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Bandit WW Canoe Paddle

  • $ 165 MSRP

Bandit WW Canoe Paddle Description

The Bandit is an aggressive spooned canoe paddle for technical river runners and slalom canoeists. Performance and reliability are the goal for these whitewater canoe paddles. Premium Performance uses material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness with Bomber reliability. Fiberglass blade construction gives you a compromise between swing weight and value. Available in Straight 1 piece ($165) or Straight 3 piece ($205).

Bandit WW Canoe Paddle Reviews


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Bandit WW Canoe Paddle Specifications

  • Weight (min, max): 26.25, 29.25 oz
  • Length (min, max): 48.00, 64.00"
  • Blade Dimensions (L × W): 19.25 × 8.00"
  • Blade Surface Area: 125 in²
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass Composite

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Whitewater, River Running, Creek
  • Sport/Activity: Canoeing

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Bandit WW Canoe Paddle Reviews

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OK - I own a breakdown...

OK - I own a breakdown version of this paddle and I sold my one piece. As one of the few breakdown canoe paddles I'm glad it's out there - also this review is for the fiberglass blade, not carbon, so the fiberglass blade is terrible. I know its the same blade material as a Player or Sidekick kayak paddle but it must be the blade angle that causes the canoe paddle to chip and fail. If you can afford to replace one on a regular basis then the catch is nice...

I have been paddling...

I have been paddling kayaks and canoe for 30 busy years... it is always fun, however, now it is a lot more enjoyable with a light and very strong Werner Calliste (seakayak/touring) and Bandit (white water canoe) paddle .. I could not believe the improvement in energy and feel .. do anything except steal one to try it .. awesome feel, response and conservation of stroke energy .. they look cool too! If you are in Banff/Canmore Alberta, contact me for a try!

I've got the glass...

I've got the glass version, and I find it a bit flexible. I think they may be supplying a new shape handle - the one that came with my paddle was different from the one I demoed.

I give this a 5 out of 10 because of the handle...

I give this a 5 out of 10 because of the handle. The paddle itself is a work of art. But the handle must have been designed to hang it from a rack more than to use as a paddle. One on my biggest pet peeves is when engineers don’t try/use their own products.