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Tuxedo Reviews

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This is a great little rec…

Submitted by: paddler235098 on 7/16/2013
This is a great little rec boat. Easy to maneuver on small streams, lakes, etc. You definitely need a skirt if you are going to do anything over class 2 paddling as it takes on significant water on a steep 3-4' fall. Storage is plentiful behind the seat, though not very accessible while in the boat. I've done several 2-3 night trips out of the boat packing light.

This is a very stable boat,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2011
This is a very stable boat, stays pretty straight but it is not very quick. It is a great boat for beginners and has a very roomy cockpit. It is easy to enter and exit. It also has a real nice comfortable seat with a cup holder built in. It tracks pretty good but not as well as my Emotion Glide Angler - it rides high in the water; my hubby who cannot swim well, likes it because he feels much safer in it. He does not like the Perception because it is too close to the water.
Overall a nice boat for the price.

I found the boat to be…

Submitted by: xwarrior26 on 6/30/2006
I found the boat to be extremely stable and light to carry on my shoulder. The stability I felt while on this kayak made me feel very confident while on the water. I also love the style of the boat and how shiny it looked when I got it - it almost reminded me of a little sportscar. I emailed Liquid Logic to get some stickers and they were more than happy to hook me up with stickers and posters! Great company - great boat and my local paddling shop really thought me a lot about kayaks that I will only buy boats from them.

The Tuxedo is a great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2006
The Tuxedo is a great recreational kayak! I chose this boat over the Pungo 100, Perception Swifty and a couple of others.

I wanted a short, easy to store, haul and maneuver boat. The Tuxedo fits the bill nicely. I know most would recommend a longer boat with more capacity for someone my size (6' 235 lbs) but this boat is what I was looking for. No long trips, no distance or speed records to go after. Just a fun, safe boat to learn good technique and skills in.

First, it's very well made. Liquidlogic boats just look and feel like they are quality products. Good plastic. Second, the boat just fit me right. I could brace my knees and thighs perfectly on the side of the cockpit.

I feel like I have a lot of control over this boat in the water. It has excellent tracking and good stability. Turns on a dime. It probably feels a little more "tippy" than some rec kayaks but it's a good tradeoff for the tracking and speed.

I am very happy with my purchase. I am having a blast learning to paddle in this boat!

On a side note, I emailed LL to have some questions answered and they were very friendly and helpful. Nice to know you have the support of the manufacturer.


My family loves the boat…

Submitted by: paddler231066 on 5/10/2005
My family loves the boat (kids ages 12, 9, & 7). I’d give the boat an 8 when we bought it, but now it gets a 9 (not sure if a 10 exists) with the extras we’ve added: thin gel seat pad (for the 10+ mile days), rear deck rigging, paddle holder rigging, and we replaced the plastic carrying handles with stainless U bolts & more robust handles. A great boat & a great value.

I'm surprised that there are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/24/2004
I'm surprised that there are only two other reviews on this wonderful kayak, so here goes...
My wife and I started kayaking this summer (lakes and Class I streams). Our first kayak was a tandem and our dealer predicted that we would be back in two weeks to purchase individual kayaks; he was right! Of the many choices he had, he steered us to the Tuxedo. We are happy that he did.

I'm 63 and my wife is...(I'm not that crazy). Anyway, the Tuxedo was a great choice. It took a little while to get used to the initial 'tipsy' feel of the boat, but now we don't even notice. They are very stable, track well, turn great, and are just plain fun!

Our local dealer just received a shipment of new 2005 kayaks. As we admired the new selection, my wife's answer, when I would ask, "What do you think about this one?" was, "I like my Tuxedo." I couldn't interest her in another kayak. I think that says it all.

