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Expedition XL

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The Expedition XL is a kayak brought to you by Heritage Kayaks. Read Expedition XL reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Expedition XL Reviews


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Expedition XL Reviews

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This is my first sea kayak…

Submitted by: yatipope on 7/1/2015
This is my first sea kayak and actually first kayak. I am an experienced whitewater and touring canoe paddler of 23 years but really wanted to give sea kayaking a try. I LOVE IT. I have nothing to compare this sea kayak to but my thoughts and experience have me hooked on this type of paddling.

The Sit-on-top feature is at first reassuring to those like myself who are uncomfortable climbing into a cockpit and wearing a skirt. I learned quickly though that your raised center of gravity compared to a sit-inside sea kayak results in much less initial stability. Placing about three one-gallon jugs of fresh water into the storage compartments dramatically reduces the tenderness and makes the boat feel much more stable.

This hull design has a unique feature where the waterline is only 24 inches wide but the "side-skirt" overhang makes the boat about 27.5" wide overall. In rough water this splashes the water away and makes for exceptional secondary stability. The further you lean, the more bouyant the hull becomes.

It is quite fast and mine came with the rudder and the most essential accessory of all... thigh straps. Without the thigh straps, paddling anything with waves and currents is pretty tricky so real braces and correction strokes are very difficult.

Paddling with wind and no rudder is difficult so having a rudder on this sea kayak is virtually essential. The boat will weathercock pretty badly. WITH the rudder, I actually use it in varying angles as I climb and descend waves to keep a proper heading. With the rudder stowed up in its cradle, this boat surfs very well. You catch the wave directly behind you and it maintains its heading right to the beach almost effortlessly.

Made of a mix of light fiberglass and kevlar, it weighs only 62lbs with rudder, thigh straps, seatpad, backrest and perimeter lines. This is my first sea kayak and probably my last. I really enjoy it