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I live in Central Florida and…

Submitted by: Scanoeit on 3/10/2021
I live in Central Florida and load it half on my truck roof and over the tailgate by myself. Glides effortlessly. It's not to heavy at all, can't understand the other comments about a weight issue. Deep V is a little wobbly but I'm getting used to it. Great product!

I had bought two of these…

Submitted by: paddler236844 on 6/12/2016

I had bought two of these canoes, I have to admit they are very durable, but a slow canoe, it's like paddling a bath tub. So I ended up selling them.. It is very stable though..


I had bought two of these…

Submitted by: paddler236844 on 6/10/2016

I had bought two of these canoes , I have to admit they are very durable, but a slow canoe, it's like paddling a bath tub. So I ended up selling them.. It is very stable thou..


This is one tough Canoe! I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/13/2010

This is one tough Canoe! I know because the one I have is a drift in that came ashore during the worst Noreaster to hit Eastern VA in nearly five decades and other than a few minor scratches it looks brand new. I have only paddled it once to bring it around from the marsh in front of my house where it washed up to my boat ramp but it tracked straight and paddled well. It is heavy though! I definitely will not be putting this thing on the roof of the Jeep by myself!


I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: paddler232829 on 8/18/2008

I recently purchased this canoe to introduce my 4 year old son to canoeing. He's very restless and curious so I needed something stable. The first time out on the water he hung over the sides and occasionally stood up. We never came close to dumping. For its size, it is very maneuverable and not too slow.

A couple of things to keep in mind: It is very wide (it doesn't fit snugly onto my standard roof rack--Jeep Grand Cherokee) and the weight can be a challenge. Unless you are fairly strong or have experience lifting canoes it will be difficult for one person to lift on top of a vehicle. If you're looking for a good canoe that is very stable, this is a good choice for the money (under $400 new). If stability is less of an issue go for something thinner and lighter.


I purchased my Rogue River…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2008

I purchased my Rogue River 14TK over the weekend at Bass Pro Shops for $300 and am thrilled with the performance. Even after shoulder surgery I was able to paddle it with ease. I was using a kayak paddle which worked very well for me. My 2 1/2 yr old grandson liked it almost as much as the big (pontoon) boat. It handled great even in the wind on Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri.

This newer version has a piece of material under the seat pedestal to help alleviate the rubbing thin under the seat. Looks like a good fix. I was able to load and unload this on our mini van by myself and carried it to and from the water. I wouldn't want to portage it more than a 1/4 mile but all in all I am very pleased and look forward to many enjoyable years on the water.


Love this canoe. I have had…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2006

Love this canoe. I have had it for close to four years. Best $400 I have spent on recreation. I like to canoe in creeks, where maneuvering is important, and the water is often shallow. While other beginners are dumping, I just keep going. If I am with a group and alone in my canoe, I almost always get a "rider" who is tired of falling out of their own canoe. I have children, and they can swing their fishing poles left and right, lean and look over the sides, without tipping the canoe. The weight capacity is great, I often carry gear for others (who tend to go in the drink). Now, for the negatives. After the hard seasons of hitting rocks and scraping bottom, the hull is thin where the front and rear seat bears against the hull at centerline. This has left a thin quarter size area that needs to be patched. If the seat had more bearing surface for the weight of the paddler, this would not be a problem. The seats are bolted in with stainless steel hardware with lockwashers and regular nuts. You will have to carry a screw driver and pliers with you, or do as I did, replace the nuts with the nylon locking style and be done with it. The cooler isn't insulated too well, so I use the space for storage and haul my own cooler. Don't trust the dry storage compartment to keep perfectly dry, put your valuables in a zip lock bag inside of it. Yes, it's heavy, but very durable. On open water in a cross or a head wind, you will be wishing for a canoe with more straight line stability. I would recommend this canoe to my friends, and would buy it again.


I love my Roque River 14tk.…

Submitted by: paddler231438 on 1/13/2006

I love my Roque River 14tk. Got it for a deal for less than $300 new and would still love it if I paid the 300-400 range. My is the two seater and is not too heavy. It tracked well and got two people and gear upstream in the Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend NP. For the price I am sold. This polyethylene boat took a beating and the scratches are not what I thought they would be.


