Sojourn 146

14' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Sojourn 146 Description

The Sojourn 146 and 146 LV are the premier models in the Sojourn series and, at 14 feet 6 inches long, offer excellent speed and tracking in a package that also navigates tight turns with ease. The Sojourn 146 is designed to fit medium to larger paddlers, while the Sojourn 146 LV (low volume) was designed with smaller folks in mind. Both boats carve and edge like much longer kayaks and (thanks to expert hull engineering) are super stable from the moment they hit the water. Outfitted with Airestream seat system and adjustable thigh braces, these boats are super comfortable too.

Available Rudder Ready ($1,549) or With Rudder ($1,799)

Sojourn 146 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Rudder: Optional Smart Track Rudder w/Sealect Designs sliding track foot control
  • Bow & Stern Bulkheads, ABS Plastic: Provide positive flotation and storage
  • Hatches: 10” Bow & 16” Stern for storage compartment access
  • Bow & Stern Deck Bungee: Provides deck storage for dry bag & gear
  • Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage
  • Outfitting: AireStream seat and adjustable thigh braces
  • Twist-loc footbrace system: Easily adjusted from a seated position
  • Molded Grab Handles, Bow & Stern: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage
  • Perimeter Safety Lines, Bow & Stern: Contact points for rescues & recovery

Hurricane Kayaks
Sojourn 146 Reviews

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Firstthe good. The Sojourn…

Submitted by: baydreamer on 8/16/2021

First the good. The Sojourn is very maneuverable and stable. Last year, I was hit by a wave on its side which knocked my water bottle from the bungee and left my spare paddle dangling. The Sojourn couldn’t have felt more stable. However, all the bad things you’ve read about its tracking are true. I paddled a bay with glass-smooth water and no wind. I still had to make quite a few corrective strokes. It’s also very slow. I couldn’t even keep up with a rec kayak that was 2 feet shorter while paddling a bay. I’m not a speedster; I kayak to explore. However, it’s very frustrating not being able to keep up with fellow paddlers. So yes, I’m very disappointed and plan on replacing it. I just don’t enjoy kayaking as much as I did because of it. Its liabilities far outweigh its assets, for me at least.


I’ve very much enjoyed my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2019

I’ve very much enjoyed my 146. Easy to load, tracks well on Michigan lakes, and just fun. It easily carries everything I require it to and very well made. I found it a lot more durable then it appears. Great fun and glad I purchased it


I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2018

I recently purchased the Sojourn 146 boat and enjoy it immensely. It replaced a Wilderness Systems Cape Lookout 155. I liked that boat too but 61 lbs over fifteen feet it was getting a little to much to handle and I went looking for something lighter. At I'm sixty-five, I'm no spring chicken anymore.

The construction of the Sojourn is first rate and the Airstream seating system was a welcome relief for my lower back. Though I have only had one outing with the Sojourn thus far it handled beautifully on the river. During my trip there was about a 5-10 knot wind and I did notice some weather cocking but with the rudder deployed it tracked well. I haven't learned to edge a boat yet but I feel confident the Sojourn will help me master this in no time.

As I become more familiar with this boat and my skills improve, I will be back later with a further update or two.


I bought a Sojuourn in June,…

Submitted by: JimS-from-Berkeley on 7/2/2018

I bought a Sojuourn in June, and the first time I tried to paddle it, the top deck cracked completely through with a 10" crack that wrapped around to the rear of the coaming. The dealer immediately determined this was not a repairable crack and refunded my purchase. I had not hit anything, and the crack developed just from getting into the boat. I am 6'4" and 250 pounds and I don't think the design or ABS layup is strong enough for boat or paddler so large. The vendor I bought it from said it was the third Sojourn 146 that had developed similar cracks in two months and said he was no longer going to carry that model. I have also heard reports from other merchants that Sojourns have a problem with its deign.


