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I was given a Cirrus LT…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2014
I was given a Cirrus LT because its builder, a gentlemen in his 70s, found it too tippy for his liking and was not comfortable paddling it. That said, I have never felt uncomfortable with the primary or secondary stability of this kayak which to me seem very similar to a P&H Bahiya, another narrow, hard chine, boat that some (usually inexperienced) paddlers find tippy.

My Cirrus LT was built before the strip deck (Hydrid) version became available from One Ocean Kayaks so the cedar deck on mine was stripped to the forms for the stitch and glue deck which gave the deck a unique shape with more of a peak in the center of the deck than Cirrus LT Hybrids built from kits or plans which are more rounded.

The Cirrus LT has a hard chine hull that turns well when edged. I have paddled in most conditions that occur in the Lower Chesapeake Bay and have always felt comfortable in this kayak. My Cirrus LT has no rudder or skeg and I have found that this hull really does not need one. With the wind on the rear quarter it will weathercock a bit but no worse than any other Greenland style kayak I've paddled. I'm 175lbs and the Cirrus LT fits me like a glove and there is plenty of room under the foredeck for my size 11 feet. The Cirrus LT is great for day trips but for an overnighter I want something with more cargo capacity.

The Cirrus LT is fast for a 16 footer and I have no problem keeping up with 18' touring kayaks. I agree with the previous reviewer that recessing the cockpit rim would be an improvement and this is something I may change on mine when the deck needs refinishing.

Overall the Cirrus LT a great little day boat for smaller (under 190Lb), experienced, paddlers but with a 21.5" beam I would not recommend the Cirrus LT to inexperienced or timid paddlers.


I built this Kayak last year…

Submitted by: paddler234749 on 9/4/2012
I built this Kayak last year and have been paddling it all Summer. The build was very enjoyable and it's a very satisfying feeling paddling a kayak you've made yourself. I've had a lot of positive comments pretty much every time I've been out.

Performance wise it's a great kayak. I've had it out in winds up to force 6 without problems. It's fast, tracks well, responsive to leaned turns and easy to roll. It's also lighter than other kayaks I've had which makes moving around a good deal easier. I'd happily recommend it.


The Cirrus LT is a handsome…

Submitted by: abraxas on 5/14/2010
The Cirrus LT is a handsome boat with a lot of personality. It has a slight Greenland flavor, but the rear deck is not quite as low as some. It is pretty fast for a 16 footer, and tracks very well. Weather cocking is minimal and can be corrected with a slight lean. Turning is quick and stability is good right up 80 degrees. Give this one a try.

I built the Cirrus LT about 4…

Submitted by: paddler232192 on 7/17/2007
I built the Cirrus LT about 4 years ago. I was attracted to the design because unlike most other S&G boats the Cirrus is built over forms which allows for a more complex shape and more accurate build. It was a straight forward process for a first time builder.

Performance wise this boat excels. It is a hard tracking hull that turns well when edged. I have paddled in all sorts of conditions that occur in Southern Australia and have always felt comfortable. The boat has no rudder or skeg. With the wind on the rear quarter it will weathercock but no more than any other boat I've paddled. I'm 160 lbs and the Cirrus LT suits me well for day paddles and expeditions as long as I don't need to carry too much water.

It is fast and in a recent flat water race I came first in the sea kayak division. The only change I would have/might still make would be to recess the cockpit rim.

I don't really believe in perfection so no 10 but I certainly have no desire to replace my Cirrus LT.