My review is based on the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2005

My review is based on the model that does not have a third seat and cooler, but a wood yoke and stability bar on the bottom. I had previously seen the three seat model and thought that this canoe would be comparable, but for a budget $350 brand new, I was mistaken. The polyethylene plastic is very thin and the boat is put together with wood screws. It creeks when you lift it. The stability bar results in a keel on the bottom that will hit every rock on the river and wear out quickly. Don't buy this boat unless you only intend to take it on a small pond or lake, and you don't mind buying another one in 5 years or less.


My husband and I have had…

Submitted by: paddler231091 on 5/23/2005

My husband and I have had the Rogue River canoe for about 5 or 6 years. We regularly take it onto class I/II and occasionally class II/III rivers. The boat is exceptionally stable and turns well. We have smashed it against many rocks but its holding up well. The main negative for this boat is its weight. For under $400, it's a great boat.


My wife and I have had ours…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2005

My wife and I have had ours for more than 6 years and use it almost exclusively on whitewater (up to low class III). We have made at least 25 whitewater trips with it. While it is slow and not tremendously maneuverable, it makes up for it in stability and durability. We have scraped and even directly hit literally thousands of rocks and have no gashes deeper than 1/16th of an inch. It is heavy and hauling it up a hill can be very hard, but we love it. The price is great and, if our first 6 years experience continues, we will have it for many years to come not matter how many rocks we hit.


Bought my canoe as a family…

Submitted by: paddler231021 on 4/4/2005

Bought my canoe as a family rec boat from a discount store. I have a 16' Blue Hole that I use most of the time but needed something that would handle an impatient 3 year old while putting around the lakes and slow rivers. The boat is wide and stable and I "liked" the middle seat/cooler/dry storage. It also seems indestructible.

That being said it has many drawbacks. #1) The boat is a handful to get on top of my truck. Being extra wide and having the center seat instead of a center thwart means there is nothing to grab so you can't roll it towards you and lift it up. #2) When it is car (truck) topped the latch on the center cooler opens up and the cooler door bangs on the roof. Duct tape it shut before loading. #3) The dry storage in the center seat is anything but dry. Even in rain it will get wet. #4) The bottom warps in the sun (if stored outside) and when any wave/log/rock hits it. Wide and flat with no keel makes for a very flimsy bottom.

To correct this I am planning on getting rid of that awful center seat and installing a center thwart. I will then be able to grab it for car topping and the kids can sit on the floor or a small cooler which will work better than the one it came with. I am also toying with the idea of gluing a 1" x 2" keel INSIDE on the bottom of the boat to firm it up. It will add weight but removing the center seat will save some. Never tried this so if someone has an idea, send me an e-mail.

All of that being said I gave it a 7. Anything that floats and gets a family out enjoying the sport of paddling deserves at least a 5. This is not a bad boat by any means, the drawbacks can be easily fixed and there is no way you are going to beat the price. Just don't think that a $350.00 boat will be as good as a $1000.00 boat. But it gets close enough to give you plenty of bang for your buck. Whatever you get, get off your can an enjoy it. You and your kids will never regret it!


Outstanding little canoe!

Submitted by: paddler230853 on 10/29/2004
Outstanding little canoe!

Just bought and have taken…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2004

Just bought and have taken it out a couple of times already. I am able to stand up in it with no problem. Very stable. Lightweight (65lbs) and able to load on my cherokee alone. Will use mine to fish and to get to duck hunting spots in areas where motors are not allowed.


This boat is short and…

Submitted by: Reeltime on 6/15/2004

This boat is short and portly making it very stable & maneaverable in tight backwater creeks. It is well equipt with center seat cooler, dry storage chamber, cup & paddle holders and bow and stearn lanyard rings. I have added quick release fishing rod holders and a small anchor to complete the package. I've been out in it with three pre-teen girls (my daughter and two neices) and even with their hopping around the boat and hanging arms & legs over the sides they could not capsize or sink it. The biggest down side to this craft is it's weight. At about 90# it is not easy for me to portage or get onto the roof of a car. An older person or small woman may find the task impossible to accomplish alone. I use a canoe dolly if I need to portage mine any distance. Don't be in any hurry with this boat either. The wide beam which makes this baby so stable also makes it plow threw the water like a bardge.