Poor Tracker

Submitted by: Mark-G1 on 8/3/2017

The boat is well built, light & strong. However there is something radically wrong with the hull design --- it more than constantly needs adjusting your stroke, double paddling on one side every stroke to keep a straight course, or dragging paddle as a rudder to keep it straight. I've owned 4 kayaks and the Sojourn 146 is the worst at tracking I have ever paddled. A rudder would most likely cure the problem, I'd told the salesperson I did not want a rudder because of the added weight. The Sojourn 146 is 47 lbs. I just got rid of a 54 lb. boat as it was too heavy for me to load. The Sojourn 146 should track straight without a rudder. I would like to know why it does not.

I'm terribly disappointed with the Sojourn 146 and intend on taking it back to the shop I purchase after only one windless smooth lake outing.

I am wondering if the boat was defective in some way from the manufacture. I have tried to contact Hurricane with no luck. There is a black crayon or sharpie mark along the port side of the stern. Possibly (?) it is a quality control mark that was missed at the factory and the boat was let out for a retail vendor without seeing the ID mark.


I have had this kayak a…

Submitted by: MichaelC on 9/3/2016
I have had this kayak a little over 4 months but just got the chance to really paddle it several times the last two weeks on a trip to northern Michigan where we have family living. I have also paddled it twice in saltwater marshes around Beaufort, SC. It replaced a CD Scirocco that I had paddled for over 10 years. I wanted a much lighter kayak with a little larger cockpit opening that retained as many of the paddling features as possible from my Scirocco. I strongly considered a similar sized Eddyline boat, but could not find one to test paddle within a four hour drive of my house. The reputation of the Hurricane brand was a concern to me, but the outfitter I purchased the boat from assured me that recent changes at the company had resulted in this boat which was much improved from some previous models. So I took a chance at a good price.

First, the kayak scored a 10/10 for me on the weight - I can carry this boat on one shoulder almost any reasonable distance to the water or a storage space. At 64 years of age - it was important to me that I had a boat that I could manage for another 10 years on my own. The fit and finish of the boat is another 10/10 for me - it is comfortable and looks great in red. I removed the removable plastic 'knee braces' because they missed my knees by a mile and got in the way of entry and exit. I replaced them by adding some padding under the decking. (Would recommend that Hurricane consider this change.) The adjustable foot pegs work well but I have had an issue getting them locked consistently which I consider my fault for not turning the lever down all the way. The seat is adjustable and very comfortable (I am 6', 200#).

I have enjoyed paddling the kayak even though I would give it a 7/10 in that area compared to my Scirocco - hence my overall rating of an 8/10. I expected a slightly slower boat but I have really been pleased with how well the Sojourn cuts through the water. Initial and secondary stability - to the extent I can judge it - seems more than adequate. The Sojourn also paddles quite well directly into and with a directly following wind - and manages the smaller waves I have been in quite well. My complaint is significant weathercocking in any quartering breeze - and sometimes not even in much breeze at all. The boat takes constant attention with paddle and legs to maintain course. It appears to me that it is the stern half of the boat that is pushed by the wind because the front turns into the wind. This happens even when I am not paddling so I don't think it is a paddling issue on my part - plus I did not have this issue with the Scirocco. I am sure a skeg would help (I hate rudders and would not put one on this boat), but, alas, this is not an option.

I have traveled from SC to northern MI over the last month with the kayak on top of my SUV (using the Hullavator) with no problems at all.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase. The Sojourn 146 met almost all of my desires for a new kayak and I did not expect to have a shorter kayak that fits into the transitional category to be everything a longer and more expensive kayak would be. I really like that I can still use a spray skirt on it too - just not the one that fit my Scirrocco. Because it is lighter and easier for me to handle on my own, I have gotten out to kayak more often on this trip to MI than on previous trips there. If this represents Hurricane's new direction then I would agree with the outfitter I purchased the kayak from - they are on the right track now.

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