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I'm 5'7" tall and weigh about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/8/2014
I'm 5'7" tall and weigh about 185. I have owned a number of recreational and touring kayaks. I bought a new Prijon Motion in 2008 without test paddling it first, simply because I've always loved the look of it, and there's no good place to test paddle Prijons around here.

First, the good. It IS a beautiful boat, in my opinion... very attractive lines and deck rigging. Love the deck netting Prijon uses and the easy access deck hatch. Some long kayaks are designed with a small hatch behind the cockpit... like that's easy to access? NOT! So Prijon wisely didn't copy them, and put theirs on the deck right in front of the cockpit, which makes a lot more sense. I also like that it was very stable, comfortable, easy to paddle, and has reasonably good glide.

What I didn't like: I've owned Prijon kayaks before, and it seems to me that the quality of their plastic (in long boats anyway, not sure about ww boats) has declined. Mine seemed very flimsy when strapping it onto my racks. I know there's a lot of hype about how great blow-molding is vs roto-molding, but I imagine even blow molded boats can be done cheaply... anyway I was disappointed with the quality of the plastic of the Motion. I believe Riot has the best quality plastic on the market right now and I'm told Valley is very good also. The plastic in my Necky kayaks has also been better than my Motion. Another complaint is that it weathercocks significantly in even a modest wind, so you really must use the rudder unless you want to do constant corrective strokes.

All in all, not a bad kayak, but I ended up selling it after a couple of years. For the money, you can do better.


Have had Motion now for 15…

Submitted by: mbrn12000 on 8/31/2012
Have had Motion now for 15 months. Waited until paddling under a variety of conditions to write review. Have now paddled in moving water, large lakes, waves 2.5-3 ft, wind both loaded heavily and empty. This boat handles extremely well in all conditions.

Recently completed a 4 day group camping trip to Georgian Bay via the Key River. There was plenty of storage for personal gear as well as space for food and supplies for group. This is a low volume boat and cuts through waves nicely. I do have the rudder installed and use this on occasion in windy conditions with wind at back and paddling for extended periods.

The cockpit is very comfortable with foot pegs, seat and thigh braces fully adjustable. I am six feet and weigh 205#. Several acquaintances have also purchased the Motion this past year and are also very happy.


We use our Motion for the…

Submitted by: paddler233324 on 8/24/2009
We use our Motion for the second paddling season on the Rhine river in Germany (Large river, partly strong current, choppy waves, lots of barge traffic). During warm season, we are out on the water several times a week. The Motion is our 3rd yak (We own a Necky Gannet solo and a Wilderness Pamlico 135T family boat). What we needed was a fast, robust, easy to handle boat shorter than 5m overall. The Motion has proved a perfect fit.

+ Excellent build quality and material, hull as well as the other bits like rudder, hatches, etc.. Better than the Necky and lightyears ahead of the Pamlico
+ Genuinely fast for it's length, while being fairly stable
+ Cockpit is comfortable for people up to 1.85m/90kg. I am 1.8m/77kg. No idea why Prijon markets the Motion for small paddlers only. The cockpit and leg space seems to be about the same size as the seayak's
+ Helpful details like watertight deckbox, cargo nets, two watertight storage compartments
+ Can be paddled and maneuvered when full of water (e.g. after a roll without sprayskirt) thanks to dry storage compartments
- Rudder recommended in high wind. Possibly a result of the big hatch covers
- Possibly not a good sea kayak? (never tested at sea). It tends to dive into bigger waves, front deck is fully flooded where seayak's remains almost dry
- In addition to helpful details mentioned above, some (IMHO) unnecessary ropes and thingys. Seems to be a Prijon thing, they all have it. But this is really a minor point

Overall we are very happy with the boat and would buy it again.


I love my Motion. I think…

Submitted by: paddler232604 on 5/30/2008
I love my Motion. I think Prijon makes a big mistake by marketing this as an all-round kayak for small paddlers and women. I'm 6'2" and weigh just under 200 pounds. I have a lot of space in the cockpit, which is as functional as it is comfortable (once I replaced the standard styrofoam backrest with a whitewater backband). The boat features a completely adjustable cockpit. You can move the seat forward and backwards and slide the thigh braces forward or aft to your liking. The foot pegs are solid, if you install a rudder they turn into gas-pedal style tilting paddles for steering.

