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I've been using this paddle…

Submitted by: jrp001 on 7/31/2020
I've been using this paddle for just over a year now. I'll say that the construction is meticulous; it's beautifully made. The wood shaft is smooth, stiff, and nicely shaped to fit the hand. It has a center lamination of carbon to enhance stiffness. The ferrule, also carbon is perfectly fit to the shaft and assembles with virtually no play; locking into position with a typical button lock. The blade is their "Kiska" shaped, labeled "Grand" as it's somewhat larger than the standard shape, yet smaller than their "Wave Walker" blade. Weight is acceptable considering the shaft is wood. While heavier than, say, a Werner carbon paddle, it's still quite acceptable. What I've come to not like it's that the ferrule was only able to be set to one feather angle: not adjustable. I had to choose one angle and live with it. I live with it, though I do think a more adjustable ferrule would be preferable. The blade is full carbon and quite light. It's appears to be a one piece body of carbon cloth without the foam core that's found in say, Werner carbon blades. As a result I find it less buoyant, less able to pop out of the water on recovery as a foam cored blade. The blade has a very slight dihedral on the power face, and a very distinct spine on the back face. Without the very smooth surfaces as on another makers blades, I find the blades somewhat noisy at the catch, and more difficult to control during "in water" maneuvers. I'm not necessarily saying hard to control; just not as effortless as some. It's an expensive paddle; and all good paddles are expensive: No complaint with that. This one is a bit more so. Still, a finely made paddle that'll hold up to hard use. If Nimbus offers another round of custom made paddles like this you couldn't really go wrong to get one.

Great carbon paddle, with…

Submitted by: novashores on 1/23/2020

Great carbon paddle, with solid company behind them, good for custom sizing, easy to deal with. Good price point on a solid no frills paddle, that the company stands behind. They did a wonderful job fixing up the ferrule and blade of another paddle that I have from them, over 15 years old, and now looks like new for good cost on it.


Retiring my old paddle

Submitted by: Bill-the-Cat on 1/15/2017

I'm thinking about buying a new paddle. My well-used and well-loved Kiska (two-piece, carbon) is starting to show its wear and tear.

I've used my Kiska paddle for over ten years and it's never failed to feel light, agile, and adept with every stroke, every time I put my kayak in the water. It's sturdy, too. A little chipped and beat up, but if I wanted, I could expect many more years of use. Now it's a good time to retire it to the rear deck as a very reliable back up. I love this paddle.


I have two nimbus paddles,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/27/2016
I have two nimbus paddles, kiska short for playing in current and new wave walker longer for tripping

They made a small grip for me and used there new carbon graphite, it is lighter than Werner and handles perfectly and much less expensive as a bonus, although that was not my motive

I also have a small grip Werner but heavy and they only have select paddles with small grip

So if you have smaller hands this is company for you!

They were also super nice and took less than 19 days to recieve BC to Washington!


I have a 2 piece, 210cm,…

Submitted by: rainynights on 8/27/2014
I have a 2 piece, 210cm, carbon shaft Kiska paddle. The blade is made of a basalt/carbon mix. My paddle is very lightweight but very strong. It has a nice bite, clean release and no flutter! The paddle comes apart very easily, which is very important. One of my other 2 piece paddle from a different company, had to be sprayed each time before I used it or it would not pull apart.

Nimbus offers a great lightweight carbon paddle for half the price as some other companies. Nimbus will make your paddle to whatever specs you want. You don't have to go by the standard 220cm, 230cm etc. I received my paddle about 1 week after placing my order. I'm very happy I found this company. I got a great paddle,& saved a ton of money!