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The boat is a really odd, old…

Submitted by: RivannaHipSnap on 5/26/2016
The boat is a really odd, old boat and not much can be found about it online. I suppose that’s because the boat fit into a very small niche in the market back in its day. It is a cross between an ocean kayak, a downriver racer, and a fitness boat.

It has a narrow’ish hull and therefore is somewhat tippy on primary stability but has small wings similar to a wild water boat like the Wavehopper so the secondary stability is outstanding. It has a watertight, bulkheaded hatch in the stern to allow for packing gear. At under 15′ long and with the added rudder, you might look at the boat and suggest it does not know what it wants to be when it grows up.

It is on the fast end of the scale for being plastic, it’s plastic so it should be virtually indestructible against rocks, it has a roomy cockpit, it has a sealed hatch for packing supplies, and it is very stable when compared to true racing boats.

Good for somebody who wants to do some fast touring or downriver trips who already has good balance skills but doesn't want to deal with the instability of a faster, racing design.


Just cut the rear hatch and…

Submitted by: paddler230313 on 8/11/2003
Just cut the rear hatch and the Neopren cover does not hold. Very upset that the hatch cannot form a proper seal. I bought this boat in 2000 and have taken in the Potamac, Susuehanna, Boston & Baltimore Harbors and has done very well in rough waters. Never tipped over. However my friends find it too unstable for them. I paid $405.00 for this boat and is worth about that. Stupid hatch. In the end: I love this boat.

Fast responsive and pretty…

Submitted by: thepalins on 5/31/2002
Fast responsive and pretty darn comfy. I dont know how it is in high wind or choppy water because I mostly paddle narrow streams. It has good leg room and decent outfitting I had too glue some insulite on the backrest to custom fit me. Yes its a little tippy if your not used too paddling a high performance boat. But I find it to be very stable and a blast to turn you just lean it over and she turns as pretty as you please.

Avoncraft informed me that…

Submitted by: paddler229470 on 9/20/2001
Avoncraft informed me that the head of Prijon designed the Beluga for his own use, and it shows! It is aimed at the K1 paddler who wishes to tour, and does not want to sacrifice speed for stability. It fullfils this role well. The build is of fine quality, although mine does have a small assymetry which tends to make it track slightly to the right (dissapeared with the subsequent fitting of a trimmed rudder). The fittings are well thought out. The thigh braces and footbraces are fully and easily adjustable, and connecting the rudder cables up to the pedals was a breeze. In short, this is a pleasing well built craft and represents good value at £400.

It requires a little focus at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2001
It requires a little focus at the beginning but then it becomes a little speed demon and invites/requires you to go fast. A few runs and it felt comfortable. I am only using it for workouts on a lake, what a joy. Wish it were a little lighter. It's definitely not a fishing/picture taking platform. It's very comfortable and roomy. Nuff said.

This is a stable easy to use…

Submitted by: paddler228729 on 7/7/2000
This is a stable easy to use boat in the hands of an experienced kayaker. I find the boat very comfortable and great for working out. Much better than my old tippy Wildwater training boat.

I have had the Beluga for a…

Submitted by: paddler228275 on 9/13/1999
I have had the Beluga for a year and I really like it. I wasn't at first sure that I made the right decision because because of it's intial instability. But, with practice, I learned how wonderful this boat really is. It's quick and I can keep up with 17 ft boats that weigh 20 lbs more. Used in in high winds in Hatteras without a rudder and although I wished I had a rudder, I was able to compensate and improve on what prior to this trip was beginner skills. All in all, I think the Beluga was worth the money. On flat water, it leaves a wake, it's so fast. However, the bow does dive under chop and the high bow causes some weather cocking in windy conditions but this could be corrected with a rudder. This is not a beginner boat, but (as I have proven) a beginner can grow into it.

I test paddled this boat and…

Submitted by: paddler228132 on 6/30/1999
I test paddled this boat and thought it was quite interesting. It was extremely tippy, however, it was very fast. The secondary stability was good, but the initial stability was quite poor. I wonder how other people feel about this boat. I am really debating buying this boat and getting used to it's instability.