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11'2"x30" Blend

11' 2"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

11'2"x30" Blend Options

  • Blue Carbon

    23 lb
    Carbon Composite
  • PineTek

    26 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic
  • Starlite

    25 lb
    Innegra Composite
  • Starshot

    26 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • ASAP

    25 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic

    This Product Has Been Discontinued

    11'2"x30" Blend Description

    The ultimate Blend for easy entry into surfing and flatwater cruising. 11’2” length combines glide and maneuverability. 30” width is stable for riders up to 95kg and increases tracking due to a straighter paddle technique. Great for flat-water cruising and long board style performance in the surf. Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot and ASAP Technology. Bottom Shape: “Mono to double concave, V from mid point through to tail” Heavy mid-section concave generates speed and rail-to-rail reactivity from the middle of the board. Tail V for responsive cutback turning. Starboard uses inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse color combination.

    11'2"x30" Blend Reviews


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    11'2"x30" Blend Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    Starboard SUP
    11'2"x30" Blend Reviews

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    My starboard inflatable was…

    Submitted by: paddler810767 on 7/1/2020
    My starboard inflatable was faulty. Used it for one season then the seams came apart. The company would not replace. Find another company to support.

    First of all, a disclaimer.…

    Submitted by: mainegirl13 on 7/30/2018

    First of all, a disclaimer. I won this board from another review on in 2016. What an awesome surprise! We have played with the Blend for 2 summers now and really like how responsive it is in the small rolling surf off Florida's east coast. It is quick and turns well with the 3 fin arrangement. I recently paddled it 5 miles in both smooth water and a 10 mph left-quarter wind; it tracked well, but was considerably slower than my longer high volume board. It does take practice to move around on it; tough for yoga or looking over your shoulder angles as it's not highly stable. Overall, it provided a great workout!

    My biggest negative comment is the material on the underside. It is a rougher surface than the slick glass on the edges and top and tends to mark up with hand prints, scrapes, etc. I also have found that the edges chip easily from unintentional paddle hits; I tried to protect the edges with helicopter tape, but unless you get it perfectly fit, it will rip off the logos when it peels back. As compared to my other board from Boardworks Surf, it seems to be made of more fragile material.

    I do like how light and easy to carry the Blend is; we frequently have to carry over low tide beaches of 100 feet or more. It's fun, it's responsive and it's got great graphics. Overall I really like the board. Thanks, Starboard!


    Great all-round intro board…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/6/2016
    Great all-round intro board ! Pros Stable flat-water cruising; Solid yoga foundation; Windsurf capability; Easy intro to wave surfing Cons None Usage Training, Windsurfing, Yoga, Ocean wave, Pleasure touring

    I am a kayaker. While at a…

    Submitted by: jimoneill on 1/29/2016
    I am a kayaker. While at a lake in Pa. I watched a guy on a SUP and was intrigued. I asked if we could trade boats for a few minutes and he agreed. I could see myself spending more time with a SUP than my kayak if I bought one. That Starboard board was really nice, seemed rugged enough and amazingly more stable than I had imagined. I think I got hooked. So much easier to move around and carry than my NDK Explorer. I only got to try it on waves made by passing boats, but it was easier to surf than my kayak. I could really love this board. I'm almost sorry I tried it (cause now I want one!) Pros Ease of maneuverability from car to water. Seemingly short learning curve. Appeared rugged enough. Cons A little pricey, but hey...what's fun that isn't? Usage Flat water, maybe some light surf.

    The board is surprisingly…

    Submitted by: jimmay on 8/19/2015
    The board is surprisingly light and is easy to carry from car to the beach. The board glides quite fast on flat water as well as choppy waves. Our whole family has enjoyed this SUP. My 10 y.o. daughter learned how to dive off of this board while I sat and gave stability and words of encouragement. My daughter and her cousin perform ballet on it. While not expert, by any means, we have all tried our hand at surfing in waves up to 3 ft. We are all hooked on the versatility of this board. Pros The light weight. The length is perfect for cruising and sharing with a family member. It is very stable. Its versatility. Cons When cruising into waves, the sound is a bit loud. My wife doesn't like that it doesn't fit in our car. Usage We have used it for cruising, surfing, excercise, as a platform between kayaks for exchanging vessels, as a play spot on water for children.

    brought this board second…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/10/2015
    brought this board second hand last year, used it through the summer on rivers estuary, and at sea for long paddles and playing in the surf from clean waves to broken windy mush and the board is always great fun to use exciting and puts a smile on my face each time I use it, will probably buy a new one this year. Pros light stable easy to use short enough to fit easily on top of my car Cons fin system weak on small fins Usage rivers estuary and sea for paddling and surfing

    Great Board! I actually…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/29/2014
    Great Board! I actually learned to paddle on this board. I've tried several others but always come back to this board because it's just that great! Pros I love that it's wide at the front for stability and narrow in the back for easy turning. It tracked really well. I also love the little guy at the top of the board. ;) Cons I have sensitive feet to the textured grip at the bottom hurt after a little bit. Usage I use the board for SUP and will eventually be brave enough to try yoga.

    I am an athletic 49yr old…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2014
    I am an athletic 49yr old male. 155 lbs. I am an ACA certified whitewater canoe instructor, high school Nordic ski coach and I body board in overhead surf. I rented this board form a small shop in York Beach, ME. I have taken 2 SUP lessons and have rented boards on 6 previous occasions. I am still a beginner on SUPs Pros This SUP is a great compromise of stability and maneuverabilty for someone who is just learning to surf an SUP. with a little practice it was easy to stay balanced in the small rollers. I was able to stay out for several hours actively paddling into the small waves and ride the board down the line. I was also able to experiment with moving around on the board while it was surfing and felt confident that it wasn't going to do anything erratic. I could turn the board with my solo canoe strokes. It did not have the log in a flume feel of some of the SUPs I have tried to surf previously. Cons Its pretty heavy and though I consider myself to be fairly fit if I had to carry this board to a more remote spot it would not be fun. Usage I was paddling into knee high peeling waves on the wide shallow, sandy beach at York, ME

    Great all rounder that can be…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/8/2012
    Great all rounder that can be used for novices or experienxed riders. Pros Versatlity Cons Older model with a shallow carry recess Usage Cruising, surf,

    Bought this board used…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2012
    Bought this board used primarily due to Starboards standing in the manufacturing of 1st. class boards. My morning companion. Pros the versatility is beyond comparison, in flat water she flies; in the surf - unbelievable performance for a 11'6". Cons sliver rail paint chips like crazy. took it to an auto shop and had the rails painted black, gotta see it. Usage 6 days a week flat water paddle (exercise) and surf