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I've had this boat for years…

Submitted by: paddler1552366 on 6/11/2021

I've had this boat for years and it is a great little kayak, as others have said it's a Riot Quest 10 with less expensive outfitting (no bulkheads, no hatch, etc). Periodically I have to be reminded that trying to convert the molded well to a hatch would likely not be good for hull integrity, but then once I accept that again after looking at other boats, I end up sticking with this one. I really like the maneuverability of the stubby bow combined with the tracking from the grooved hull, and without the extra outfitting it's a lighter boat overall.


I just bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: paddler232699 on 6/28/2008
I just bought this kayak last week and used it everyday since. It as great stability. I like how easy this kayak can turn and for a short kayak, I have good speed. I was impressed how well it handled in the rough waters the other day at our local lake. The only thing about this kayak is that it won't stay on track at time but which kayak does at a length of 10'. This is why I'll give it a 9. As per the email I got from a Representative at Riot Kayaks, this kayak (Guide) is identical with all the same specs as their Quest EXP model just the outfitting is different. I have no regrets buying this kayak.

Bought 2 Guides last summer.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2004
Bought 2 Guides last summer. Used primarily on lakes, even on Lake Ontario. Good stability and even did a class II river run. Highly recommended especially if you have kids who want to paddle with you. Easy to car top on a mini van was a plus.

I bought 2 Guide kayaks and 1…

Submitted by: paddler230352 on 9/5/2003
I bought 2 Guide kayaks and 1 Velocity Expedition made by Sun Kayaks. The guides are light and very stable in the water. Unfortunately after 3 uses on the lake the Guide sprung a leak right under the front seat attachment. I received a replacement kayak and that also developed a leak on the same place (after it was used twice by my 95lb. son). The company was very good to deal with the first time, and will hopefully on the second time too. Other than that I really like the kayak. My rating is an 8 out of 10 but otherwise I would give the Guide a 4 because of having to deal with getting replacement kayaks due to manufacturer's defects.

The kayak is a corvette to…

Submitted by: paddler230310 on 8/11/2003
The kayak is a corvette to look at, That was the first draw. Initial stability is very good. Very stable on the go. Turns great. My boat is 9'8". I think the first person to offer a review called it 10'8" buy mistake. When paddeling I have to keep the paddle a little hi so I don't hit the top of the boat with the paddle shaft I'm 5'7". Not the boats fault and not a big deal. Its a great little kayak that will handle many tasks asked of it.

On principal, I don't give…

Submitted by: paddler230267 on 7/17/2003
On principal, I don't give 10's but this boat comes close. Tracks well on flat water and handles Class III rapids with ease (although without a sprayskirt, a refreshing spray wets the lap.) The seat may be a bit short to use the water bottle holder but it is short enough not to put pressure to the back of the legs. Cockpit large enough for easy exit, especially with bad knees. Secondary stability is excellent. Easy to reach items behind the seat, not so easy to reach anything bungied on the deck. Light enough for one person to lift onto the cradles on a vw van with a little help from a 2-step ladder. Footpeg design much better than others. Overall, no regrets.