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I bought this canoe used…

Submitted by: paddler769866 on 5/3/2020
I bought this canoe used from my local bait shop about 10 years ago for $300 and it is just wonderful! Although 14' can be a bit cramped for 3 adults, gear, and paddles, it's still a blast to go fishing with. My kids absolutely love going for just a ride upstream on a warm sunny Saturday, and I love the ease of getting to those tough fishing spots on the local river. A quick little story - I was in a rush after work one day, but wanted to go drop a line before sunset. I loaded up the fishing gear in the caravan, put the canoe on the roof rack (yes, it is just a bit too wide for the roof), and headed to the river. After unloading the canoe & gear, I realized I forgot the oars in my rush! I was NOT going to let this be a wasted trip - I found a sturdy branch & used THAT as my oar with this canoe! It got me up river & steering was a little rough, but doable. This canoe is just plain easy to handle. I'm not sure if I will ever let it go...

I just purchased an OT Sport.…

Submitted by: paddlebro on 6/6/2016
I just purchased an OT Sport. Nice smooth ride-had it out twice now. It's width gives stability. We had deep water exchanges with our young kids taking turns with sit on top youth kayaks and riding with us when they got tired. We towed their kayaks while they rested and were very pleased with the day. We had a very strong headwind, but were pleased with how well this canoe stayed on course. Could have been even better if it had a keel for tracking. Happy paddling!

Picked one of these up used…

Submitted by: paddler236199 on 4/27/2015
Picked one of these up used and it has been well worth the $$. I live in Wisconsin and this canoe gets heavy use in rivers, lakes and ponds and has taken a beating and held up well. It car tops easily but is a bit wide for some rooftops. It is a little heavy, and isn't the most efficient, but it has a very high payload and still gives plenty of freeboard. It is also extremely stable. I fish, camp, and hunt heavily from it. I am constantly moving around in it and load it down. I have put 2 adults, a kid, and dog, and lots of duck hunting gear and paddled just fine and never felt it was going to tip. This is my 4th canoe and I like it the best.

Great little boat for two to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/26/2013
Great little boat for two to fish out of very stable, easy maintenance . I've had mine for 3 years and still enjoy it

It is a reliable canoe. My…

Submitted by: paddler234757 on 9/7/2012
It is a reliable canoe. My wife and I fish/float many rivers and creeks in SW Missouri and have "Never" tipped the canoe or even came close. There are many times I stand up to see which route we want to take in fast water so if you can't be stable in this canoe you need to stay out of the water.

We spent many nights on the river banks on multiple day floats and it is more than enough canoe for two people and supplies. We have floated in to several isolated areas to hunt and I can tell you we had no problems with carrying deer, guns, and our equipment. For someone to give this canoe a bad rating is foolish.


I bought this canoe recently,…

Submitted by: paddler234065 on 6/20/2011
I bought this canoe recently, used. Mine went by the name Sportsman Quest. The previous owner had purchased another canoe and didn't need 2. my price point was about $200 and the price was right. I had searched in the retail stores for a canoe and found this one the weekend before for around $500. that was too much for me. with the extra money I had saved on the vessel alone enabled me to outfit the canoe for comfort and for fishing.

We have recently had this out on the lake several times outfitted with a 3 hp trolling motor which moved the vessel just fine for a period of about 7-8 hours and still maintained a 50 charge on the battery!!that being said I am not here to review the trolling motor, but that is to say that the craft is not so overly heavy and unmanueverable that it would drain a single battery running a trolling motor and a fish finder :-) . I have also found that the canoe is easy to make additions to without destroying the structural integrity of the boat.

It was recently taken on a river trip through class 1 and 2 rapids...not too bad , but fun. the canoe was very maneuverable with two people through this test. because my partner bow paddler was inexperienced at reading water obstacles, many times I thought the canoe was going to flip during this trip but did not. so the extra width was a plus for us. Stability, well I don't recommend making any sudden standing movements in it as side to side stability is wanting in that department. However, if you want to stabilize it more from side to side I would recommend getting a set of outriggers for it. after all, it IS a canoe not meant for having dance parties in it.

My advice if buying one of these...don't pay more than $300 for it If you are going to use it for fishing. You'll want the extra cash to outfit it with a trolling motor, battery, fishfinder, rod holders, and sitback seats(mine are custom made, by me, stadium style seats bolted to the existing seats with lock swivels= total cost of $20.00 each.) Also, make sure that you secure the battery to the middle seat area. If you put it in the back where I thought I might like it for getting it out of the way initially, the weight of the motor and the battery will sink the back end of the canoe when the motor is engaged and you'll be scooping out water. Just keep the battery in the middle of the boat.

Also do not depend on the dry well to keep your valuables safe. I always bag my stuff in dry sacks. the dry well is NOT a dry well..just a place to secure your stuff in case the boat flips(you'll note as one reader thought is NOT o-ring sealed.) I give this canoe a 10 for it's performance and ability to customize it for a variety of tasks. you can have a lot of fun in this boat if you use common sense about it, secure your gear, dry sack everything you don't want to get wet, etc.


Bought from REI after reading…

Submitted by: paddler233783 on 8/26/2010
Bought from REI after reading reviews of how stable it was and the features of built in cooler, cupholders, and dry box. I am a highly experienced kayaker, but this was my first canoe. I put my wife, son, and dog in it on a local lake.

