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Osprey Double Kit

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Osprey Double Kit Description

The Osprey Double Kit is a kayak brought to you by Pygmy Boats. Read Osprey Double Kit reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Osprey Double Kit Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Osprey Double Kit.

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Osprey Double Kit Reviews

Read reviews for the Osprey Double Kit by Pygmy Boats as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I built my Osprey Tandam…

Submitted by: joelsyak on 4/23/2012
I built my Osprey Tandam about 7 years ago and have enjoyed it immensely. Wherever I go, it attracts much attention and many positive comments. It is a beautiful boat to look at and to paddle. I have used it from Nova Scotia to the Chesapeake Bay, but mostly in the Hudson River Valley and Long Island.

The build was straight forward using the excellent instructions and only required one or two calls to Pygmy Boats with a couple of questions. I received prompt, accurate information from them.

The Osprey handles extremely well in all conditions and due to it's 60 lb. weight, is easy to car top. Highly recommended.


I have Chad's boat. I might…

Submitted by: trilobite02 on 7/11/2011
I have Chad's boat. I might add to this review that he's a heck of a guy and built a really good one. ;) Now for the Osprey. I've owned a Seda Tango and currently own two doubles surfskis, so I guess you could say I like tandems.

The Pygmy is a flat out beautiful boat-most outings garner people coming up, running their hands along its flanks (very equestrian-like), and admiring its mahogany beauty. It's quite comfortable - mounted two Perception one piece seats, and retained the stock back bands. I also mounted a Smart Track tandem rudder, and it has no difficulty turning this craft. the cockpits are very spacious; I'd like to see another bulkhead between the Captain and Stoker cockpits, but that would add to its very reasonable 60 lb. weight.

The Osprey tracks extremely well, and although beamy, carries a decent turn of speed. Both my surfskis and the Tango would blow it in the weeds if racing's your game, but for pleasure outings, it's a great boat to paddle. It handles beam waves exceedingly well-surfed it on 4 footers off the coast of Maine and regularly take it out on Long Island Sound in CT, hunting out big pleasure boat wakes. The bow could use a bit more volume-it tends to knife through a oncoming swell rather than riding up and over. Most is shed by the deck, but in bigger conditions, it can be a wet ride.

This boat handles extremely well. There's just enough distance between cockpits to avoid the occasional paddle clash if your partner paddles out of sync. the hatches are huge, with a somewhat cobbled looking closure system, but it seems to work, albeit looking like it was designed in a middle school shop class-smile. Maybe it just adds to the homebuilt feel of this boat.

That said, I love this Osprey double. When people ask me if I built it I reluctantly have to say no, and weakly add that I did the rudder and outfitting. I wish I could claim that I did the build; it's that handsome. It's our boat of choice for vacations as well. Buy one. Build one.


Amazing boat to paddle,…

Submitted by: paddler230032 on 1/23/2003
Amazing boat to paddle, spacious while beautiful to look at. Build instructions are mostly easy to follow, great fun project with lots of paddling potential and gets lots of admirers where ever you go. For me the seat comfort doesn't make the grade, so this spring's project is to update it to something a lot more supportive. I Recommend both the pleasure of building it and then paddling it.

The Osprey Double is an…

Submitted by: paddler229930 on 9/20/2002
The Osprey Double is an incredible boat! Room enough for 10 days worth of food and gear (for 2) and superb handling. The rudder is not always necessary as the Osprey tracks straight and will even respond to a leaned turn, even if only the rear leans. The construction was very straight forward and rewarding. I love this boat!

Very easy and straightforward…

Submitted by: paddler229199 on 4/25/2001
Very easy and straightforward construction process with the staff to back you up with questions. Before I had even finished the boat, people were coming up to me while working and marveling at what a beautiful boat it was at EVERY phase of the construction. ...holds a ton of gear, is very comfortable and paddles like a small lightweight boat with excellent tracking. I researched and considered competing kits and shudder to think I almost went with something else. Feel free to email with questions... Great Boat!