Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski

19' 2"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski Options

  • Sport

    33 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • Excel

    25 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • Ultra-Woven

    24 lb
    Carbon Composite
  • Advantage

    32 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • Multi-Sport

    34 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite

    Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski Description

    The NEW Stellar Racer (SR) is stable and fast for those paddlers looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who want more stability from a surf ski in rough conditions. A greatly narrower catch and reduced volume footwell help to modernize this popular surf ski. The paddler sits more forward to catch waves easier and greater bow deck volume allows easier release from the waves. The beauty of the SR is that its allows you to keep your paddling rhythm without bracing, which keeps the hull speed at a higher constant rate than if you were in a racing ski and had to brace.

    Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

    Additional Attributes

    • Low volume cockpit
    • Comfortable Seat for Hip Rotation
    • 3-Point Quick Release Footboard
    • Low wetted surface area
    • Venturi Drain with Rubber Plug
    • Good Secondary Stability

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    Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski Reviews

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    I borrowed a Epic V8pro all…

    Submitted by: Paddle-on_Lads on 3/23/2020
    I borrowed a Epic V8pro all last summer to see if I was interested to transition from decked kayaks to a surfski. I already paddle fairly narrow-fast performance decked kayak and even have done some citizen races over the years. The V8pro was not too far from my decked kayak with its 20" beam and 19 foot length. I like the experience and decided to buy a surfski for myself and spend the rest of the winter training in it. I ended up finding a Stellar SR from a Portland OR Kayak shop that was used and in my price range. I mostly bought it for the price but in the end I was really surprised that I like it better than the Epic V8pro. Its slightly narrower than the V8pro at 18.9" and slightly longer at 19' 2". The big difference can be felt in the over all reduction of wetted surface. The speed difference is noticeable and the SR feels way faster. The SR is well made and the foot braces and seat are as comfortable and the Epic. One design feature that was super nice on the Epic was the side handle at the cockpit. Ive noticed that the newer model Stellars all have this added now. I added a bow handle grip to the anchor point in the cockpit to have a place to grab the boat at its center balance point. This is a minor point but the Epic kayaks all look like a Clorox bottle with white hulls. My Stellar is yellow with a gray racing stripe down the center, much more fun for the eyes.

    This is an absolutely great…

    Submitted by: keifer99 on 8/6/2014
    This is an absolutely great boat. I'm a heavier paddler over 225 pounds and this boat really moves!! I use a mid-wing paddle and paddle mainly flatwater lakes and rivers with some current. I am surprised how how effortlessly the SR takes off and gets up to speed.

    I highly recommend this boat for anyone transitioning to a surf ski. It has great initial stability and once you're moving the boat is very stable and forgiving.


    I've used the Stellar SR for…

    Submitted by: Emery on 6/23/2014
    I've used the Stellar SR for one year and this is the basis of the review. Previously I had a Seda Impulse sea kayak which according to the Sound Rowers classification has a speed rating of 10.4 based on the ratio of length of 18 ft to width of 21". The Stellar SR has a rating of about 13.4 with length of 19 ft and width of 17" at waterline.

    Comparing several races I've done with the Seda vs the Stellar, the Stellar is about 8% faster in most conditions. I find that going from sea kayak to surf ski is perhaps like going from a mountain bike to a road bike. The sea kayak is rugged and meant for general usage compared to the ski which is for paddling at exercise pace. The sea kayak has 2 large compartments for storage whereas the ski has only a small space at the front of the footwell. The weight is: sea kayak 52# and ski 34# both for kevlar layups. My usage of usually 1 hour, twice a week is a limited time so I find the small space in the ski is OK and the lighter weight makes it easier to carry and mount on the car. The steering of the sea kayak is via flip up rudder and a under stern rudder for the ski. The ski rudder has more "bite"; it has a quicker turning response for maneuvering turbulent water conditions such as staying on a wave or quick steering in tight places. To prevent damaging the ski rudder while mounting requires wading into deeper water or backing off of banked areas. The paddling effort of the ski seems far less than the sea kayak; after about 5 miles in the sea kayak I find I really want to slow down, but that hasn't been a problem with the ski. The stability in waves is similar between the surf ski and sea kayak; the ski is slightly more stable in leading or following seas whereas the sea kayak is more stable when the waves are on side.

