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Mediocre canoe, extremely…

Submitted by: paddler2773558 on 12/27/2023

Mediocre canoe, extremely bad customer service, shop a boat junkyard with all the old junker canoes and old boats outside. Avoid at all costs and go get a swift and be happy and covered with great customer service and warranty from people who actually build the boats they sell and not sub it oit to other boat builders..aka a middleman!.


Bought fibreglass/kevlar…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/24/2018

Bought fibreglass/kevlar 16'6" Prospector in 2002 and still going strong. Slightly heavier than claimed but strong, steady, stable and fast enough to beat the ferry at Glenora from shore to shore. Paddled the Atlantic Ocean, salt water marshes, east coast fjords, mountain lakes, streams and rivers from Ontario to Nova Scotia, smooth and rough water from chop to waist high waves and taller. Carried two to four adults comfortably. It does catch the wind when broadside but you learn to control it with practise. The ash gunwales and cherry trim still beautiful but the hull is showing it's age with every shoal unseen leaving their signature. After trying other brands, I'd buy it again.


I've had my boat for a couple…

Submitted by: paddler237153 on 9/28/2016
I've had my boat for a couple years now. I can attest to it being a very sturdy boat with great stability in waves and fantastic durability and easy to maneuver. I have been a little disappointing with the tracking, but realize the boat isn't built to cross large bodies of water on windy days. For its purpose it's served me well. It isn't the fastest boat but can hold as much gear as two people could hope to bring on a multi-week trip. It is also very light and the visual appeal is fantastic.

I purchased my Lanford kevlar…

Submitted by: paddler236009 on 9/22/2014
I purchased my Lanford kevlar Prospector 16.6 canoe in 2009. We primarily trip with it. The canoe has the most comfortable yoke I've ever used. The canoe is light and fast. Tracking is poor, particularly if the canoe is not loaded. I know Langford tells you the boat does not need a keel, however my Scott Prospector has a keel and tracks extremely well.

Recently during a weekend trip the bow seat broke. The bow seat is set up to slide fore and aft. The resulting seat supports are "thin" and have always seemed "spongy". I emailed Langford to find out about a replacement or fix for this. I would prefer to have a fixed front seat, since the current configuration is not robust enough for anything but a cottage boat. Langford responded, indicating that the bow seat failure is rare and that the replacement piece of wood (30 inches long by 3/4 inch square) was $25. I realize this is not a lot, however the canoe was $2,000 and is only 5 years old. I would have expected this to be replaced at no charge. It should not have broke. I will fix the seat myself with something a little more robust.


I'll start with the…

Submitted by: paddler235855 on 8/19/2014
I'll start with the negatives: I bought the 16.6 Prospector new from Langford in 2002. It was their "Langtech" layup which was supposed to be fiber glass and kevalar. They advertised it at 63 lbs. I weighed it a few year later,on an accurate scale, and got 72 lbs! It probably had very little if any kevlar in it. Also, their seemed to be uneven distribution of either gel coat or paint as light shone through the hull in patches. (Observed when held overhead on a sunny day.)

The plus side: It has paddled well over the years. It is a very dynamic boat, highly manoverable, tracks well, seaworthy, and can carry a lot of gear. The bottom held its shape, no flopping up and down. When going over an unseen rock the hull flexed upwards, and returned to its original position, no cracking at all... a strong hull. Got plenty of compliments on the look of the canoe. People often said "that's a nice canoe."

I did have problems dealing with them, too. I actually had made an appointment to pick up a new set of outer gunnels. When I arrived in Dwight (had driven for 3 hours) the guy was nowhere to be found! luckily someone from the store was able to piece together why I was there and found a set of gunnels from me, but they weren't even Langford's own ash gunnels. They were cherry gunnels from Swift Canoe! Nonetheless, I was able to fit them on the canoe, but I would have preferred the thicker ash gunnels. Finally, you may have noticed that their carved yoke is 1/4 inch narrower at one end. I re-orderd a new one, years later (after breaking the original one - my fault)and it too was 1/4 narrower. They need to fix their jig.

