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Baboosic Description

A solo canoe designed by Randy Pew for the most demanding paddlers, the Baboosic is quick, agile and, capable of performing even the most intricate maneuvers. The Baboosic is ideal for the adventurous soul looking for a solo boat for those unpredictable backwater camping or paddling excursions. If freestyle is your liking, this little canoe performs freestyle moves with ease while exceeding the ardent desires of the most discriminating paddler.

Baboosic Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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Baboosic Reviews

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Bought a Baboosic in…

Submitted by: paddler1726430 on 11/1/2021

Bought a Baboosic in December of 2020, took possession of it September 1st of 2021. September 16th I was paddling the Sturgeon river near Indian River, Michigan, when the current pushed me against a log jam, and broke the canoe almost completely in half. It was beautiful, but not very functional.


Great Boat! Graceful.…

Submitted by: timburris on 8/12/2009
Great Boat! Graceful. Beautiful. Wonderful workmanship. I originally purchased a used Baboosic because I wanted to experiment with freestyle canoeing. This is a great boat for freestyle, and I have since bought a second one. That should tell you how highly I think of this boat. The Baboosic is considered a big boat by a lot of freestylers, but I am 6 feet and 180# and have no problem getting a vertical paddle, even with cross strokes. I am able to kneel transversely, which lets me get both knees near the gunnels comfortably. This boat exudes confidence at the rails. On edge, I can do stem-to-stem sweeps and literally turn on a dime. I can take it past the rails and let water slip in with confidence.

My first Baboosic had been used on rivers quite a bit and has a few scars to prove it. It is an excellent creek boat. I now use that boat on any river where I don’t expect to bash into rocks. Because of its maneuverability, you can work around the obstacles, negating the need of a Royalex boat. I would think it ideal for small twisty streams like the Pine Barrens, I just haven’t paddled them. It is fun for eddy turns and peel outs. I kept my Royalex Bell Wildfire (with air bags) for Class II and rocks. Otherwise, moving water is a great place for the Baboosic.

I had read the reviews about how the Baboosic was surprisingly fast on flat water. I was skeptical, but was also surprised the first time I took it out on the lake with a kayaker. No, it won't set any speed records, and it won't glide like a dedicated lake boat; but for a jack-of-all-trades it is fast. A good forward stroke will pay dividends.

So now I have two Baboosics. One for moving water, and one for freestyle and lakes. If you want a great turning boat that travels across flat water and can carry a load, the Baboosic fits the bill.


I first paddled a Baboosic…

Submitted by: LeeGoodnight on 3/16/2009
I first paddled a Baboosic three years ago at the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival. It was shortly after having purchased my first solo boat, a Bell Flashfire, and I felt that the Baboosic was a bit beamy although it handled well. I acquired a Baboosic last summer and used it for several day fishing trips. It reminds me of a mini version of my Prospector. It tracks well and glides wonderfully. I finally used it on an overnight trip under challenging conditions; a strong headwind with gusts of 25 mph. It tracked well and I had no trouble keeping pace with the seven kayaks in the party. Loaded the Baboosic is very stable and responsive. I have found the perfect solo boat for me! I'm not sure of the layup since it is a used boat but it's not too heavy. I'm a 6', 195 lb., 60+ year old and I have no trouble getting it on and off my Subaru Outback and carrying it 50 yards or so.

The visual impact of the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/30/2002
The visual impact of the Baboosic is almost palpable; such is the level of the craftsmanship evident in its construction. So much so, that I have even had non-canoeists comment on it. Once the boat is on the water, it becomes readily apparent that the same level of craftsmanship went into its design, as well. I can only echo the sentiment expressed in one of the previous reviews: this is the finest little boat I have ever paddled. Having said that, I add this caveat: no matter how much some readers may desire that these reviews be objective, there is always one large subjective variable --the individual paddler with their biases, their preferences, and their unique skill-level, all of which influence their objectivity. One paddler's hard-tracking boat that's easy to turn with a 'bit' of lean is another paddler's hard-tracker that resists turning unless leaned precariously, even if the degree of lean is the same for both paddlers.