    I am 60 years old, 6 ft and 220# and find the SR is a good vehicle for fitness paddling while working on maintaining high stroke angle and keeping cadence in varying wave conditions from boat traffic, wind and tide.


    If you're looking for an…

    Submitted by: Red_Pepper on 8/31/2012
    If you're looking for an upgrade from a sea kayak, something faster, lighter, and more fun to paddle, but without a significant learning curve, the Stellar SR is probably your perfect boat. This light, fast, amazingly stable surf ski is probably the most enjoyable boat I've paddled – one that puts a smile on my face every time I paddle it.

    Our SR is actually my wife's boat. She enjoyed her Think Fit, a sea kayak with a surf ski cockpit, but found the cockpit rim made a deep-water reentry very difficult for her. She also became frustrated with the very plumb bow that tended to catch all manner of leaves and weeds that populate our rivers in the fall, and with the difficulty she had in bouncing the bow enough to clear it. Also in the equation was a desire to find a lighter and faster boat – lighter, because she has limited upper body strength for lifting/carry a boat, and faster because... well... everyone wants to go faster! The final item that sent her on a hunt for a new boat, however, was a friend of ours who really, really wanted the Fit for racing USCA Sea Kayak class. Having a boat essentially sold without effort makes looking for a new one much easier!

    We started our search looking at various sea kayaks and surf ski/sea kayak hybrids, but nothing quite hit the sweet spot. Then we looked at the Stellar line and she found exactly what she was looking for in the SR: at 19' long x 19" wide, the boat was a little narrower and a little longer than her Fit for better speed potential, the Excel Kevlar layup was only 25 lbs (compared to her 34 lb fiberglass Fit, which is actually pretty light itself), and the gently curved bow looked like it should ride over leaves and such, much like the Epic V10L I was paddling at the time. Plus it had all the advantages of a surf ski – great paddling ergonomics, easy entry/exit, and a self-bailing cockpit. Furthermore, Stellar boats have a superb 3-point foot plate with easy length adjustment – definitely the best I've seen on the market. With a bit of looking around, a former demo boat in the Excel layup and white color (my wife definitely wanted white!) showed up and found itself on the way to our house and to a new home.

    Sometimes you don't get what you expect, but in this case the boat exceeded our expectations. It was indeed light, comfortable, and paddled superbly, running over leaves and weeds as though they weren't even there. It has the feel of a sports car – accelerating rapidly, running fast with a nice glide, and able to be leaned until water is just about coming into the cockpit. The design of the hull provides an unusual amount of secondary stability – something I had read about previously in reviews, but now experienced.

    Even though I paddle narrower skis for racing, I find the extra stability of the SR makes it a tremendous amount of fun for playing in the waves of large lakes or the ocean without expending as much effort to stay upright. I was also surprised at how stout the boat felt, particularly for a 25 lb light layup. The work Stellar puts into crafting curves and raised areas in the deck really pays off in making a stiff boat (alongside the layup itself).

    Other secondary items that were pleasant surprises included a very effective venturi with a plug (something that's nice to have on our Midwestern waterways in the winter), a built-in leash attachment point, and enough foot well width to allow me to paddle in the winter with neoprene boots! Most surf skis have fairly narrow foot wells, and I can barely get my wide feet into the foot well with thin paddling shoes, much less the boots.

    I think everyone who's paddled our SR has loved it, but perhaps the best recommendation from me is to note that after seeing and paddling my wife's SR, I sold my other boats and bought a carbon Stellar SE Ultra for my race boat (another awesome surf ski, but that's for another review…).

    Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski

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