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Dare Devil Reviews

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The Pelican Daredevil Ram is…

Submitted by: jokari_girl on 7/2/2014
The Pelican Daredevil Ram is a great canoe. Pack up the built-in cooler with some drinks and a lunch, grab some fishing poles to put in the vertical rod holders if you like, and get ready for some fun. We have taken our canoe into lakes, rivers, and canals with great results. With plenty of room for any accoutrements you want to bring along it can be taken out for the day, or an overnight and easily contain anything you might need. It can be handled by one person when necessary or desired; after-all drinks need to be opened by someone. With both people paddling you can really move right along.

The Pelican Daredevil was my…

Submitted by: wblument on 12/4/2006
The Pelican Daredevil was my first canoe. I knew it was heavy, but I didn't realize how bad it paddles until I bought a real canoe - a Wenonah Adirondack. The Daredevil is totally unresponsive in the water. Also, the bottom warped quickly. I recommend paddlers try instead buy a used canoe of better quality. The enjoyment you will get from a canoe that responds to your paddle will be well worth it.

I got the boat as a gift. I…

Submitted by: paddler231706 on 7/25/2006
I got the boat as a gift. I would have chosen a stiffer hull, but for a family boat it has been great. It has lots of room for gear, kids and wife. it has fishing pole holders and a great builtin cooler. Plus I think it's rather light. I can throw it on my back and run to the lake. One and a half Thumbs up.

My wife and I began canoeing…

Submitted by: paddler230588 on 5/28/2004
My wife and I began canoeing last year on the Guadalupe River in Central Texas. We have a 5 year old son who we were concerned with if the canoe flipped. We found the canoe to be very stable, not the fastest thing in the water, but a good beginning canoe for a family.

I bought my Dare Devil last…

Submitted by: paddler229580 on 3/22/2004
I bought my Dare Devil last year. I feel it is a very stable boat, a great family boat for the small children. But I agree it is sluggish. So I bought a motor and that helped. It is also very heavy at 98 lbs. So I am looking at the OT Pack for this summer since I am tired of trying to recruit people. Overall a decent quiet waters family fun boat!

I really like my Ram-X boat,…

Submitted by: paddler230309 on 8/11/2003
I really like my Ram-X boat, even though it is a bit sluggish... which is not a problem since I use the boat on local fishing lakes and small rivers. I'm damn glad to have bought mine!

I agree with the other…

Submitted by: paddler229865 on 8/7/2002
I agree with the other writers in that the keel does bow up a bit, and although I don't agree that you should have to b/c I think Pelican should replace the boat, you can call them at 1-888-669-6960 and ask for a repair kit to place in the keel line to make it straight. Really like the cushion seats!!

We bought our Dare Devil…

Submitted by: paddler229829 on 7/22/2002
We bought our Dare Devil about two years ago and are very pleased with it so far - has anyone managed to successfully fit a motor mount to one of these - I'm told the transom flexes too much and the motor is in danger of falling off!

canoe is very comfortable,but…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/26/2002
canoe is very comfortable,but im not very satisfied.the keel has bowed which makes the canoe harder to handle.probably a better lake canoe than a river canoe.

As a novice both the wife and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2001
As a novice both the wife and I were a little unsure how safe this would be we have 2 other boats all power we thought this would be great for the kids and grand children boy were we right manuvers very well felt secure the wife and I are now weekly users excellent product for the $.

I recieved my Pelican Dare…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2001
I recieved my Pelican Dare Devil as a gift, I was hoping for an old town, but am pleasantly suprised with its over all performance, for the money its in a class all by itself, two thumbs up :0} Mark on the wolfriver in Mississippi.

I have not been entirely…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2000
I have not been entirely pleased with the Pelican Daredevil. It was certainly low priced and it is a comfortable canoe for floating down large streams. However, the keel/bottom of the boat bows up, making it difficult to manueuver and sluggish in open water. I would not purchase it again.

A polyethylene canoe that can…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/18/2000
A polyethylene canoe that can be purchased at several large sporting goods stores. It's inexpensive, yet has some neat features, such as rod holders, (3) padded seats and padded knee pads too, cup holders, bungee straps, etc. Like all poly canoes, it's somewhat heavy and has a lot of flex, however for a good knock around all-purpose boat this would be hard to beat. Around $350.00.