The Baboosic is not a hard tracker, though it tracks, and glides, surprisingly well for a boat with 3 inches of rocker. It also is not difficult to hold into the wind. Nor does it weather cock in a following wind. If you're looking for a boat that carves graceful turns; the Baboosic is not it; the symetrical rocker causes the stern to 'skid' around in a turn. But the boat will turn on a dime. Some people characterize this boat as initially skittish. I do not. The Baboosic, as noted in other reviews, will lock to the rail when leaned. Even the slightest lean induces that feel of 'push-back', which increases the more one leans. Once one is aware of this, feelings of initial 'tenderness' become a moot point, and you find yourself not even thinking about it. The boat is 30 inches wide at the paddling station. Whether one likes that, or not, is a personal preference. It's not an issue for me. The seat, strung with extremely taut nylon cord, is the most comfortable canoe seat I've ever placed my derrierre on, upwards to 7 hours at a stretch. I've taken this boat on week long camping trips. It handled the load and various conditions encountered with aplomb.

Lastly, I have never paddled a boat like the Baboosic. It's so light and responsive on the water, it's like paddling a leaf. I feel like I am part of the experience; not an intruder. It's canoeing the way I think it should be.


I was fortunate enough to be…

Submitted by: paddler229937 on 9/26/2002
I was fortunate enough to be one of the first folks to have one of the Kevlar versions of the Baboosic. Everything said about the handling is right on track. But the quality of the boat, the attention to detail, and the craftsmanship all set this boat apart from any of the competition. I could only compare the beauty of this canoe with some of the high dollar cedar strips I've seen. All around, the finest little boat I've ever paddled. I've heard that Merrimack is back in production. Excellent! This type of craftsmanship needs to be around for a long, long time!

Cool boat. Roomy. Some people…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/15/2000
Cool boat. Roomy. Some people think it's bit too wide - including myself. I still wouldn't mind owning one since it's beautiful, comfortable, and does many things very well (freestyle, carrying a big load, great for rivers, good for lakes). The boat does not cruise as efficiently as some solo boats. A Baboosic is an easy boat to fall in love with; if you find a good used one at a good price and you want a solo boat, this is a fine choice.

No boat does everything well,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2000
No boat does everything well, but the BABOOSIC handles most paddling with great class. On flatwater she tracks very well for so much rocker, on moving water every trip is a great trip - so gentle to paddle. Freestyle paddling really shows off a side of the BABOOSIC that is not readily apparent and she heels so effortlessly to the rails. The BABOOSIC's traditional lines and beautiful ribbed construction is nostalgic in the current era of Betty Crocker - pop out of the oven canoes. But yes, the "good die young" and no more BABOOSICs or any other of the great canoes from MERRIMACK will be built.

The Baboosic is a wonderfully…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/6/1999
The Baboosic is a wonderfully responsive canoe for the solo, technical paddler. It does indeed make a grand Freestyle boat. It locks at the rail with confidence and provides stability that inspires the paddler to push the limits of ability----and fun! If Merrimac ever produces the boat in lightweight Kevlar or carbon fiber, I'm sure it will become even more popular than it already is! While best suited for the average to larger paddler, the Baboosic is a terrific boat for all paddlers who like room to use a variety of kneeling positions and a stable platform to execute advanced Freestyle maneuvers.

The Baboosic is a beautiful…

Submitted by: paddler229212 on 4/5/1999
The Baboosic is a beautiful canoe to behold and a fun one to paddle. It is basically a sized-down Prospector. It has plenty of rocker but tracks surprisingly well given this fact. I like to fool around with freestyle technique and it really shines when you lean it. I believe it would be a great boat to play in class II whitewater except for the the fact that the fiberglass/wood (cherry ribs) hull isn't built to withstand that kind of abuse (the manufacturer cautions against it).