The boat is nimble and quite fast. It tracks very well on calm water while being very maneuverable. It is easy to lean, with solid resistance on the hard chines before the tipping point and I found it very easy to roll. It has raised hatches which I found to be completely dry even after wave or rolling sessions, but which add some wind resistance to the kayak. The Motion doesn't really need a rudder, but I installed Prijon's balanced wing rudder and use it to balance weather helm on long crossings.

The boat is absolutely capable of ocean voyaging, the smaller hull make it more playful than some of the barges out there. The construction is from Prijon's bullet-proof HPTP material that has proven itself in many whitewater boats I have paddled before.

I got mine from New England Small Craft for a very good price. It comes with lots of features that normally define much higher priced kayaks. And it has Prijon's waterproof "deck box", a small day hatch in front of the cockpit.

Over all, I'm in love with the Motion, it has a very solid feel to it on the water, while still remaining playful and responsive. It has safety reserves other kayaks of it's price range lack and enough storage capacity for a weekend trip.


I have had my Prijon Motion…

Submitted by: paddler231282 on 8/26/2005
I have had my Prijon Motion for a few months now. I have been very happy with this boat. The Motion was the first boat I purchased, but I have had years experience in Perception and Necky sea touring kayaks.

First, let me tell you what I really love about this boat. First- it's so customize-able! The very comfortable seat and thigh braces are very adjustable, and the gas-pedal style footpegs are just great. I also love that this boat really has the potential to grow with a relatively inexperienced paddler as they gain skills and confidence. I like the way the Motion handles over waves and in choppy waters, and it tracks well on a calm day. There are tons of cool features on this boat- in addition to loads of stowage space; it has a cool neoprene sock under the forward deck that is easy to access and perfect for water bottles and sunscreen. Another thing I love about this boat is its ability to speed up when you push it- and the fact that it doesn't want to stop! If you stop paddling for a rest or a drink, it keeps on cruising!

There are some things that make this boat's score lower than a perfect 10, though. The first few times I got in the Motion, I felt quite tippy and afraid to fall in until my legs were securely in the boat. This is due to the flat bottomed hull, and also to the fact that boats I have paddled in the past are V-shaped. However, as I have gotten more confident in my Motion, I find that the flat bottom is very maneuverable, fast, and great for carving. I took this unusual hull design for an Eskimo roll clinic at my local pool and was impressed by the way it rolls compared to V-shaped hulls. This boat is heavy for one person to lift, and although the material flexes less that roto-moulded boats, it still feels a little whippy in harsh conditions. My biggest issue with this boat is that there is a lot of volume above the waterline. Even though this makes it comfortable and spacious, it makes the tracking abilities of this boat decrease severely in even a slight side wind.

As a solo paddler, I like to feel confident and secure in my boat. The Motion's beautifully designed cockpit features make me feel like the boat was made for me, and as my skills grow, this boat makes a perfect showcase for them. I would highly recommend this boat to a smaller paddler with some experience in search of a boat with lots of room and comfort for use on mostly protected ocean water.


I used to own a laminated…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2005
I used to own a laminated Prijon WW racing K1 in the ‘80’s that saw a lot of action. As I got older I went through, and rejected, many different brand touring kayaks, looking for a durable hull that had a decent turn of speed and would still fit into my 15’ shed. I kept an eye on Prijons but no model quite hit the spot for me; the Beluga came close but seemed a bit short. The new ‘Motion’ caught my attention, because at 14’9" long and 23’2" wide it closely mirrors standard WW racer dimensions. Clearly this boat is more than twice as heavy as a racer, less responsive to edge (some may say, more stable) due to its trihedral hull design and not as buoyant on the frothy stuff, but then that’s not what it was made for. The seat is very comfortable and the balance between tracking and maneuverability is just right for me (Prijon market this as an all around tourer not a sea kayak). The hull looks and feels indestructible (unlike the footrest) and the boat is genuinely fast for its length. I only paddle for fitness these days and I have shaved serious time off various PBs on local waters, one could say the Motion has helped me turn back the clock a bit. I am fairly close to the rated maximum load in weight - so, no multi-day trips with luggage for me then, just local workouts, in a boat that delights me every time I use it.