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Kayak/Canoe Cart

Kayak/Canoe Cart Description

The Kayak/Canoe Cart is a accessory brought to you by Wheeleez. Read Kayak/Canoe Cart reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Kayak/Canoe Cart Reviews

Read reviews for the Kayak/Canoe Cart by Wheeleez as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This cart does what it's...

This cart does what it's designed to do with ease; that is to wheel your kayak or canoe from vehicle to water when the trek is too far to carry. It is a nice design. Small, light, folds up for storage in a kayak hatch, and has removable wheels. I have no complaints about mine.

There are several models: some with fat wheels for sand and some that have a bit smaller frame than others. Mine is the "full size" with tough tires (foam filled). I recommend it if you can't carry your boat to the water for whatever reason. I have not tried using it on uneven or bumpy terrain so I can not comment on how it would handle that. I bought mine because I was paddling on a lake that you had to walk several kilometres to on a gravel trail.

Wheelez are the best!...

Wheelez are the best! Using the large low pressure size grey wheels, this has been a awesome cart to use. Have been over all terrain with no issues,sometimes using wrapped on sometimes not. Now i have used mine for over 10 years and definitely feel it is top of the line. Have used it in both salt and fresh water and have had no corrosion problems.(always washed off with fresh) I haul 1-2 boats at a time stacked and weight has not been a issue. Occasionally wheel pins have come out but no big deal. Have strapped on back of boat for float down rivers. Do wish it would breakdown smaller, but hey can't have everything! THIS WORKS GREAT. Saving up for another to buy a friend.I think i may have sold many for the company as everyone wants to know about it!

I bought the Wheeleez with...

I bought the Wheeleez with the no-flat tires. I looked at a number of models (not that many as there was not much of a selection at 3 different stores). I decided it looked to be as good or better than the options and was at a competitive price. I have used it twice - it works as advertised and was a stable platform. I haven't used others, but I am not sure that any could perform any better for it's stated use.

I bought the larger of the...

I bought the larger of the two Wheeleez kayak/canoe carts because my use for it does not include taking it to sea with me. Rather I use mine to get the boat from the car parking area to water's edge. This often includes sand and/or uneven surfaces and quite often fairly long portages. My Long Haul MK1 is quite heavy especially when loaded with stuff. At a guess it could easily exceed 100 pounds.

With wide, soft, floatation tires, the Wheeleez cart makes hauling the boat much, much easier. It is stable, the tires don't dig in, but ride over sand as advertised. The frame is marine grade anodized aluminum tubing, important in a salt water environment. The wheels have actual bearings, which should provide long serviceable life. The poly tires are thin, soft and squishy, which is why they work well over sand and uneven surfaces, but probably could be the weak element in terms of durability. The owner's manual specifically cautions not to over inflate these tires. They are rated for only 2.5-3.0 psi. This low pressure requires a special air pressure gauge, which is not cheap and adds to the total price of an already expensive cart.

This cart is wide and therefore, stable side to side. The cart is low, making for a lot of bending of the back to keep the ends of my 16' long boat from hitting the ground. The low height, coupled with the lightweight tires makes me speculate that this cart would be less than ideal for long portages in the wilderness. That is the down side. For it's durable construction, ease of rolling over soft or uneven terrain, and load carrying stability, give it full points on the up side.

I wanted a cart that I...

I wanted a cart that I could haul my two kayaks on trips between lakes, from car to lake, etc. The kayaks are both less than 50# each but I can load them up with gear that adds around another 25# max. I got the version of the Wheeleez that has the grey smaller air filled wheels...there is another identical version with larger wheels that has a bit larger max. carrying capacity. My kayaks are and Old Town Dirigo 106 for fishing and Hurricane 135L Tampico and both work perfectly with the cart and I see no problem with a longer kayak but since I don't have a canoe, I can't make an informed comment for that purpose.

Thus far the maximum distance I have pulled the kayaks is maybe a quarter mile and it was a piece of cake despite in once case having to go over loose sand and another time down and up a steep hill. Before getting these make sure your kayak has a large enough hatch to fit the cart frame if you plan on bring it with you. The wheels come off easily via quick release latches and the wheels can be stored separately. The frame collapses but is still as long as the distance between the wheels. On my longer kayak I place the wheels in the forward hatch and the frame in the back since the frame won't fit in my forward round hatch. My other kayak (the Dirigo) has one rear hatch and it is large enough for both wheels and frame.

The wheels are inflated to very low pressure (1 1/2#) and are designed to pull over sand. The only semi negative is that the quick release latches could be lost so I would make sure you pay attention to storage of them.

As far as durability...mine is holding up fine but I wouldn't expect the tires to last hundreds of miles ;-) They are relatively thin light duty construction. But this makes them light so a good choice for taking along with you on the kayak. If you are planning on dragging the kayak over sharp big rocks you would be better off with hard rubber non-pneumatic wheels....believe they have a version with those wheels also.

Would give a 10 instead of 8 if the frame could be folded in half someway to make it even smaller so it would fit in smaller round hatches.

Its took me awhile to...

Its took me awhile to decide to plop-down $120 for a cart to roll my kayak as I am a pretty young guy (23) and in ok shape to haul around my boat - which is a 17 foot CLC 17LT. I traveled to Balds Head, NC where you travel only by golf cart and knew I needed a way to carry my boat and my gear all at once.

I was impressed with how well the Wheeleez cart held up after reading so many reviews of kayak carts falling apart. However even though the manual states to use the cart at walking speeds only, I did test it out holding the kayak attached to the golf cart going about 20mph over varied terrain and for some distance.

I have used this cart for over a week now with heavy abuse so I can't comment on its longevity but its held up to some rough use in the last week. The cart also has a extra set of legs that act as a kick stand for when you are loading the boat on and off.

I give the cart an 8 because (1) I am harsh reviewer and (2) I've only used it for a week.

Kayak/Canoe Cart