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Kevlar Prospector

Kevlar Prospector Description

The Kevlar Prospector is a canoe brought to you by Holy Cow Canoe Co.. Read Kevlar Prospector reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

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Kevlar Prospector Reviews

Read reviews for the Kevlar Prospector by Holy Cow Canoe Co. as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

When searching for a new...

When searching for a new canoe for our family of 4 plus a dog, found this amazing company just up the road, fell in love with a 16'6 kevlar two tone red and off white on display, they added a third seat, taught me how to tie it to my roof and the rest has been wonderful memories, very light, and very easy to maneuver and best of all I got to support extremely nice craftsmen and local manufacturing!

I bought a 16' 6"...

I bought a 16' 6" prospector Holy Cow canoe in 2003 and just completed a 10 day trip in Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, BC. After 11 years and many major canoe trips with this canoe, I still say this is the best canoe a person can purchase. Extremely satisfied customer.

I purchased this canoe in...

I purchased this canoe in 2010 and have used it on three 8-10 day canoe trips into Quetico. It is a dream to portage and is easy to maneuver for fishing. It handles big waves and big water very well also. Durability? The test of time will be its proof. So far so good. I had a MN II before this. The Prospecter is way easier to paddle and maneuver. It is also much roomier in the bow for the front man. No regrets on buying this canoe.

Just ordered a 16'6"...

Just ordered a 16'6" kevlar prospector from Holy Cow. Amazing service, helping find exactly what we ( a family of 4 plus the pooch) were looking for. We ordered a factory 2nd with the only flaws being covered up by the extra purchase of skid plates. 3rd seat installed too and delivered to Alberta $2200. Just waiting now for the largest parcel to be delivered. Amazing Service. will post when its been bathed for the first time

Just bought a Holy Cow 15'...

Just bought a Holy Cow 15' kevlar from eBay, local pick up from the workshop. Very happy with the purchase. The canoe looks gorgeous. Gulam and staff were very friendly, straightforward and willing to help. They were very confident and proud of their craft. The product and service are super. Highly recommended.

We've had our Kevlar...

We've had our Kevlar Prospector for a few months now, and have to agree that the canoe is a great one paddled tandem with the wife and kids, or even for a solo jaunt. Really nice to get a slightly different colour palette to choose from as well, and with the ash gunwhales, hard to find a nicer looking canoe anywhere.

Will also say that one of the main reasons why we purchased from Holy Cow was due to the customer service, and I do have to say they have outshone in that respect. We had a slight issue with our factory second canoe we bought, it was replaced with no hassle whatsoever with a brand new canoe. Have to say that I've NEVER dealt with a company as great to deal with as Holy Cow. I would heartily recommend them, both for canoe quality, but especially for customer service.

Great canoe. Handles the...

Great canoe. Handles the weight of several packs and 2 people well, paddles great and is extremely light to portage. For the price it's a great bargain.

We live in Acton so we had...

We live in Acton so we had shopped around a bit at the "bigger names" before going to the factory just out of town. We had always rented before, but had so much fun we decided it was time to own. We bought a kevlar 16ft Prospector and just got back from 4 days in Killarney.

This was great: it was stable, easy to carry, and we had the optional third seat put in for our son. Lots more comfortable and looks better than any rental, now we can go anywhere we want, any time, and the price was so good it will pay for itself in 4 years.

Best canoe we have ever...

Best canoe we have ever owned! Awesome to paddle, easy to carry, and amazingly strong.
During a wind storm, was tossed from the top of a pick-up truck almost 60 feet into a tree. Dent on the pickup, chunk of bark off the tree, canoe came out with no damage aside from a few scratches.

Don't bother wasting your time with any other canoe!
Holy Cow, we love this canoe!

I saw this canoe on e-bay,...

I saw this canoe on e-bay, looked like a great canoe and the specs were great, but had not really considered it as I did not know anything about holy cow canoes, and really wanted a Langford, or Scott. I heard some ads on the radio, saw something about this company on the TV and finally saw one of these canoes on my yearly trip to the Toronto Boat show and was really impressed with it.

Must be sign I thought so after a little searching on the Internet I got to this web site where I read some of the comments on them as well as the reviews on Langford and Scott. I liked the prices on e-bay but had never used e-bay before and being a bit of a skeptic I called them and decided to simply go straight to the factory so I could see for myself.

All I can say is WOW what a nice Canoe!! I bought the 16 kevler prospector on the spot, it was a discounted one, with a small mark on it, but was close to a thousand dollars less than the langford , and looked a heck of a lot nicer. I have only had it out for about 30 minutes so far because it’s still cold here and it paddled amazingly. Thank you to the people that left their reviews before me, for this company and the other ones it really helped.

With a family of 5 I was...

With a family of 5 I was in the market for two canoes, and after reading a few reviews and looking them up I decided to drop in to holy cow canoe. I spoke to the general manager who was very knowledgeable and actually talked me out of 2 canoes in place of one 16.6 Prospector canoe, which seemed odd at first.

I was quite impressed with the canoes and the prices seemed great having shopped around for some time.

We have done several trips with this canoe and it is with out a doubt everything they said it would be and more. All 5 of us fit well, with our packs and gear. The canoe is very stable, and performs perfectly on the water for our needs. This is one of the best canoes I have ever paddled, it is really light for the size, and it is beautiful to boot.

This was a great experience for us. The fact that these guys took the time to find out what we really needed, and actually talked us out of buying 2 canoes in place of one, was the icing on the cake.

Highly, Highly, Highly recommended!!

I bought this 16'6" Kevlar...

I bought this 16'6" Kevlar Holy Cow Prospector in Feb. 2005 on ebay. As with others, this was listed as having a cosmetic blemish. I couldn't find the blemish when I picked it up, the salesperson said that it was probably covered over by the kevlar skidplates that I had added.

I find the canoe paddles fast and straight on open water. It has a small ~2inch keel that runs the length of the boat which improves tracking but makes maneuverability in moving water more difficult.

The canoe paddles great with one or two people in it. Light enough at 52lbs for moderately comfortable portaging on your shoulders even with the noncontoured yoke.

I've run a few shallow rivers with this boat this season and cringed with every rock that I slid over. The Kevlar skidplates definitely limited the damage and I am pleasantly surprised by how few scratches are actually on the hull. I got a beige boat, which really hides the scratches well.

I would recommend this boat highly for anyone looking to do flatwater or slowmoving river touring. If you do alot of faster water or shallow water, I would recommend something with less or no keel.

I purchased my 16.6...

I purchased my 16.6 Prospector (Kevlar) Holy Cow Canoe on ebay last year, as a discounted factory second canoe and had it shipped to me. I was impressed when it arrived, it looked like a great canoe, and I was not able to detect any flaw in it.

I have owned several canoes in the past and really only purchased this because it was a great deal, and I wanted something lighter for tripping and camping. Once I finally did paddle it, I was very impressed with how stable it was, and how well it performed. It tracked straight, and was able to handle waves (and wind) quite easily, and it was very light and easy to maneuver for the most part. It did take a bit of effort to turn when I was by myself. But I did buy it to be a family canoe for camping and tripping.

It is incredibly light weight (52lbs) and I have owned a couple of Kevlar canoes before that claimed to be light, but nothing quite this light weight considering the size.

Overall, this canoe far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend my Holy Cow canoe to anyone looking for a great all around canoe.

I purchased this canoe...

I purchased this canoe through a recommendation from a friend. This is one fantastic built and looking canoe. It paddles great, tracks well, and "holy cow" is it stable. I would highly recommend this canoe to anyone. I would like to add more but I have to go paddling.