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Bali 10 SS

  • 10' Length
  • 30" Width
  • 44 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 349 MSRP

Bali 10 SS Description

Great for lakes and rivers and lightweight, easy to carry, The Bali 10 SS Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability. Sports a large, comfortable seating area with protective thigh pads and an open cockpit for easy entry.

Bali 10 SS Reviews


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Bali 10 SS Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 30"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic
  • Material Description:

    UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene

Bali 10 SS Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Chine: Multi-Chine
  • Storage: Stern Hatch

Additional Attributes

  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) can be used as extra storage
  • Adjustable Foot Braces
  • Storage compartment
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Paddle Holder

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Recreation, Touring
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult

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Sun Dolphin
Bali 10 SS Reviews

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The quick response and...

The quick response and manuver ability, very stable in all waves from any angle,many options it comes with and especially the tow behind storage box

It's the second season...

It's the second season with a couple Bali 10ss and this just my opinion of them... Pros - Price - The towable PAC is really cool. - Construction seems good - Not super heavy - Tracks like a short kayak

Cons - Low 250 lbs capacity - Included paddles are trash - Decals tore & came off - Needs better cockpit drainage

Pros: Great price. Seems...

Pros: Great price. Seems to be built very well (durable, looks attractive). Lots of storage that so far has been completely water tight - I can fit my car keys, wallet, phone, shoes and an extra water bottle with no problem in the storage compartments.

Meh: self-bailing drain holes are roughly right under your butt, so the back of your shorts will get wet - I'd recommend using a seat cushion and/or drain plugs to stay dry. Tracking is a bit difficult, as with any kayak of this size and weight, but I was able to get the hang of it with an hour or two of practice.

Cons: Not many handles, makes it difficult to load/unload out of the truck. Foot rests seem built for short people. I'm not real tall (5' 8") but it still feels like the foot rests are too short, even at their most extended position.

Keep in mind, this is an inexpensive, entry-level kayak. Its great for a beginner and/or a leisurely paddle around pretty still water. If you're looking for something more than that, you'd be best spending a little more on a higher-level model. But for what you get for the price, I've been very pleased

I have been in different...

I have been in different kayaks and this one is the worst. If I am not paddling I will be circles. Around and around I go. I can't take it to a river due to the circles. I can take it to a lake cause I won't run into anything when doing circles. Don't buy this!

What a nightmare. Its...

What a nightmare. Its very unstable I was petrified for the little amount of time I was on it. Very tippy I'm sending it back!not worth the money I paid for it.

This kayak is pretty bad....

This kayak is pretty bad. It should be sold for no more than $100. Really unstable. The slightest wave over a few inches will make you jerk for balance if you're not a regular kayaker. I took this thing out fishing yesterday on the river, and it was pretty sketchy. The current wasn't even that fast but I sure worked hard to cross, probably twice as hard as my brother and he is obese with a cheap $150 kayak. This kayak does this weird thing where it wants to keep turning, unless you're a professional kayaker who knows how to paddle with precise power on each side, you're gonna turn circles. Don't get this kayak, look somewhere else.

Don't buy this thing

I have three kayaks that me and my daughters use and this is one of them. I will not let my daughters paddle it on a river because I don't want to go in after them. It is very unstable, don't even think about reaching behind you. It tracks well in circles if you want to go around and around this is your yak. Took this yak out on flat water rivers twice and after each one I was wore out after only a few miles.
You get what you pay for but there are several nice yaks in this price range if you shop around.

I'm sorta a newbie to...

I'm sorta a newbie to paddling. I didn't know what to expect with the sit on kayak, I always used a canoe in the past. This Bali 10 SS is light and maneuverable in the water and very easy to paddle. I don't have to switch sides with the paddle but I still manage to get water in it. That isn't a problem because it has 2 holes that the water will drain from.

I'm not gonna fall out but I found out that balance is an issue. Not with the boat but with me. If I lean to one side or the other it affects the direction. I kept wondering why I was making 180 turns and now I know why. It is not very light but I didn't know what to expect. The adjustable foot rests are nice, the seat back is comfortable. I do find that the little hooks for fishing rods or for a pole lanyard (I guess) catch my hands every once in a while while paddling. Not a big deal. No blood no foul.

Loading and unloading on the Outback is not too difficult but I have not tried doing it alone. Storing them is simple with the hanging straps. Nice little boats. I like 'em.

As a new paddler, this is...

