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Rambler 13.5 T

  • 13' 6" Length
  • 34" Width
  • 78 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 559 MSRP

Rambler 13.5 T Description

The Rambler 13.5 T is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Rambler 13.5 T reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Rambler 13.5 T Reviews

Read reviews for the Rambler 13.5 T by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This is a durable, stable,...

This is a durable, stable, and roomy tandem sit on top kayak. My wife and I purchased this yak 3 years ago and usually paddle it once a week. We live on the coast and it is perfect for day trips with little wind*** It has a third seat which is for a small child or solo paddling. I have not enjoyed paddling this solo as it is to cumbersome when alone. It is after all a sit on top tandem vessel. We continue to paddle this yak about once a week and I have never had any complaints about this yak. Its a great recreational yak for short trips on calm days.

If you are a beginner,...

If you are a beginner, then this kayak would work for you... but if you want a kayak that goes straight and has comfortable seats / foot rest, then don't buy this kayak. Get the Tribe 13.5. This kayak is very durable (and heavy) and will last a long time... but it doesn't track well.

We bought one this spring...

We bought one this spring and have been loving it. The Rambler 135 track's straight and has seats enough for two adults and one child in the middle, you can purchase an additional back rest but it has mounts for three persons. I have no problems paddling alone from the back fully loaded with three of us in the kayak. We take it on Cayuga lake near Ithaca NY and even in choppy water it handles pretty well. Super tandem (+1 small rider) kayak for the price!

Excellent sit on top...

Excellent sit on top kayak. Good for our grandkids and older people. Easy to get on and handle. Very east to transport due to its light weight. A good choice for our needs

I was quite disappointed...

I was quite disappointed in the Rambler 13.5. I purchased it to go with the pair of Perception America 11' singles (SIS) we've had for 10 years. The boat does not track well at all. This is the experience of all 6 family members who have tried the boat during this vacation. Where it was easy to maintain an even course with regular paddling in the older SIS singles, the Rambler will head off course frequently, requiring a half dozen strokes on one side to regain course, which then results in the same thing happening on the other side. It's no fun and I'm hoping that Dick's sporting goods will take it back.

I weigh approximately 140...

I weigh approximately 140 pounds and stand five-feet ten-inches. The Rambler 13.5 is roomy and tracks well with two adult paddlers. With the exception of having to work harder, it's not a problem paddling alone from the rear when my girlfriend wants to take a break up front.

The Rambler 13.5 is extremely stable. I can stand up in the boat in calm waters while another person is paddling without an issue. The great stability makes it easy to get in and out of the Rambler 13.5 from the water. I have taken the Rambler 13.5 out on the Intracoastal Waterway, ocean bays, a large lake, and the open ocean.

While the Rambler 13.5 remains very stable in rougher waters, the wide flat bow prevents the kayak from cutting through the waves and instead crashes into each wave. This slows down the forward momentum. Therefore, I would not recommend this boat if speed is important to you. Although crashing through the waves will ensure a wet ride in rougher waters, the scupper holes do a great job draining the water out.

The Rambler 13.5 becomes less responsive when you weigh it down closer to its weight capacity but that is to be expected. I was able to pack three adults into the Rambler 13.5, which took the weight up to just under 500 pounds with gear. At that weight the Rambler 13.5 remained stable in a moderately rough ocean bay. However, you definitely have to work hard to control the Rambler 13.5 when you put that much weight on there. The Rambler 13.5 is not designed for three adults but it gave me a good idea of how far I could push the weight capacity.

The molded-in foot wells are a little small for my foot which can make it a little uncomfortable paddling barefoot so I generally wear sandals. My biggest qualm with the Rambler 13.5 is the weight of the kayak (78 pounds). I am unable to put this kayak on my car and carry the kayak to the launch site or storage area by myself. Even with another person helping, it can be a workout, but most tandems are big and heavy.

Overall I would say the Rambler 13.5 is a good tandem kayak if you are on a budget. I have great times getting out on the water and exploring with a friend.

I have a 12-year old lab...

I have a 12-year old lab that has issues with mobility and I bought this kayak so I could take him with me. Its is sluggish to paddle and heavy to move, but PERFECT for taking a well-behaved large dog

Purchased this boat in...

Purchased this boat in August. Very stable, tracks well, paddles smoothly either tandem or solo, and is very comfortable. My wife and I love it!
My only negative is it's a bit heavy (74 lbs.). However, it has a very good weight capacity which makes this a great boat for fishing, diving, and camping.

Just got this boat and...

Just got this boat and using it to take friends out on the water. Seats can be positioned to use as a tandem of single sit-on-top. Love this boat; very stable comfortable maneuverable and just plain fun.

I have several kayaks and this one is perfect for getting couples dogs or by myself. It is a little heavy but would be nice for hauling gear for kayak camping trip. Would definitely recommend this boat.