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Submitted by: paddler840187 on 7/30/2020
THIS IS NOT A DURABLE INFLATABLE!!!!!!!! This is NOT the kayak you are looking for. Even the slightest bump and slide against a submerged rock will puncture this boat. I doubt it would be even suitable as a floatie in a swimming pool as the merest scrape against ANY LITTLE THING will put a leak in it. I have owned mine for a month and have used up the self-adhesive patch that they give you and a couple of the leaks are still persistent. I ordered a pack of 30 large self-adhesive patches from Walmart. If you know ahead of time that you cannot launch or land this boat from the shore then you can avoid most punctures. BUT on cloudy days when you cannot see everything under you THIS BOAT WILL INADVERTENTLY HANG UP ON SOME OBSTACLE AND PUNCTURE. THIS IS TRULY THE WORST DESIGN OF ANY INFLATABLE I HAVE OWNED. DO NOT BUY THIS P.O.S.!!!!

Outdoor Tuff inflatable…

Submitted by: paddler227032 on 8/15/2016
Outdoor Tuff inflatable kayak.   One person.
Length 9'1"   Width 30.25"   Height 13.5"
Width of available sitting area: 12"
Weight Limit: 275 lbs
$ at Target: $150

Materials: Made with UV resistant 24 gauge PVC outer layer, 300 denier mesh middle, and inner layer of PVC. Boston valves in side chambers, flap type valve in floor and seat back.

I feel this Outdoor Tuff is a reasonably good inflatable kayak for the person who is not sure how far into kayaking they want to go, or how much time they really have available. The pricing makes it worthwhile and it pays for itself in a summer or two versus renting one. I choose this over buying a TV, figured I would use it more. It has worked well for me, and my friends who have tried it like it also, with one friend buying one and another considering it.

Another plus for this kayak - the company who you contact for any customer service questions, etc., BAK Industries, is VERY responsive to any questions or concerns. When I got the kayak I had an issue with blowing it up and they both emailed and telephoned me back to answer questions. They also did the same for a friend of mine who had some questions before considering buying the kayak. A little unusual in this day and age. And they are in Minnesota, not India. Not sure where the kayak itself is made, but at least the customer service is in the U.S.

Overall I am very satisfied with this kayak. It rides well, and I have had it in flat/lake water as well as slow river and heavy current tidal delta with boat wakes.


Cheaper alternative for the person who is not sure they have the time or money to play with an expensive kayak.

Tracks extremely well with 2 fins/skegs - one front and back. Stable in the water.

Have used in flat water as well as running tidal delta with heavy current and boat wakes (Jenner/Russian River, Lake Solano, Suisun City delta).

Once you get a decent pump, it inflates very easily. Takes perhaps 15 minutes.

Easily compacts to fit into the provided knapsack/ backpack. Approx 24 lb total weight. You can take it most anywhere.

Easy storage and easy transportation. No garage needed. Will fit in your closet or car trunk.

Good amount of storage space. I feel that everything I used to carry on my back for backpacking can be put in the kayak. Hoping to go camping with it.

Stays reasonably dry for a “sit on” rather than enclosed kayak. (I think the sides are about 7" -- forgot to measure that one).

Paddle that comes with it is reasonably good. Very lightweight.


Foot pump that comes with it STINKS. After a few uses the bellow comes out of the spline holding it. Not too bad for the side chambers with the Boston valves but not enough air flow for floor. Plus the nozzle does not fit tightly into valve at bottom (flap valve type of valve) and air leaks out past nozzle as fast as you are putting it in. I finally put the nozzle thru a hole in a balloon to use as “filler” to try to block off most of the air leakage.

Part of the above issue is a problem with the valve itself as it just doesn’t seal off with any nozzle - or at least I haven’t figured out a way for it to do that.

For some reason, for me personally, I need more room between the seat and the foot rest. My friends, who are taller than me, seem to have no problem, but my knees are bent too much, such that I can actually hit them while paddling if not careful. I added length to the webbing holding the seat back so I can move it back. May also remake the foot rest (just PVC pipe and foam). Distance from farthest back seat rest to foot brace is 34 inches.

Not as “leave and forget” as a hard body kayak would be. Once home you need to hose it and clean it off and then let sit for several days in sun to really dry out before storing it. Even with towel drying there are crevasses that hold water.

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