As a new paddler, this is a nice boat for flat water paddling. The adjustable foot pedal makes it easy for anyone in my family to use. The back of the seat is adjustable and is comfortable for the length of time we have been in the boat, which has been about 2 hours at a time. The water proof container in the cockpit makes it convenient to put a small phone, but a larger iPhone 6 will not fit. The cupholder is very nice to keep a bottle of water handy. The kayak handles well in the water, and storage areas on both sides of the boat are great places to keep a granola bar or other snack. Also the storage in the front and rear with bungee cords are perfect places to store your lunch/snacks or extra gear. It also has a towable storage area that fits nicely into the rear bungee hatch. I recommend removing this when you transport the boats, as it is not secured unless you tie it off, but can still slip out of the hatch when on its side.

The length of the boat is 10 feet, and getting the boat on/off the rack is a little challenging for a smaller stature person, but can be done. Overall we are very pleased with the boats we purchased and have taken them out several times this summer.
Overall a modestly-priced kayak with lots of versatility for storage and handles well.

Bought this Bali 10 at...

Bought this Bali 10 at Walmart last week. this week I took it on a 28 mile 2 day float. Miserable every minute on the water boat tracks horribly. You have to paddle constantly. I would not recommend this boat to anyone. I've been on several ten foot kayaks for over night trips. This one is by far the worst I've been on. Just glad it was stolen out of my truck less than 12 hours after the float! I'll never buy a short boat again. prefer a 12 foot or longer sit in with bow and stern storage. Most of these short sit on yaks are crap!

We were lucky in that the...

We were lucky in that the store we purchased it from allowed us to return it even after having it in the water. This kayak doesn't track. Gets carried off in a light breeze and it's UNSTABLE. So much so that after two hours in still water my husband said he was tired of "puckering" and wanted to go back in. He did not enjoy himself on that kayak at all. Couldn't even turn his torso to get in the back compartment because he was afraid of tipping.

My fiance and I purchased...

My fiance and I purchased sun dolphin Bali 10 SS as our starter kayak. They are relatively cheap, we didn't want to spend to much money on something we didn't like. These kayaks have some pro and cons to them but overall they're pretty nice for the price you pay.

Some of the pro's I have noticed about them is that they are vary comfortable. We have taken ours on trips down the river where we've floated for nine hours strait and nothing got sore on our nine hour float. They sit very high off the water so you can put a lot of extra stuff in the kayak with you and not have to worry about it falling out unless you are tipping over. These kayaks come with all the essentials but nothing to fancy. They definitely hold their weight limit and more if you want to try it. water comes in the scupper holes but not over the sides, you can plug the scuppers.

Some of the cons are that this kayak is so short when you paddle you just turn back and forth back and forth until you get up enough speed to stay strait. When you do get up enough speed if you stop paddling they do not stay strait then either they will turn by them selves to one side. This was very annoying when I first got started but once you get used to both of these things its not so bad. Another thing is that they are very small so the storage on them is very limited, but I don't consider that a con because they didn't waste the space for storage on the kayak its just a short boat, there's not much boat there. I say this is a small boat but they do have smaller ones that I have never been on and I hate to see what they are like.

This brand of kayaks has several different solid colors to choose from, ocean blue ,red , navy, lime green, orange, and pink for the ladies,they have a recreational style and fishing, and they come with some really sturdy paddles that float. Their paddles are square on the end which I prefer over any other paddle now that I've used it so much. It pushes you through the water a whole lot harder in my opinion, but I know everybody is different when it comes to their paddles.

My sister and I bought the...

My sister and I bought the 10' Bali Sun Dolphin sit on top kayak last summer. We have never owned one before and only borrowed one a couple of times, so very inexperienced. We live on a lake so we started there. Then hit the river and a couple of creeks which had wind and or current. We found that on a flat lake they track nicely but in a current not so much. Out in the river with wind and chop it was a workout for sure but we never felt unstable or tippy. Just constant paddling required. Definitely don't track straight in these conditions.

Recently we took them out in the Gulf and back bays. Gotta say they did better than expected. Again lots of work in the wind and current but awesome where there wasn't any and on the way back in.

Our biggest complaint is the storage compartments. There are two of them. The one closest to the seat is a complete waste. Always full of water!! The other one is awesome as it comes out of the boat and can be towed behind and has pretty much stayed dry inside. The big complaint here is getting the dang things open! There's no handle to speak of, just a short impression in the plastic lid, that requires spinning one way or the other. We're talking finger tip deep. Can't get a good grip to spin it, especially with wet hands. Then to top it off there's no way to remove the lid. Fingernails won't cut it. We have used small hammer to spin it open then a screwdriver to pop the top!! Not a good design. No gaskets, just plastic to plastic. The lids need a little D-ring or something to grab onto and pull. What good is storage that you can't get into?

