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Venture Easky 15 LV Reviews

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I picked up a Easky a couple…

Submitted by: Varmintmist on 9/29/2020
I picked up a Easky a couple years ago for the daughter. She is about 5'6" and guessing a buck 50. She paddles the boat very well and the glide for her is very good. She isnt a real good paddler but gets along in lakes and flat rivers well. with seemingly not a lot of effort. I would rate it a 5 except the skeg has never worked. She hasnt needed it, yet, but if it is there, it should function. It is the plan for my next rainy day off as she is starting to paddle more.

I bought the Easky 15 LV…

Submitted by: paddler234133 on 7/12/2011
I bought the Easky 15 LV because the lower volume fitted me better in the shop, on the water however the LV is awful, it is very very tippy, move any bit and you will feel like you are going to fall out. Unless you are a very confident paddler do not buy the LV, go for the normal Easky 15 which is very steady but a bit slower. I am changing my LV for the normal 15.

I got an Easky 15 LV two…

Submitted by: paddler234122 on 7/11/2011
I got an Easky 15 LV two weeks ago and it was supposed to be faster than a Tsunami 140 but it ain't and the stability is very bad very wobbly and if you try look behind you it feels like it'll tip; the rudder sticks and the bungee cord weakens and needs regular adjustment the seat is cheap two and deck line is held on with screws some places and cheap rivets more places I didn't like this yak got a Tsunami 140 instead might have kept it if it was faster I think its only for very confidant swimmer

I am a novice paddler, with…

Submitted by: monstor on 6/17/2011
I am a novice paddler, with pool training and one day on a lake in my own boat, some time in rec boats and an inflatable, and also time in a Neckly Looksha and a P&H Delphin. I bought a used, but well cared for, 7 year old Prijon Touryak in this year as my entry into the sport. That is my baseline for paddling experiences today.

I rented the of these and paddled Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA with it. My goal for the day was to paddle windy conditions and start getting comfortable with leans and braces. This boat was a charm to paddle, challenged me to improve, and was worth the time.

The winds on the harbor were between 6 and 12 MPH. The low profile on this boat made weathercocking a non issue for me, even without the skeg down. The seat design is OK. The pan feels great, but the back rest was not as strong or stable as I expected. When I adjusted it to a comfortable position on shore, dropping my rear into the seat while floating was difficult, as the seat kept getting caught under me. The wear & tear on this rental was obvious in the seat buckle adjustment mechanism. The adjusting buckle was rusted and flaky. When I tried to adjust it a 2nd time it slipped out. But even with the back rest in a loose position I had no comfort issues when paddling straight into the winds all the way across the harbor.

Turning this boat on edge was OK, as well. I am still getting comfortable with leans and edging. This boat pushed me out of my confort zone, as my Prijon definitely feels beamier, less playful, and I have not leaned in it as much. Breaking the keel free to turn tight was still a bit of work, but doable for the novice.

Raising and lowering the skeg was simple with the release line. The skeg worked well for me in tracking straight when I paddled across the harbor straight into the wind, although I did not weathercock much as all without the skeg dropped.

Water did come over the deck a lot as I paddled into the wind/waves. This was not an issue in the P&H Delphin 15.5' prototype I paddled later that day.

Aesthetically, I liked the lines of the boat, while the color, hatches and lashings were all unremarkable to me.

Overall, 7 out of 10, using my other experiences in a Touryak, a Delphin, and a Necky Looksha 14.5.
Definitely a recommendable boat.


I know people get tired of…

Submitted by: willowleaf on 1/21/2011
I know people get tired of seeing everything from rubber banana slugs up rated a "10" but this little boat really has no drawbacks as far as I am concerned and I've owned 7 kayaks and paddled at least a dozen besides for extended trips. I'm 5' 5", 155# and an intermediate paddler on big rivers and lakes, small fast streams, the Great Lakes and northern marine coasts.

For the money the 15LV is the most versatile and fun kayak I have ever owned. Lighter than most its size at 46 lbs., it carries easily and is thoughtfully outfitted. They are made in the UK rather than China and I think it shows in the finish. Great seat with an adjustable back that converts to a backband type or taller cruising style, snug but easily entered keyhole cockpit (even with my longish legs I can enter butt first and scoot them in), sturdy foot braces, perfectly placed thigh hooks and roomy hatches. Rigged to take a rudder -- though I opted not to buy it with one it would be a cinch to add later. Pretty boat, too, in my case the snow-pea green fade.

Best of all, just a pleasure to paddle. It is fast and tracks well, but also turns nicely, Primary is a little wiggly at first (not for me but for friends used to rec boats who I've let try it) but not at all once you are moving and the secondary is excellent -- I can edge it til the coaming is underwater and it won't go over unless I really push and drop hard (like to practice rolls).

Despite being technically a touring kayak I have had a blast with it in shallow fast streams, even knuckle-dragging it across gravel bars and banging through chutes in class 1 rapids. With the thigh hooks and hull shape I can hip-steer it through a sinuous line with my paddle over my head. On flatwater I can keep up with good paddlers in longer boats. I've got fancier and costlier boats myself but since I picked this little beauty up on sale last summer I have been neglecting the rest of the fleet.

I highly recommend this as a second kayak for anyone looking to move up from a rec boat or a first kayak for anyone who wants something fun, versatile, sharp looking and reasonably priced. Comfortable for a newbie but has the talent to let you learn some skills.