Summary: Not the best solo or tripper canoe but if you are looking for a family recreation boat or backwater fishing/birding platform it would be dificult to find a better deal.


I noticed the new ones at…

Submitted by: paddler230503 on 4/7/2004

I noticed the new ones at the Bass Pro Shop have a keel. This should help the tracking. I love mine for Fly-fishing it is extremely stable. I noticed a guide at the Hiwassee River in Tennessee was using one and he said he had it for several years and it was still going strong.


It looks like I am the only…

Submitted by: paddler230463 on 2/2/2004

It looks like I am the only person to post here that uses these in a commercial setting. I run a canoe based guide service in TX and use 2 of these quite often on very rocky and shallow rivers. The upside is that they are very stable and can hold 3 people on flat water. I do alot of standing, while looking for fish in clear water and they are perfect for it.They will hold an amzing amount of gear, but when loaded down it is a barge to paddle. I use a double bladed kayak paddle to push mine with and it helps alot over the singles. Downside is the obvious weight issue that could be solved with rattan seats and removal of the center console. The seats are a detriment to the entire rig; in that the peg leg that supports the seat creates a rub point on the bottom of the hull. It will be the first place a hole will develop, but I must admit it took a long time to rub all the way through. The front seat is too far forward and it restricts footroom for the front passenger. These are good, cheap canoes that can really take a beating, but if you need a sleak boat for one person keep looking.


Used the canoe this summer…

Submitted by: paddler230321 on 9/15/2003

Used the canoe this summer and all our kids (college age +) had no problems. It does tend to be heavy, but makes up for that in great stability. Not one I would try on portage alone, but a safe boat for a fun time.


Have had mine for a few…

Submitted by: paddler230161 on 6/3/2003

Have had mine for a few months now. First canoe for me, but I sure do like it. I've mounted a trolling motor on it and that is really nice when it comes to fishing. Very stable, love the middle console for dry storage and drinks. Yes, it is heavy and that would be its ONLY down fall. My son and I really enjoy going out on it. I give it a thumbs up!


I go this canoe a year…

Submitted by: paddler229910 on 9/6/2002

I go this canoe a year agoand have fished in it once a week since. It has taken quite a beating and I wonder how long before it just rips a big hole in the hull. I use it in big lakes, out in the intercoastals, creeks in the backcountry, and large bays, it is the most stable canoe you can get, it's tracks ok. and it is slow. I still got a lot of love for it because I catch more snooks and tarpon on this thing than any of my boater freinds. Overall if your new to paddling and plans to take it on some rough backcountry adventures, then this is the canoe for you. Stable and rugged!


I also "shopped" around a…

Submitted by: paddler229885 on 8/19/2002

I also "shopped" around a lot and bought the RR 14. It's GREAT!. It's my first (and hopefully last) canoe. I car top it easily using a hitch mounted swivel rack to hold one end while I load it on top of my car. I also am 59 years old but can handle it ok alone. I use mine for fishing,etc and just love it. The paddle holders are really fishing rod holders!


Tried several canoes out…

Submitted by: paddler229862 on 8/6/2002

Tried several canoes out love this one we have a 6 year old son who loves the third seat and all his snacks fit in the built in cooler. Price point was great you get a lot on canoe for the price. Very easy to transport nice solid construction. Perfect for family fun...


Received this as a Fathers…

Submitted by: paddler229791 on 7/9/2002

Received this as a Fathers Day gift in 2002. Great canoe - heavy but not as heavy as others. Not for whitewater but excellent in rivers, even with rocks. Material holds up well and seems impervious. Good buy.


It is heavy (90 lbs). I used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/29/2002

It is heavy (90 lbs). I used to own an ABS plastic Coleman (red) 17 footer and would like to know if this one is similar (although fancier). I am over 60 so I will no longer be doing much white water.