Name: joelsyak

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This is a kit boat using very accurately cut 4mm Okume mahogany plywood, fiber glass and epoxy. The kit comes with very complete instructions and is quite easy to build with just a few simple tools. The best part is that you will have a beautiful finished boat with about 60-70 hours work. The finished boat weighs about 34 lbs. It handles beautifully in all types of conditions, easy to paddle and transport.

I built my Osprey Tandam about 7 years ago and have enjoyed it immensely. Wherever I go, it attracts much attention and many positive comments. It is a beautiful boat to look at and to paddle. I have used it from Nova Scotia to the Chesapeake Bay, but mostly in the Hudson River Valley and Long Island.

The build was straight forward using the excellent instructions and only required one or two calls to Pygmy Boats with a couple of questions. I received prompt, accurate information from them.

The Osprey handles extremely well in all conditions and due to it's 60 lb. weight, is easy to car top. Highly recommended.