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  • Weight: 38 lbs

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I purchased this new about...

I purchased this new about 1 year ago and it has been an awesome investment. It has done a lower class III and been a good boat on the lake. Yes after about 20yds on any water you might have to adjust with a quick paddle but this has been a very stable and straight yak. Storage hatch with space is very convenient.

I have owned a Sapphire...

I have owned a Sapphire for 4 years and used it in about as many different situations as a PA paddler can envision. It falls into an odd category where I don't believe there is such a rating as a '10' - it is not a whitewater boat... yet I've had mine on class III or perhaps better. It is not a creek boat... yet I've had mine on flooded feeder streams narrower than the boat is long. And it definitely is not a touring boat...though I've had mine across 5 mile lakes and fished from it for days. In a nutshell, I believe it compares favorably to an Old Town Rush or Perception Swifty. It is more boat than both, and a definite class upgrade from an Otter or Heritage Featherlite.

I own 2 Sapphires, one with and without a storage hatch. I definitely prefer the storage hatch...for consolidation of valuables in a capsize situation. I find many of these reviews accurate about the full length keel - it is flawed. On flat water, you will grow tired of steering, this boat cannot track straight for more than 20 feet without paddling. Its overall shape feels 'blunt' as though it could be streamlined. The boat keeps its senses though, and doesn't choke in tough spots. 4 foot drops scare the paddler more than the boat, and chaotic becomes routine as the boat stays predictable in tough stuff.

Big pro's: 1 boat, very many uses. Comfortable enough to spend 5 hours in it. Decent storage for a boat this short. Brave enough to tackle any element.

Big con's: it won't track...oddly goes backwards better than forward. Holds a ton of water in a capsize event, and can be challenging to get back into after a wreck. Cockpit is so big, no skirt won't buckle with that much water on it. Too tippy to stand up in. Never got mine to roll, just so easy to fall out of that giant cockpit.

I've never sat in a more 'touring' or 'whitewater' - at the same time - rec boat. It feels 'featured-up' much like a bigger boat, yet doesn't become driftwood in crazy class III chaos.

I just bought my LL...

I just bought my LL Sapphire, after about a year of research, and checking into various MFG, and types of Kayaks. I choose the LL Sapphire after a test paddle of 4 plus boat in one day. I found that the Sapphire was the best multi use boat I had been in. I first thought it was "tippy" but that was my fault for not adjusting the foot pegs to allow me to lock into and control the boat, once I was adjusted I think this is as stable a boat as you will get, in this size. As for comfort I can paddle all day and then some. I would recommend the Liquidlogic Sapphire to any one as a multi use Kayak.

I bought this boat used...

I bought this boat used after reading several e-pinions on line, and I must say I am completely satisfied. I use it for both lake and river running. The cockpit is large enough for my frame and the seat is quite comfortable. As for the full length keel that has presented a problem exactly one time and that was completely my fault. The guy ahead of me went left when we both thought he was going right. I hit the rock dead on and spun backward. But once again it was my fault not the boats. If the other guy still has his sapphire for sale let me know I will come and get it over Christmas break.

I rented one of these...

I rented one of these before buying and was glad I did. I found that the Saphire goes all over the place in light currents and is difficult to control. I wanted to try a boat with a larger cockpit since I'm over 200lbs but I was not happy with this boat at all.

OK, I'll bring a little...

OK, I'll bring a little balance to these reviews. The boat is definitely in the 'recreational' class, meaning it isn't solidly one type or another, meaning long and fit for sweet tracking or short and totally agile. Of course, that's why one buys it, to get something in between. The risk is having a boat that's good at nothing. Or, one that is versatile.

I've been pleased with the Sapphire's versatility. I've had it out on a flat river with major current (and out it's mouth), open ocean, ledgy coastline, tidal flats with lots of currents, marshes, quiet river. Though I have to work a bit harder than my friend with the 17 ft. bullet kayak, I'm much more maneuverable than he is. And, I can follow my wife down whitewater. You don't get a 9 foot kayak for the tracking; go longer if that's what you're really after. Given how short this thing is, I'm impressed with where it _does_ successfully go.