So, in summary: a good canoe all in all, but poor workmanship in places, deceiving weights, lousy and disorganized customer service. Although their canoes are beautiful looking, I'd really hesitate to buy one because of poor after sales support, and hidden defects.


I have been canoeing for 35…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/7/2014
I have been canoeing for 35 years, first as a guide at a summer camp. I have owned 2 Swifts (still have them) a Langford and a trusty old Scott Canoe. I have never owned a better canoe than the Langford Prospector 16.6. The canoe was lighter than they claimed, and has seen me through 3 years of paddling. Since retiring I spend the entire paddling season on the water (1500 to 1800 KM a year). Great service and the young chap that manages their Dwight location knows more about what he is selling than any other sales person I have dealt with. They should clone him!

I bought a prospector from…

Submitted by: paddler234917 on 3/12/2013
I bought a prospector from the store in Dorset. Wanted keel protectors put on it. The woman couldn't give me a price or time it could be done. At one point I thought I was dealing with Bell Canada. So I drove up the the store, talked to the young man who managed the store, he gave me a price, got the work done....That week. I wonder how much business Langford has lost because of that woman.

Love the canoe, dealing with their office, not so much.


Great tripping canoe, but…

Submitted by: paddler233572 on 5/7/2010
Great tripping canoe, but customer service sucks. Needed keel guards and some repairs after several seasons of wear. Quoted a price in October and left canoe at factory. Waited until Feb, so I called and was told no work had been done and the cost was three times the quote. HOW, WHY,... communicate with the customer!!! I picked it up un-repaired, and will never go there again. Pretty sad!!

The summer of 2008 brought me…

Submitted by: paddler233374 on 9/17/2009
The summer of 2008 brought me two things: my new Kevlar Prospector 16.6, and what I feel was the extension of my life and my wife's. I think I quite literally owe my wife's life and my own to my new canoe. I was caught out on Superior (a stupid move on my part) in what went from a smooth as glass calm day to the most frightening paddle of (for) my life. My heavily laden canoe carrying at least 900 pounds or more stayed dry and upright in 8 foot rollers. We were able - by the grace of god and Langford's superior boat building skills - to put into shore after a 4 hour battle to survive.

I purchased this canoe and…

Submitted by: paddler232764 on 7/22/2008
I purchased this canoe and picked it up on a Friday on my way to Algonquin. After just a day and a half in the water I noticed that the bottom of the canoe was bowing up between the fourth, fifth and six ribs in excess of an inch. I returned with the boat on the way home and expressed my concerns. I was told that I should expect that and that I had unrealistic expectations for the materials. The manager didn't even bother to put it in the water and see what I was talking about. He continued to belittle me and my fiancée and tell us that we should have bought a more expensive canoe. On the plus side he did refund my money. I doubt that we’ll ever buy or recommend a Langford canoe again. The customer service was dreadful... We would have accepted a replacement or even an upgrade but neither option was presented. The manager chose to be belligerent and arrogant telling us that we would never find a canoe anywhere that wouldn’t do that…

Had this Canoe for two Years.…

Submitted by: paddler232682 on 6/23/2008
Had this Canoe for two Years. Purchased the Kevlar model with front and back enforced keel. Great for two but love it as a Solo with the Dog. Tested many before this purchase. 49 lbs

I've paddled my Langford…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/26/2001
I've paddled my Langford Prospector (Kevlar) for 2 full seasons. I love this boat. At 58 lbs it is easy to portage. It tracks well yet turns quickly. I have paddled it both solo an tandem. It has good initial stability and great secondary stability. I have paddled this on Large/Small lakes and rivers and stayed dry in large wave. My family have used this for trips up to 9 days. I would not hesitate to recommend this boat.