14' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Tennessean Description

The Tennessean, third generation of the original Merrimack style, culminates 40 years of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. With inspiration from his Granddad's Osprey and his Dad's Souhegan, Randy Pew designed the Tennessean for stability, ease of paddling and comfort. It handles equally well solo or tandem and is an excellent choice for the discriminating paddler. Whether fishing, running non-technical rivers, or just paddling around, the Tennessean is a canoe every paddler should consider

Tennessean Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

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I purchased a 16 ft Souhegan…

Submitted by: paddler786214 on 5/29/2020
I purchased a 16 ft Souhegan on 12/5/1993 from a NJ dealer I have enjoyed many trips with wife and black lab. I always remember a terrible rain storm near Bastos village where we hauled out and covered with the canoe. When we lifted the canoe after the down pour we didn't see our dog. We finally located her with legs spread out inside the overturned canoe frightened terribly by the storm. I also saw an identicall canoe in blue FG at a sport store in Mysuru Japan on the Sea of Japan in 1998.

I am new to canoeing having…

Submitted by: tugboat on 7/27/2013
I am new to canoeing having only been in the USA for just over a year. I live in Tennessee and looking at the rivers in this state decided a canoe was the best option to follow my hobby of photography. I researched looking for a canoe that would meet my needs in the years ahead. I did not want to lose my camera equipment so a stable platform was needed.

I am now 63 years old so light weight was essential in order to get it on the roof of my vehicle. And it had to be pleasing on the eye. I made contact with Randy at Merrimack canoes and was invited to meet him at his workshop. He made myself and my wife feel very welcome, like old friends. He showed us the production progress, from the beginning to the end. The different canoes that he produces and, he took the time to explain their different paddling characteristics of each model. He also provided a lot of information on paddling the local area.

I was initially looking at the Osprey designed by his grandfather, but eventually decided on the Tennessean. A compromise between ease of paddle and stability. I have been out on the rivers several times and unfortunately put a few scratches on the beautiful finish by hitting a few submerged rocks. But I purchased this work of art to use not look at. Despite my novice status, at no time do I feel unsafe paddling alone, and my cameras have remained dry.

It is very responsive for a lone novice paddler, and also for a duo. Plenty of room for my gear, easy to connect my camera mount to and a very nice backrest to just sit there and fish. I took part in our local paddlefest for local children. A lot of comments and admirers of the canoe before during and after the 8 mile paddle.

Anyone looking for a quality canoe, made by a gentleman craftsman or just looking for sound advise should contact Randy at Merrimack Canoes. Hopefully you will come away as pleased as I am. Even if you do not purchase, just to listen to the history of Merrimack canoes from Randy as he speaks about his family involvement, past, present and future will be a delightful and educating experience.


The owner Randy is very…

Submitted by: tugboat on 4/3/2013
The owner Randy is very knowledgeable and makes the time to answer your concerns and show you just how your canoe is made. A very pleasant buying experience and the canoe is much more stable than I expected it to be. Well done Merrimack!

I'm completely satisfied with…

Submitted by: paddler232908 on 10/1/2008
I'm completely satisfied with my new Tennessean. I spent a lot of time in Canadian wood/canvas canoes and was reluctant to get into modern materials, but this is a perfect blend of old and new.

Prior reviewers correctly raved about Merrimack's good looks and craftsmanship. Jim at Merrimack was as accommodating and informative as could be, and then some. The Tennessean performs exactly as represented: an ideal cruiser for rivers and small bays of the Florida panhandle, even with some wind from the Gulf.

It's light but not flimsy. Stable but definitely not a tub. Smooth paddling solo or tandem. Easy to carry and tucks away in the garage. I expect to put many happy nautical miles on this heirloom quality vessel.
PS: Merrimack's line of cherry wood paddles are also first rate.


The show room of the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/20/2007
The show room of the Merrimack Canoe Company is an anachronism. The quality, beauty and craftsmanship that define the Merrimack canoe is almost impossible to find in our world today. Yet the combination of traditional and high tech materials (carbon fiber) used in their construction make another statement. "How can something this wonderful be built using these materials"? Although it is tough to get past the aesthetic statement made when looking at the boat you soon realize that the beauty is much more than skin deep.

I purchased a Tennessean and have loved every minute of time spent on the water with her. She paddles like a silk dream, and weighing under fifty pounds is easily transported on a roof rack. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Merrimack you won't let go. I have been canoeing for almost 50 years. I can honestly say that this is absolutely the best small production canoe on the market.


I had the pleasure of buying…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2006
I had the pleasure of buying a used Tennessean directly from Merrimack, and in the process met Jim the owner, Randy Pew who designed my canoe, and Scott who actually built it. I brought my 7 year old son to pick up the canoe in Crossville, TN and we got to see where these canoes are made. I was expecting a factory., What I saw was a very small group of guys who are the stewards of an art passed down from generations past and who care very much about what they make and how satisfied their customers are. I could have saved a few bucks and bought a plastic boat from a chain store. But I've had my boat out several times now and can tell you it worth every freakin' penny. It is beautiful, handles like a dream, is light enough for my old bones to toss onto the roof of a Suburban solo (and did I say it was beautiful). Look at their website and you'll see a picture of a Tennessean with a crowd of admirers around it. I SWEAR the exact same thing has happened to me every time I've had it out: "What kind of canoe is that?" "What's it made of?" "Did you make that by hand?" "How much did THAT cost?"

Take it out on a beautiful morning or at dusk. Paddle it tandem or solo. Soak in the beauty of the boat and your surroundings, and you'll have what I call a "Bill Mason Moment." You'll know immediately why this canoe is a special thing. Life's too short to ride in a canoe made of recycled drink cups from the stadium. Buy this boat, enjoy this boat, and make sure these fine people can keep making them like Randy's family has done for generations.


Randy sure got this one…

Submitted by: paddler230817 on 8/11/2005
Randy sure got this one right. It handles very well solo or tandem. Whether I'm fly fishing a local stream or just paddling a quiet river, this canoe really attracts the crowd. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the comfort leaves nothing to be desired. At 58lbs it is not at all difficult for a solo paddler to portage or lift on and off of a vehicle. My wife and I are very satisfied with this canoe. It truly does live up to its hype. It really is both beautiful and practical in the traditional wood look.