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Tamarack 120 Angler Reviews

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For the price it’s…

Submitted by: bananafishtaco on 7/10/2020
For the price it’s great...great first fishing kayak. 53 lbs 10ft 31 in. It comes with one adjustable into route holders in the back. Two places to store not very big but acceptable into storage spots one of the front and one in the rear. It tracks well considering its length...very stable so far. Lake and rivers that have calmer waters. The worst part of this kayak is the sit... 2hrs in my rump was in massive amount of pain... it affected me for a few days after. The paddle I got with it was not very good at lot. Replace the seat a good paddle and you will have Nice little fishing platform with less than $500 in it. But seriously the seat in the sky it is absolute trash.

This is a great entry level…

Submitted by: anthonykral on 6/19/2018

This is a great entry level fishing kayak. Picked it up at Walmart.com for $200.00. Sit on top kayak with 2 flush mounted rod holders and one scotty type rod holder. Has room in the back of the kayak for a milk crate and plenty of storage in the hull. Highly recommend for someone just starting to kayak fish. Can't go wrong for the price.


Purchased 9/2017 thru…

Submitted by: AzPaul on 10/23/2017

Purchased 9/2017 thru Walmart $215 free ship to store, came a day early, in fine condition, all extras present. I'm right at 250 lbs and I would say is about the practical limit. I bought for solo trips to the lake as my canoe is is bit much for loading by myself and for this the kayak is perfect. Plenty stable, however compared to my 14.6' Guide canoe, it felt like a pool toy...at first.. but once acclimated and accepting what it is (a 10ft kayak with a 250lb dude in it) it is all good. I feel comfortable to cross a fair size lake with powerboat traffic to get to the fishing coves... Pretty comfortable for a few hours, I added a foam Walmart pad and the the foam golf ball-scupper plugs are a must and work well. BTW, the kayak fits INSIDE my 100 series Land Cruiser.. no power lift and strap to the rack..but at 52lbs vs. 80 for the canoe it shouldn't be an issue...in all, I'm happy with it. If planning an all day/weekend trip I would likely take the canoe, but for a half day outing solo, for me it's ideal.


Very happy with this kayak, I…

Submitted by: nickweissmusic on 8/29/2016
Very happy with this kayak, I use it in the bays around San Diego. Stable enough for the biggest swells and wakes, small enough to be very easily transportable. 2 flush mount rod holders, 1 Scotty style rotating holder, plenty of room for my big tackle box, anchor and drift chute... For the price? Amazing. I got mine for $300 on sale, I've seen reviews of people paying $250 and less, incredible. Speed and tracking are just fine, as good as you could hope for in a 10' kayak, of course it's slower than a longer yak, but not embarrassingly so. I'm often paddling into 10-15mph winds, with strong currents, and I've never had an issue getting around. Biggest negative is the seat angle hurts, with my legs slightly bent all the pressure is right on sit bones. Thick aftermarket padding and changing foot position on the water helps. Btw, I'm 6'3" and fit fine, however my optimal foot placement would be in between the footrests, not much you can do about that in an inexpensive molded kayak. Overall an excellent value, a no-brainer for a beginner, I'm an experienced paddler and I still like it for its ease of transport.

I use this little yak…

Submitted by: nickweissmusic on 8/25/2016
I use this little yak extensively in San Diego's bays and really like it. Very stable, easy to transport, definitely no speed machine but never had a problem with huge boat wakes, swells, chop, and 10-15mph winds. I mainly purchased it for convenience, since it's so easy to get into and out of the water. For $300, couldn't be happier. The seat angle is uncomfortable, forces me on to my sit bones, and haven't found a perfect solution to that yet, but all told, it's an easy 9/10.

My wife and I love these, we…

Submitted by: paddler236844 on 6/12/2016
My wife and I love these, we bought two, very stable, lots of room for extras, we've also kayaked camped off them, great for fishing, smooth thru the water, tracks well.

This is my first kayak. It's…

Submitted by: stowaway on 9/9/2015
This is my first kayak. It's very stable, tracks well and is an ease to control. The 3 rod holders all function well. I was able to troll without issues. It was on sale for $249 plus I had a 25% off coupon so out the door $175. I'm so happy with it I wish I could get some angler style kayaks for my kids.

I purchased 2 of these for…

Submitted by: Kylcarmody on 9/3/2015
I purchased 2 of these for getting into some good fishing spot I couldn't reach in my boat. The wife and I love them. They track well and are very stable at 31" wide. Have good storage and the seat and backrest was very nice to have come with it. For our general recreational and fishing uses these are perfect and didn't break the bank. I would definitely recommend these to friends or family.
Thanks Lifetime.

After researching kayaks for…

Submitted by: PLombard68 on 5/20/2015
After researching kayaks for the past year I decided on Lifetime's Tamarack 120 but ended up buying the Tamarack 120 Angler kayak instead. $419 and I got it for $255, I say that's a deal. Well took the kayak out this past weekend and wasn't disappointed. This thing was amazing. Very sturdy and faster than I thought it would be.

I seen reviews on the Tamarack 120 and a lot of the people where saying it was very slow. Not sure why it was slow for them but this thing was fats for me. No you're not going to win any kayak marathons with it but it does the job. My only complaint would be, I wish they had storage bags in the storage bins. The storage just goes into the kayak itself. so if you put a water bottle it will just roll to the back or front of the kayak. Easy fix though, I'm just going to buy dry storage bags and mount them into the storage holes. It is very comfortable and my back never hurt once.

All in all it's a great kayak for a newbie like me. It gets me out on the water to do some fishing, swimming, relaxing, sunbathing all the while feeling safe.

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