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The gold standard by which everything else is measured, the Classic delivers adventure driven fun from your backyard to the backcountry. All of the quality materials and workmanship that we’ve built our reputation on, with minimalist features to take us back to our roots and budget friendly pricing to boot.

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  • Structure: Inflatable

Alpacka Raft
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Since 2019, I have purchased…

Submitted by: paddler1662865 on 8/23/2021

Since 2019, I have purchased and used three Alpacka Classics. One is a stripped down model that I use for paddling on lakes. The other two have spray-skirts and thigh straps. I also have two Alpacka Wolverines. The Classics have been down the San Juan River in Utah, the Provo River in Utah, the Bear River in Wyoming, the Green River in the Northern Wind Rivers, the South Fork of the Payette River in Idaho, North Buffalo and Buffalo Fork in Wyoming, and the Snake River in Wyoming. Some of these rivers have had multiple trips on them. So far, I have not had any leaks or tears, although my brother popped a hole in a rental during a portage when he dragged his across a log. Repair for his was rather straight forward with Aquaseal, Gorilla Tape and a patch. The boats have been down rivers up to class III, including the infamous Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna Rapids (both class III) on the Snake. No one has flipped on the August and September runs on those rapids. However, we have had Classics flip on Government Rapids (a technical class III) on the San Juan. I find that the Wolverine turns easier than the Classic, but the Classic is steadier in the chaos of big waves (I have flipped more often in my Wolverine than the Classic). Care and maintenance has been easy with a spray down and drip dry on a laundry hanger after each outing. Alpacka also suggests dish soap to clean dirt off the boats. If I were to buy the Classic again, I would add the internal zipper system. That allows someone to store equipment in the baffles. Packrafts are not inexpensive, but they are like mountain bikes for rivers. You do get what you pay for in terms of durability and responsiveness.


They call it the Classic now,…

Submitted by: paddler779583 on 5/22/2020
They call it the Classic now, but when Alpacka were the only game in town it was known as the Yak – their mid-sized packraft. I started back in 2010 with the bigger Denali Llama with a deck, moved on to the slightly shorter Yak with no deck, then got myself another deckless Yak in multi-colour panels and a lighter floor. You have to buy direct from Alpacka in CO who I've found a bit flakey, but when it comes to design they are the innovators. The cat is now out of the bag and most packrafts today imitate Alpacka’s ingenious ‘elongated stern’ idea from 2015 or so, which improves both buoyancy (trim) and tracking. Fabric is tough TPU, stitched and glued; floors are thicker; seats are lighter coated nylon. The whole thing weighs ~3kg + your paddle and pfd. You need to remember this is a single chamber inflatable so on more adventurous trips I've made sure my baggage could act as a buoyancy aid, should the hull get ripped. That’s never happened, nor any type of puncture, but these can be simply repaired with a piece of tape, like a plaster. I know it looks lazy submitting another 'wasn't my choice brilliant' 5-star rating but I base it on the many, many memorable days on the rivers of France’s massif Central, remote Scottish lochs ‘fly-in, paddle out’ rivers in northwest Australia and the US. Discovering portable inflatable boats and especially packrafts was like discovering MTBs back in the 1980s: a whole new way of enjoying the outdoors. Yes, prices seem nuts for what looks like a pool toy, but I’ve tried those cheapies too. In the end, if you enjoy your paddling, you’ll end up with a proper TPU packraft so thanks to Alpacka for showing us the way. For more on my packrafting travels, search for my blog: 'IK&P'.

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