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Reflection 15

by  Mad River

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Reflection 15 Reviews


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Mad River
Reflection 15 Reviews

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BEST CANOE EVER! Our family…

Submitted by: paddler236941 on 7/12/2016
BEST CANOE EVER! Our family of 6 hits the Boundary Waters every year with 3 kids as young as 2 years, we need a dependable canoe that is lightweight and sturdy that we can take 12+ miles on countless lakes and portages. We have a 17ft Reflection made by Dagger and were in the market to buy another so we were very saddened that Dagger no longer manufactured them. After doing a lot of research we found that Mad River bought the mold and was making them so we purchased one right away and couldn't be happier. The Mad River does sit a little higher than the Dagger but other than that there is really no big difference. One year before we found our Mad River Reflection we rented a Wenonah kevlar canoe and it was pushed all over the lake, they are lightweight for portaging but a lot more work on the water. SOO HAPPY WITH OUR MAD RIVER AND DAGGER REFLECTIONS!

I like our Reflection 15.…

Submitted by: celeste on 8/9/2012
I like our Reflection 15. However I find it a bit too tippy with any of the kids on board. It tracks well and is nice and light.

I bought Mad River's…

Submitted by: Jimbo on 12/6/2009
I bought Mad River's Reflection 15 (formerly produced as the Dagger Reflection 15) at the end of August, 2009, and have been delighted with the design and style of this boat. I immediately added a caned solo seat,(original Mad River seat from REI), 18" behind the portage yoke, and have found this to be a quick, responsive solo canoe that tracks well even in some wind. The narrower beam (32"), makes for a fast and easy glide. It leans/edges well, without feeling tippy. I both kneel on a pad and lean against the seat, like a kneeling thwart, or just sit on the solo seat when my old knees get stiff. And, it works very well as a tandem (it's original purpose!). My wife is pleased with the greater speed and longer glide compared to some former fishing canoes. The weight of the royalex, about 57 lbs, makes for easy car-topping, and I get out at least twice a week! This canoe is designed as a tandem, but with the correctly placed solo seat, works extremely well as both a tandem, or as a sol canoe. My only disappointment was with the gunwale rivets and end caps. Some rivets were not completely pulled through, or were crooked, and the plastic ends and end caps were rough with plastic burrs, and hastily assembled. I might replace these all next year with handmade wooden pieces and scuppered gunwales. Overall, though, a great flatwater, day trip, and shorter tripping boat. Go out a buy one!

I recently bought the…

Submitted by: paddler233419 on 10/14/2009
I recently bought the Reflection 15 2009 with wood. I did a lot of research and considered fiberglass/kevlar as weight was a factor. We are very happy with this canoe, we were worried about lift-ability, but two women can lift this with ease. It tracks well and is a delight to paddle. It was a little tippy at first but I think we needed to just get used to it. Very versatile, light but durable canoe.