I agree with most of the comments in the other reviews and won't repeat them all. The reason that I gave it a 9 is: (1) It would be nice to have bungee deck rigging on the aft deck. The tap holes for the anchoring points are molded into the deck. I don't understand why Liquidlogic didn't install the aft deck rigging. (2) The seat back can only be adjusted by exiting the boat; the buckle is in an awkward place and takes two hands to adjust. (3) We had to add some extra padding in the seat, but I think this is probably common with most kayaks.

I have the feeling that we will wear our Tuxedos out before we outgrow them. Great little boats for the price!


Ok, I know 10 is as high a…

Submitted by: paddler230621 on 6/14/2004
Ok, I know 10 is as high a rating as one can give, but, after testing other recreational kayaks at a local paddle-fest, I completely fell in love with the Liquidlogic Tuxedo. It handles and tracks great on a lake or river, and is very stable, without being too stable to have fun in. You can actually lean it into a turn without tipping, unlike some extremely wide kayaks. It kind of leans so far and holds you there without rolling over. It has an awesome feel on the water.

When I first got the boat last month, (my first kayak) I mainly stuck to lakes and fished from the boat. I caught many fish including bass, pickerel, and catfish. It is stable enough to cast a line in any direction without any worries at all.

Yesterday, I tried my first class I river run, which included a foot-and-a-half drop off, and the boat handled beautifully. It was a 10.6 mile run (according to the GPS). I slid over rocks, boulders, and slipped through the one foot waves with no problem. I did take on some water going over the small drop-off, so I'm now considering a spray skirt to stay dry when I try out some class II rapids!!!!

I would definitely recomend this boat for anyone who wants to paddle lakes and class I and II rivers...but would recomend the spray skirt for anything over class one! The seat is great, its got front deck rigging, and adjustable foot braces for comfort. And the seat back folds forward with lots of room for some sizeable gear to be stowed away behind the seat. There's enough room to empty your back-pack into the area behind the seat and do some overnight or week-end paddling trips.


If you go through this site…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/19/2003
If you go through this site you will see many 10 out of 10s - it becomes misleading after awhile. I mean really - is the industry really that proficient? In some case - yes.

Rec boats are a dichotomy, they really try to be good at about everything, while really being great at nothing. As consumers - especially novice kayakers - our expectations are quite high. A lot of negative comments for these boats come from people who try and use them for some extended purpose. Not their humble intentions. If you want to do large open water trekking get a sea kayak, you want to river run (Class III and up) or steep creek, get an appropriate whitewater boat. But if your interests are more humble - then you have "trekreation" as Liquidlogic calls it.

Personally I wanted a boat for small rivers (up to Class II), and small lakes and ponds. I wanted it to be easy to car top and store. Fly fishing, nature photography where ancillary requirements but still important. It also needed to be appropriate for my 11 year old daughter, who would be using it for the same purposes, maybe more often than I.

Perception, Dagger, Old Town, Wilderness System and others all make appropriate boats, and you should test them all. I tested a ton of boats and did way more research than I probably needed to, and finally decided on the Tuxedo by Liquidlogic. We actually liked it so much we ran out and got a Sapphire as well.

We couldn't be happier with the boat. This boat is simply amazing. Good initial AND secondary stability (something not all boats in this category have), maneuverable, great tracking, with decent speed.

It is not quite as stable as some other really, really wide rec boats, but that is what makes it track better and go faster. That said, stability is not an issue, you would have to really try to roll this thing, yet it is easy to roll it back up. So cool.

This thing amazes me as to how it can turn on a dime, and does so only when I want it to!! The hull design on these boats are simply awesome. It is obvious Liquidlogic take their trekreation boats very seriously.

This boat may also be the best bargain going. There are no frills with this boat, it is simply bare bones quality all the way. The seat is spectacular, though the padding that is on the other LL models make it the best in its class (for me).

My only wish is that all manufacturers would add security bars on their rec boats, some of us do float rivers and need to shuttle back.

I give this boat an honest 9 out of 10, because for the price I can think of no way they could improve it (other than a security bar).

Liquidlogic is incredible.