Stability: Tracking was not very good. This canoe is very wide for its length. Imagine a round bowl with two pointy ends. It is also tipsy for being so wide. They say there are no tipsy boats, just tipsy boaters, but this canoe did not live up to my expectations for lateral stability, esp given the width.

Speed: Slow. This canoe is very heavy for its size. The weight combined with the width made for a tiring paddle.

Weight: Heavy. Very heavy for its short 14 feet.
Features: Dry box o-ring failed, and I ruined my cell phone ($200) and camera ($300), gee, thanks. The cooler has a cheesy plastic latch that did not stay closed. Cup holders were a hit. However, this centrally mounted accessory meant no carry yolk, it took up a lot of room (in a short canoe) and just added weight.

Seats: Molded, and bolted in. They were comfy but very heavy.
Car rack: The width was too wide for our car rack (Toy 4-Runner!) If we had kept it, we would have had to get a carrier. Also, the bow handle bent from the tie-downs, which were only tight enough to keep it from moving laterally.

I took it back for a refund, and I do not recommend this canoe. It was made to a cheap price point and its performance suffered in every category.
Spend the money on a better canoe.


After searching for a canoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2008
After searching for a canoe to beginning fishing once again, I settled on the OT Sport Canoe at Sam’s. After examining it, reading about it and talking to my wife, I planned to buy the canoe the next week, but one came up for sale locally. The price was right ($350) for the canoe, paddles and car kit. It was the same one as at Sam’s but about $100 cheaper.

The OT Sport canoe, as others have mentioned, is made by Johnson Outdoors and sold under other names such as Field and Stream. The OT Sport canoe is made well for being 14 feet long and 41 inches wide. The weight of the canoe is 84 pounds; one person can handle it as long as you watch your stability.

I have had this canoe out on the local river as much as I can and have found my experience to be a good one. My neighbor noticed how stable the canoe was in the water and how the wake from the passing boats was not as bad as in his canoe. The seats are molded plastic with small accessory indentations for holding small items. The center seat has a dry storage container, a cooler, drink holders and paddle holders. The dry storage is perfect for holding a wallet, fishing license, cell phone, keys and other valuables. The cooler makes a decent cooler, but we have found it best as a small live well for panfish. The cup holders are invaluable since my greatest fishing companions are my children. The paddle holder is nice because of the elastic cord. (I might have to replace my elastic cord in the near future. The canoe is easy to paddle; just remember it is a canoe. If you do not want to paddle, the canoe is rated for a five horsepower engine. My girls and I can paddle the canoe with no problems at all. When I paddle alone, I have no problems paddling and guiding the canoe into various spots along the river.

I rate this canoe high because of its durability. The body of the canoe is a hard plastic, which takes a beating and keeps on ticking. Aluminum canoes take a beating and get a dent, but this canoe deflects trees, branches and other floating objects. Being a hard plastic, the canoe is quiet if you are trying to fish. The bottom does not ting and ding like aluminum canoes.

If you are looking for a canoe to begin your journey, I would recommend the OT Sport Canoe. It is a great deal for the money and for the boat.


I recently bought this canoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2008
I recently bought this canoe at Sam's. It was the display model and for $170 with paddles, I could not pass it up. This canoe is made by Johnson Outdoors who also owns Old Town Canoes. You will find this OT Sport 14 under other names as well, such as Rogue River and Field & Stream (at Dicks Sporting Goods) according to the manual.

For the money, this is a decent canoe for use on mostly quiet water. It's wider than most which helps stability but gets in the way for efficient paddling, and like all "poly" canoes, it's a bit heavy. All I can say about those who complain about this canoe's stability is that they must be really new to canoeing, because we have no issues at all with it. I gave it an 8 simply because it's a low end recreational canoe. With this in mind, it's hard to beat.


I bought this canoe last year…

Submitted by: paddler232617 on 6/4/2008
I bought this canoe last year at Sam's and gotta say, it was money well spent. Hard to find any reasonably priced canoe's in good shape anywhere. I looked everywhere and found this one late in the year and on sale, so I got a pretty good deal.

There's a bunch of lakes around here that are state maintained and motors are not allowed. We live in Alaska and need a pretty durable canoe, this has held up pretty good. I would like to strengthen up the bottom of it somehow to keep the scratches to a minimum. Not sure how I would do that, maybe some fiberglass resin would help.

Overall I give it a 8, like the last review said, it is kind of tipsey, and doesn't scream in the water but it is a canoe. My kids would give it a ten though. We fished our favorite hole the day before I bought the canoe and barely caught 2 trout. Took the canoe out the next day, filled a stringer and was throwing some back. They love it.


The OT Sport 14 is new to the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2007
The OT Sport 14 is new to the Old town line ( it isn't even on there web yet). This boat is perfect for family outings and for taking out fishing lakes and calm rivers. The only reason that I give it an 8 and not a ten is because there was a bit of oil-canning and it did feel a little your sudden movements and you won't have a problem. Sure this is no speed demon, but that isn't what canoeing is about anyhow. I paddled with a buddy in front and it did fine. I paddled it solo from the stern seat and also did fine...wouldn't want to do it for a long period of time but if you are just looking to get out to a quick fishing spot you'll do just fine. This boat is pretty durable, comes with handy features built into it (six-pack cooler, paddle holder,and 6 inch dry hatch), and affordable($500 for the boat, two economy Carlisle paddles, and two Stearn's p.f.d.'s). I am sure my family will get years of enjoyment out of it! Keep your paddle wet!!!