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(submitted same review for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

(submitted same review for Beach LT since we own both and they have the same pros and cons.

  1. Portability - B
  2. Storage - A
  3. Durability - F
  4. Customer support - C

My family has 2 Inlets and a Beach LT between us. All 3 were replaced during the warranty period for holes that happen at the fold points. Not on the seams, but rather at the corners where multiple seams come together. Now one of the Inlets has the same issue again. All these issues occurred with less than 12 outings. We are careful and don't scape the corners on rocks (or across the garage floor). We are careful to get in and out in water deep enough not to bottom out.

This is just normal use of a kayak and they don't stand up to that.

The kayaks didn't leak internally, just into the channels in the corrugated plastic they are made of, but once the other side of the plastic is compromised not clear how long until the inner side is also compromised.

They are a great idea but just not durable enough given the price


I’ve been paddling twice or…

Submitted by: TFLOTO on 9/19/2022

I’ve been paddling twice or more every week since I got this in late May. (Going on five months). This has been robust. I paddle I the lagoons around the Bay Area. It’s not a rough water kayak. It’s a nice flat water kayak. I walk it every time for about 200 yards from my from door to the nearby lagoon. So I frequently fold and unfold it. It weighs only 20 pounds and with the paddle a couple more. It’s 9 ft 8 inches. It’s robust considering my not so gentle treatment. I love that it folds up no carrier rack an easy to take along. It folds and unfolds in less than ten minutes, so I get in the water right away.

Paddling is easy and it stays pretty true unless I’m fight a cross current or wind. I had an inflatable before, an Intex challenger. Which weighed more, took longer to inflate and especially to deflate. I liked it though. It developed a leak along a seam. I tried several times and techniques to seal to no avail. Hence the Oru.

I’ve had one issue with it one of strap holders snapped off. I contacted Oru for a replacement. After an involved correspondence. They sent me replacement parts - no charge.
It’s not cheap but it is well worth the price. I paid about $780, including tax and free shipping through REI.


I bought the boat and the…

Submitted by: Bluebells2 on 8/8/2022

I bought the boat and the faring was ripped right out of the box. The seat also wouldn’t stay snapped in. Overtime the faring would become completely unusable because it just keeps ripping. I wrote to Oro customer service and they did respond promptly. However their answer was they knew this was an issue that and they had not resolved it yet. They told me I could use float bags. On a brand-new thousand dollar boat the seat is in usable in the front fairing isn’t usable. I wanted to make other people aware of this so that they didn’t waste their money on a boat with designe issues. If you’re dying to try it buy it from REI because they have a good return policy.


I wish someone would have…

Submitted by: robertemonaghan on 12/21/2021

I wish someone would have wrote this before I spent 5k. I bought 5 of these for my family and I. This was our first kayak ever and I did do a considerable amount of research before I purchased them and the people that have them are almost cult like in their belief for this reason I bought them. Now it should be said that they have recently been purchased by another company and in the past maybe the quality and customer service was better but after less than a year the the small plastic pieces on the front and the rear split and we were extremely careful when we used them I contacted Oru and they said they would be sending us replacement parts it has been 6 months and I still have not received them. Then the seats broke all 5, again contacted Oru, who said they would send us replacement parts which have never been sent or at least I never received. Then on a personal note we went on a trip to Raystown lake and due to the wake from the power boats the kayaks began to pitch, now possibly due to my inexperience I tipped, the kayak filled with water immediately and sunk so we were down to 4 and still making payments on 5 with no support from the company. I have sold 3 of them to try and recoup some of our money and I bought a cheap Sun Dolphin, Pelican and Two Sea Eagles for the kids so far everyone is happy with the change, Just wanted to warn anyone looking for their first full time kayak this is good for spur of the moment paddle on extremely calm water something you keep in the car and you have a couple hours to kill and want to get out on the water not for day trips on major water ways. Also for the money they do not hold up well.


I’ve had a blast for the past…

Submitted by: fancystache on 9/22/2020
I’ve had a blast for the past few weeks with the Inlet. I have been mostly in the Lagoons from low/high docks and a beach launch/landing in an ocean harbor. Storage in the trunk of my sedan has been easy, and I’ve been consistent in wiping it down as I collapse it, so it’s still brand new looking. There are a few straps that get loose and one velcro bit that the adhesive didn’t hold. Other than banging myself in the head while practicing the folding all good.