Our only other complaint is how shallow all the little doodads are that hold the bungies in place. I mean wow, they are barely deep enough to hold the cords and pop off easily.

All in all, for our first kayaks we are happy enough but will be upgrading to 12 footers with more of a keel. Believe they will track much better and be a little less work. Hope this helps.

Nice sit on top kayak....

Nice sit on top kayak. Great for little lake trips. Tracks well in open water. In a current situation on a reasonably flowing river this kayak is a pain. The ribbing underneath that makes it track so well in open water is easily pushed by he current and will constantly push you side to side. The water proof rear compartment is very nice and can even be tied to the kayak and towed floating behind allowing for much more gear to be stored on the kayak.

Not sure of the top end weight allowance but had no problem as a 170lb person and easily 50lbs of gear lashed on top. This kayak is great for a sunny day out on a pond or lake.

I had a friend purchase a...

I had a friend purchase a Bali ss earlier this year the same time I bought a Future Beach Fusion 124. We took turns trying out each other's kayaks and the differences are astonishing. The Bali ss would not track straight, it was severely unstable and the waterproof compartment by the seat is not even close to being waterproof. This kayak went up for sale the next week and now he is sporting a new Fusion 124.

For an inexpensive...

For an inexpensive beginner's kayak this is a decent buy. The seat and ride is stable and comfortable and there is plenty of storage areas. The weight is not too heavy for a man (or reasonably strong woman) to lift by himself although getting a good grip on this boat is a challenge.

Tracking is not so great and you will have to work hard to keep this yak going straight. The plastic body scratches easy but seems secure. After a couple of trips the boat will look very used. Vinyl stickers start peeling immediately.

The storage compartment behind the kayaker can be a challenge to open, especially if you're exhausted from an all day paddle. I recommend removing it and not using it. Storage areas to stay remarkably dry, but they're very difficult to open/close.

Overall a good boat to tip your toes in the water if you're a beginning kayaker to see if you like the hobby. It is cheap, stable, and easy to use. You'll quickly want to move on to a better boat though.

Just got my Sun Dolphin...

Just got my Sun Dolphin Bali SS. And I am loving it. Because I am only 4ft. 10 inches, I have to sit on a thick pad in order to row correctly, but it all works out! I do have a problem keeping it straight. If I use my husband's Pelicans it on I do fine. This I seem to have to keep adjusting. All and all for the price I think it's great!

I just got into kayaking...

I just got into kayaking this year. I started with the Lifetime Lotus 8ft... too small for me but cheap and it got me on the water for this summer. I live next to the Animas River, and I am within walking distance of it. Paddling upstream was a challenge but I quickly learned the tracking limitations of an 8 foot. I was looking at a ten foot option, and to give the smaller kayak to my wife. I liked the design of the Bali, but was torn between it and the Lifetime Tamarack. The guy at Sports Authority told me the Bali was probably slightly faster, with the Tamarack being slightly more stable.

I saved up my 329 bucks and went into Sports Authority on August 17 to find the Bali was on sale.. 209 bucks! I grabbed it and took it to the river immediately.

I've found that the Bali 10 tracks FAR BETTER than I'd hoped. (I knew it would be better than the 8ft, but it far exceeds my expectations.) It also is somewhat more unstable. It took a few minutes to get used to the rocking motion, but I suspect that's normal for this style of kayak. This thing is fast. I can leave my wife in the dust... Keeping up with the stand up paddleboarders. I actually paddled up the river a distance in half the time it took me in the old kayak. I flipped it once while getting in it, but while moving it felt really stable.

I noticed you must really pay attention on the kayak to keep it going straight once you reach a certain fast speed. If you stop paddling at top speed, for me, the kayak would swing out from behind me to a stop. Once I learned this kayaks caveats, I found it to be highly enjoyable, high quality, and really solid feeling. The accessory box, paddle straps, water tight space, drink holder (2 if you use another space for one), carry handles, and price makes an excellently rounded package. I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

I give it 8 out of 10 because it has no carry handle for a single person, the foot rests are not comfortable (I ended up removing them within ten minutes and it was extremely comfortable that way) and the spacing of the bungee cord for the paddle carrier doesn't seem widely enough spaced to carry a paddle without it tipping into the water. (At least my heavy paddle kept doing that.)

I'm around 220 pounds, 6ft tall. I found with the foot rests removed, it fit my shape perfectly.