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Sportspal S-14 Reviews

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very stable in the water…

Submitted by: paddler548933 on 1/23/2020

very stable in the water good for fishing but slow and cumbersome as comparted to your kayak. Need to have both to enjoy just gliding with no effort.


I bought my canoe 4 years…

Submitted by: paddler424481 on 4/10/2018

I bought my canoe 4 years ago to fish the lakes north of Tulsa Oklahoma with my 7 yr old son. He is now 11 and we were looking at "upgrading" to a tracker bass boat to gain more space, when my son suggested we just buy a second canoe.. We have both stood and fished in this boat at the same time. When I bought it, I bought the out rigger kit as well. We used it about 2 times, The boat is so stable, they were just in the way. I think my boy was right we will just buy another canoe....more mobile than the bass boat, and I will not be boat poor.


Just purchased a new…

Submitted by: JoeFaz on 10/11/2016
Just purchased a new Sportspal S-14. I love the way it glides along, perfect for me, a guy who wants peace, quiet and serenity when he paddles, not looking to go anywhere fast.

My only issue with it is the way the thwarts are spaced. Neither one is near the natural center of balance and can not be reached when trying to lift it onto my Jeep. I'm hoping to find a remedy for this, maybe a clamp-on yoke or something.
Otherwise, it's going to be a great canoe and a purchase well worth it.


Just took out our newly…

Submitted by: paddler236871 on 6/16/2016

Just took out our newly purchased 14 foot Sportspal and love it. We have teenage grandkids and they hopped into the lake to swim and can climb back in with no problem. This canoe is so stable and glides along with little effort. My wife and I are in our 60s and can load and unload on the roof rack of our Jeep Liberty easily. This 14 foot is only 55 lbs so I have loaded it by myself. I have the Thule Canoe Portage Carrier mounts on the cross bars so they take some shifting around easier with two people. Love this canoe! there are youtube videos you can check out. I am so glad I made this choice.

This ships by tractor trailer and is packaged very well enclosed completely in a box. Some carriers wanted to make you come to their terminal to pick up but I ordered mine from Molner Outdoor and they ship to your home. It comes with a statement of origin to get it registered if your state requires it.


I have a new square stern…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/20/2011
I have a new square stern Sportspal, 14'. It is a fine, stable canoe, but I found it impossible to steer my 2.5 hp Suzuki comfortably with the rear seat so far back; just too much weight so far back, causing the prow to ride too high in the water. So, I removed the rear thwart by drilling out the rivets. Then, I fabricated an 8" wide bench seat (from channel aluminum), which attaches under the gunnels and also serves as a thwart. I mounted a swivel and a fold down boat seat on this bench seat and found a high quality throttle extender online (the adjustable one with the knuckle joint, otherwise a long extender can be awkward to use). This makes the canoe a pleasure to use with the motor or an extra long kayak paddle. The oars and oarlocks that came with the canoe were not very useful. A nice design feature for the Sportspal or other aluminum canoe would be to have movable thwarts.