And the boat and I are getting along much better. I did add sponsons to the boat. But I hardly ever use them. I figure that I could use them if I get into ruff water.

The only down side to this boat is that the seat strap retainers will creep and I have to readjust the height of the seat bottom all the time. Otherwise it's been a good boat.