I don't think this boat is unstable at all, having tried quite a few others. Its 6 or so inches of flat side give it a high tipping point, you have to really lean it over to tip it. It's very comfortable and roomy but adjustable to box yourself in when you need to tighten up the ride. Sealing compartment. Overall, I'm pleased with , can take it out to many settings. I agree that a 9 footer in the water beats a 16 footer on the rack.

I bought my Sapphire last...

I bought my Sapphire last year. It is unstable and difficult to manuever where there are crosscurrents. That full-length keel on the bottom is a real pain in the butt every time I hit shallow water. It catches every weird little cross current, generally when I'm aiming for a chute, and sends me all doo-whonkers. I spend so much time compensating for problems caused by that keel that I really don't enjoy my trips out on the water as much as I should be able to. I tried this boat out in a relatively still pool - I think if you are lake kayaking, it might be ok, or on deeper, slow-moving creeks and rivers, but frankly, under those conditions I'd go with a longer boat anyway. Anywhere where you have shallows or places where you're going to run into cross-currents, this boat majorly sucks. I'm buying a Dagger Element and the Sapphire is for sale.

I would NEVER put a kid or novice in this boat - it is very very tippy and unstable for a recreational kayak. If you do get hung up on some rocks because of the keel, you have to be VERY careful or you'll swamp the boat. It is manueverable - that's what sold me on it originally - but it tracks very poorly. I pretty much have to paddle continuously to keep it in line. Again, it may be ok on a lake, but its no good on the small creeks and rivers where I commonly kayak.

I was shocked at the...

I was shocked at the reviews for this kayak. I totally disagree. I had previously only tried out the Dimension from Old Town and was hooked. I rented a Sapphire locally and was so disappointed in the performance. It does not track worth beans! We were exhausted after a day on the water. So unlike the other kayak we had tried. I wouldn't recommend this kayak at all.

These boats fit the bill...

These boats fit the bill for us in every way...light, stable and just plain sharp. We bought them at the 2003 Adirondack Paddlefest and have been very happy with our decision. Tracking is good without loss of maneuverability. The cockpit is large and the seat is comfortable and adjustable. We are on the large side and these boats still fit us well. Nice foot braces and lots of storage room inside. Very happy buyers.

This is a cool little...

This is a cool little boat. I am sure that LiquidLogic did not have me in mind (6'1" 220lbs) when they designed this kayak, yet it still does everything I need it to do and then some.

I live in a city and needed a boat that could fit... well anywhere I wanted to put it. I went to the local kayak store and asked about the LL Sapphire, the sales person quickly talked it down and then moved on to showing me boats at double the price that I could hardly lift let alone fit in my apartment. After sitting in all the other kayaks in the show room just to amuse him, I bought the LL Sapphire and have not regretted it.

The size and weight were exactly what I was looking for. At just over 35 lbs it is easy to car top, and simple to store. I wanted a boat that was small enough to use every day if I wanted and so far I have. With my weight it sits rather low in the water so a spray skirt is necessary in rough conditions, but I have found nothing that it can’t handle. The fully adjustable cockpit makes it comfortable for any size person. There are no thigh braces however you will quickly figure out that if you pull in the foot rests one click, the under side of the deck is a suitable replacement, allowing you to roll, instead of bailing out if capsized.

It has great stability, yet it’s only 26” wide, so it’s not a bear to move in the water. You can even paddle up river with relative ease which is hard to find in a no frills rec. boat. As far as tracking it is a great mix between straight lines and ease of turning, making it capable of crossing some distance of water, or having a great time in the surf. It’s a fun boat to own.

A 10’ kayak in the water is better than a 16’ kayak in the garage any day!!