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Blazer 16 Description

The Blazer 16 is a canoe brought to you by Mohawk Canoes. Read Blazer 16 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

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Blazer 16 Reviews

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I bought this fiberglass...

I bought this fiberglass canoe used but in great condition. I liked the shape of the hull (looked like it would be pretty efficient) and the color (dark green). It weighs about 60 pounds so it's pretty easy for me to load on the top of the car by myself. After loading it I was surprised how well it traveled (at highway speeds I wouldn't know it was there besides the end sticking over the hood of the car).

I've had it on the lakes around my home many times over this summer and when it's in the water it's not the most stable canoe I've been in but it's far from tippy. It is efficient through the water as I expected which makes going to the islands on the lakes easy. I and my family have enjoyed camping on the islands some this year. This canoe handles carrying loads well too and was what we loaded most of the camping gear into when we camped.

My only complaint is that when it's loaded near its maximum capacity the tracking suffers some. This may just be this one but I did find it was harder for me to get it to track when it was loaded to around 550 to 600 pounds (three adults and camping gear for a week). The advantage was that when it got going it would "glide" for a very long time at that weight and maintained speed effortlessly if we paddled continuously. All in all I love this canoe enough to take it out solo from time to time. The only issue when it's that light is crosswinds but I've learned to expect that in any canoe.

My 1979 Mohawk Blazer 16...

My 1979 Mohawk Blazer 16 fiberglass is a work horse canoe. Not fastest. Not lightest. Not the most maneuverable, not the most straight tracking. What it is best at being is a great compromise canoe. At a great price point that dose a lot of things good. The foam stiffeners in the bottom helps the performance.
This canoe is still available from Classfive canoes.

In 1987, I purchased a 16...

In 1987, I purchased a 16 ft Mohawk canoe, in KEVLAR. I got a steal of a deal as the dealer told about several "blemished" canoes that I could order direct from Mohawk. In those "good old days" a new Kevlar was around $1000. I got one for $750 and it included shipping because it came with a dozen fiberglass ones she had already coming!

I was there waiting when they were unloaded from the truck. Upon helping her move several glass canoes out of the way to get to mine, I was shocked as to how light my Kevlar was compared to the glass ones. It is rated at 44 lbs. Back then I could reach over, snatch it up over my head and walk off with it. That is a very impressive thing to do in front of others at the canoe launch, when the others are struggling with heavy aluminum logs and fiberglass barges!

Well its been 27 years and my Kevlar has been one heck of a canoe. My wife and I have paddles all over the 10,000 islands of Everglades, all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Now in my late 60's, I can't snatch it up over my head anymore, but this fantastic canoe still gets us where we wanna go. Sure it has taken some dings and we even cracked the chine on a boulder on the Elijay R. in north Ga. The damage was easily repaired with a gel coat kit and a patch. The factory guy told me how that would have been a disaster in a glass canoe, as the "crack" was only on the gel coat and the Kevlar fibers had refused to break.

Our Golden Retriever, Kaci has finally learned to sit still and she goes canoeing on the Elk River with us here in Northern Alabama.

In closing, we love our 16' Mohawk in Kevlar.

I got my 96 Blazer 16...

I got my 96 Blazer 16 Kevlar last year (used) in excellent condition. The build is very nice. It is fiberglass with some Kevlar hidden in there somewhere. It weighs in at 55 lbs. on my scale. The bow seat was way to far forward and the seats were cane.

I bought new nylon webbed seats and moved the bow seat about 12 inches back. What a difference! Now it paddles great, and is much more stable when my girlfriend and I go fishing. At 55 lbs. it is easy to car top and it is pretty fast on the water. I'm very happy with this canoe after the seat move.